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Surrender - Chapter 15 07-14-2008

Disclaimer: Totally untrue, don't know the band although I wish I did. etc, etc.....

CARE Contains some swearing and mild sexual references.

End Of Chapter 14

“What’s a matter Danny?” Michael asked concerned.

“It’s Orla, she’s gone into labour, she was rushed into hospital early this morning” Danny’s face panic stricken

“I thought she wasn’t due for another 2 months?” Michael felt for his brother’s concern

“Exactly.” Danny replied tears forming in his eyes,” maybe it’s God punishment for my adultery”

“Don’t be silly, Danny. You didn’t sleep with Mary” Michael mentioned

“Oh you’re right, I didn’t did I?” Danny looked guilty, the thought of sleeping with Sadie running through his head. “I better go”

“OK, I’ll call you later.” Michael didn’t fell responsible for Danny’s guilt.

Michael walked into the master bedroom, now to make Sadie suffer

Sadie felt his full lips touch hers; she moaned and opened her eyes flinging her arms around his neck.

“Morning sexy how’s your head?” Michael yelled at her

“Don’t shout so loud Michael, my head is sore. How I don’t know because I had the least to drink.” Sadie rubbed her hands against her forehead.

“Oops, sorry. Well I’m fine and dandy, no hangover here. Obviously you’re a lightweight and can’t handle your drink Miss Murray” Michael teased as he ran his hands over her naked body.

“I can handle it thank you very much,” Sadie stared into his eyes, as his hand progressed lower.

As his hand settled and pressed, Sadie’s breathing deepened. “Michael, please stop…. Not now, I’m sore...”

“How can you be sore? We never did anything last night”. He paused for effect “Did you and Danny have sex?” Michael jumped up, angrily.

“Michael Murphy, how in God’s name could you accuse me of such a thing?” Sadie tried to act shocked. “I would never, ever be unfaithful to you.”

He knew she was telling the truth, but he was enjoying Sadie’s distress.

“You better not have, because if I ever find out that you have, I’ll kill both of you”

He picked her up so that their eyes were on the same level, her feet dangling as he held her with his strong arms, making her shake with the malice she saw in his eyes. He dropped her back onto the bed, Sadie started to sob as he walked away he felt no guilt just glee from causing her distress.

Michael turned, “Get showered and dressed, I’ll order the breakfast”

He waited, no response

“Sadie did you hear me?” His voice bouncing off the bedroom walls as he marched back towards her

“Yes “She replied, her scared voice hardly audible through her weeping.

“Sorry what was that?”

“Yes Michael, I heard you” Sadie looked at him her eyes reddened from her tears. He wondered if he’d taken it too far. No Sadie would be fine given a couple of hours, why should he feel guilty? He was Michael Murphy.


Kim woke up; she turned and smiled at the sight of a man in her bed rather than Tammy.

She watched as every inch of his muscular body moved as he breathed; the soreness of their lovemaking last night not a deterrent to her. She wanted to feel him again, become one with him.

She slipped out of the bed, carefully trying not to wake him. She threw his shirt on; which was more like a dress on her and wandered out into the kitchen. She placed the kettle on the stove and waited for it to boil; she lifted the shirt to her nose, smelling the essence of Gloomy. This man even smelt good she smiled; the whistling kettle brought her back to reality.

“Make mine milky with three sugars” Gloomy yelled as he came through the bedroom door.

“Three sugars??” Kim questioned as she turned around to see him. “Oh my God” she squealed and broke into hysterical laughter.

“What on earth is so funny?” He smiled, knowing exactly why

“Do you know how ridiculous you look in that?”

Gloomy was right in front of her now, he put his arms around her waist pulling her tight

“Well if somebody hadn’t borrowed my shirt I wouldn’t be wearing a sexy fluffy wrap would I” he planted a kiss on her neck, sending a shiver down her spine.

“Like that don’t you?” he whispered in her ear

“You know I do” she moaned back as he planted more kisses around her neck

“Well give me my shirt back and I’ll give you something else” he whispered getting huskier

“If you want it you’ll have to get it off me, and I’m warning you it won’t be easy” Kim’s senses were receptive, to Gloomy touches however much she tried to resist.

“Will it now?” a cheeky grin appeared on his face

In one swoop he’d flung Kim over his shoulder and ran back into the bedroom. As he flung her on the bed, the shirt opened falling off her body exposing her flesh to the morning air.

“Well maybe it’s time to teach you the benefits of an Irish sausage first thing in the morning, young lady” Gloomy beamed

“As long as it’s thick and juicy, I’m willing to try” Kim replied in her “innocent” voice

“Believe me baby it is” Gloomy smiled, “See?”

“Oh so it is….”Kim smiled at the size of her breakfast and enjoyed every mouthful of it.


Sadie appeared from the bedroom, showered and dressed. She walked to the table and poured herself an orange juice, to refresh her dry mouth and throat.

“Are you going to eat something?” Michael said peering over his paper

“Yeah in a moment” Sadie pulled out a chair to sit down

“Excuse me did you forget something?” Michael queried

Sadie walked over to him, and placed a kiss on his lips.

“Now that’s better, isn’t it?” Michael went back to his paper

“Yes Michael” Sadie walked back and sat down; she couldn’t face a fry so she nibbled on a couple of slices of toast smothered in Irish butter.

“Where’s Danny?” she’d hoped he’d left.

“He got a call earlier from Jimmy. Orla went into labour so he had to rush down to the Rotunda. “Michael responded.

“Wow isn’t that early?” Sadie’s voice full of concern

“Apparently, she’s 32 weeks so they say that’s early? I don’t know I’ve never had kids I’m not sure about these things” Michael hadn’t even looked up from his paper.

“Shouldn’t we go to the hospital and do something?” Sadie questioned

“Do what exactly? We’re not medics. If we’re needed we’ll be called for. That’s the way this family works” Michael huffed and put down his paper.

“How’s your head?” Michael queried, he wanted to feed those seeds of doubt into Sadie’s mind.

“I’ve been better, I’m a little groggy after we got back here after the nightclub” Sadie looked at him, “I remember going to bed, you pleasuring me then disappearing that’s all I remember.”

“Well you lost me there Sadie.” Michael loved her discomfort. “We got back from Lillie’s and had a few more drinks, Danny and Mary went off into the bedroom, five minutes later she stormed out and said that she ‘I maybe a whore but I’m not doing that’ and left. Danny came and sat with us and we talked, that’s all I can remember, as I must have fallen asleep on the sofa.”

“God I don’t remember any of that” Sadie felt so ashamed. So it really could have happened. She had slept with Danny. How on earth would she forgive herself for that? Bono would think she was a whore and wouldn’t want her anymore.

“Anyway, there’s no harm done. I want to pop into Liam on the way home, so when you’ve done all the packing. Let me know” Michael smiled to himself. He knew by looking at her that she now thought she’d slept with Danny.


Kim walked into the CID department; wolf whistles greeted her from the men. Typical show them a bit of leg and men turned into animals. She knocked on the door.

“Come in” The Guv’s voice boomed

Kim walked in, and shut the door.

“Ahh Kim, how are you settling into your life?” He smiled “Drink?”

“No thanks had a few yesterday so the head’s a bit tender. All in the line of duty of course” Kim chuckled.

“So what’s the word on the street?” he sat on the desk feet away from Kim, she didn’t feel threatened by his closeness.

“Well I haven’t heard much about a return although I made a judgment call.” Kim looked at him

“Which was?” Intrigued filled his voice

“One of Murphy’s gang, Gloomy came onto me, so I agreed to go out with him” Kim had said it now, she paused waiting to be reprimanded.

There was a silent pause, a matter of seconds which seemed like hours to Kim

“So why did you think this was a good choice?” the Guv looked down at her

“Well men tend to let things slip out easily to their girlfriends, woman they trust” Kim prayed he agreed with her call, “Pillow talk”

“So you’ve already slept with him?” the guv asked

“Yes Guv, last night” Kim had to be honest

“So what makes you think he’ll still be interested, now he’s had your goods?” the Guv looked at her. Well Gloomy was one lucky bloke; he had what for now would remain a mystery to her boss.

“Don’t worry, he’ll be back. What he got he’ll want again believe me” Kim smiled

“I don’t doubt it Kim” The Guv put his hand on her knee “I don’t doubt it for one minute”

Kim didn’t flinch. Deep down she knew that one day her & the guv would be lovers. But not yet, she wanted to prove herself, get promoted on her own merit. No one would accuse her of sleeping to the top.

“So what’s wrong with us then?” Larry asked

“There’s nothing wrong with us.” Bono retorted

“He’s got a point” Adam looked up from his book, “we don’t seem to attract any”

Edge just looked up at them all, “But do we really want to? We’ve all heard the stories.”

They other looked each other, then in unison answered Edge “Yes”

The welcome sign greeted them, they had now reached Portland.


Michael pulled up outside St Augustine’s. “You can come in today, come on shift your arse”

Sadie undid her seatbelt and climbed out of the car, toddling behind Michael as he strolled up to the presbytery door.

As usual Mrs. Doyle opened the door.” Hello there Michael, Sadie. Please come in both of you”

“Thank you Mrs. Doyle.” Sadie said as she followed Michael through the house and into the reception lounge

“Father Liam is doing the service at the moment but you’re welcome to wait. Can I get you a drink?”

“No we’re fine Mrs., Doyle” Michael replied

“Sadie?” Mrs. Doyle didn’t like Michael, he was a gangster if ever she saw one and he treated Sadie like a possession.

“Actually a glass of water would be lovely, please Mrs. Doyle” Sadie smiled

“Right you are my dear” Mrs. Doyle smiled at Sadie and left the room

Michael stared at Sadie.

“What she asked me” Sadie shrugged at Michael.


Liam had seen Mickey’s car as soon as he’d left the church after the service. He greeted his parishioners as usual, but he knew that there was no way he could avoid telling Mickey the truth. Why today though, the family were already going through hell what with Orla and Danny’s babies. He’s promised he’d go over to the hospital straight away.

He walked into the presbytery via the kitchen. Mrs. Doyle was there, getting drinks for the guests.

“Father Liam” she started

“It’s ok, Mrs. Doyle, I know he’s here. Well it had to happen some day” Liam sighed

“Father, what bothers me, is that you think this thing is so bad that you avoid your brother for weeks” Mrs. Doyle’s face full of concern

“Believe me Mrs. Doyle, this could tip my family over the edge” Liam walked towards his fate.


Liam walked into the reception room.

“Hi Mickey,” Liam walked over to Sadie, kissing her chastely on the cheek

“Should a priest do that?” Michael questioned

“Did the good lord not kiss his mother?” Liam responded. “Anyway Sadie’s as good as family”

“Have you any news of Orla?” Sadie asked.

“Yes, I went up to the hospital as soon as I heard she’d gone into labour. Mum went to look after the other kids and Jimmy & Marie went to the hospital to support Orla.. Poor thing, all she kept screaming for was Danny. She had the girls at 4am this morning, they’re small and obviously had to be put into incubators, but the doctors hope that they’ll pull through ok. As a precaution I gave them the sacrament of baptism “Liam paused

Sadie seemed in shock, he went over to her bending down onto his knees and took her hands in his, “Sadie, they’re in the best possible place, and will get the best possible care”

“I know; it just seems so unfair, what have those poor little girls done to deserve such a start to life?” Sadie started to sob.

“The Lord works in mysterious ways Sadie; sometimes even I have trouble comprehending them. I do believe that he sends us these things to test our faith in him” He looked at Michael, nothing no concern, no worry. Did he really hate Danny that much?

Liam knew he had to talk with Michael alone. “Tell you what Sadie, why don’t you & Mrs. Doyle go and light a candle for them in the church?”

“Is that ok with you Michael?” Sadie looked at him

“Do what you want.” He quipped back.

“Mrs Doyle” Liam called for his housekeeper, she arrived in the doorway

“Father, “Mrs. Doyle smiled

“Mrs Doyle would you be kind enough to go with Sadie to light a candle in prayer for those wee babies of Orla and Danny”

“No problem Father”, she walked over to Sadie “Come with me sweetheart”

Sadie walked to the door and stopped “What are the girls names?”

“Marie helped out saying the last time they’d discussed it Orla had settled on Darcie and Sadie.” Liam smiled

“She’s wanted to call one Sadie?” tears formed in Sadie’s eyes

“Come on Love” Mrs. Doyle wrapped her arm around Sadie and led her away, shutting the door behind her

“Right now we can talk about the serious stuff” Michael proclaimed

“Michael, you really don’t have a heart do you?” Liam sadly replied

“So what did you find out?” Michael stared at Liam.” It must be bad you’ve been avoiding me”

“Michael I haven’t, priests are busy people you know. Anyway I need to make a few more enquiries, make sure I got the facts right” Liam looked at his brother.

Michael watched Liam intently as he walked over to the bureau, pulling out a folder.

“Alright this is a photocopy of what I found”, he handed Michael the piece of paper

Conor Thomas Murray born on 20th June 1963 at 6.30am

Father: Thomas Mother: Mary of Slane, Co Meath
Conor Thomas Murphy born on 20th June 1963 at 6.30am

Father: Michael Mother: Annie of Glasnevin, Dublin
Patrick McGuiness born on 20th June 1963 at 6.45am

Father: Patrick Mother: Agnes of Navan, Co Meath

Michael looked at Liam.

“So I thought that that was nothing more than two boys were being born into this world at the same time that coincidently was given the same name.” Liam explained

“I’m with you so far” Michael nodded

“So then I looked in the death register and the entry shows this” Liam handed Michael another piece of paper.

Conor Thomas Murray died on 20th June 1963 at 5.53pm

Father: Thomas Mother: Mary of Slane, Co Meath

Reason: congenital malformation


“So we already knew this” Michael looked at Liam

“Yes we did. So initially I thought it’s just one of those weird things. But I flicked through a couple of pages and found a note about a problem that had been uncovered with one of the administrators. It seems somehow a couple of babies were given the wrong identity bracelets. They’d been born close together and were missed named.” Liam paused.

“So did this happen to the Conors??” Michael looked at Liam

“Well this recorded incident happened a week after the births we’re interested in” Liam looked at Mickey; he was taking this better than he expected.

“So it’s feasible then?” Michael stared at Liam

“Yes” Liam nodded. “Although we must not be hasty. It doesn’t mean that Conor isn’t our blood brother. We’ll sort something but let it rest until the family has settled after the twins all we need is an upset like this.”

Liam looked into Michael’s eyes.

“Ok I’ll keep quiet for the family’s sake. “ Michael knew if this went wrong he could be disowned by the whole family. One thing he didn’t want.

“Thank you Michael” Liam smiled at his younger brother. They’d once been so close, yet now it seemed like they were worlds apart.


“Bono” Larry whispered to his friend through the locked door.

“Go away; you know I need my space after a performance.” Bono snapped back

“I just thought you’d like to know we’ve got real life groupies in the dressing room.” Larry waited for Bono response

The door opened, Bono poked his head out “What real ones?”

“Yeah real ones” Larry teased.

Bono came out of the room and ran to the band’s dressing room……

Sitting there talking to Adam was a couple of girls, obviously flattered by their attention.

“So what are your names?” Adam asked

“Well I’m Tiffany and that’s Lyndsey” , the dark haired one replied

“Nice to meet you Tiffany & Lyndsey” Adam smiled.

“I’m Adam,” he said” that’s Edge”

“Hi Edge” he girls swooned in harmony

Edge looked up from his guitar, “Oh hello” he said back and went back to his guitar strings.

“And that’s our leader singer over there” Adam pointed at Bono

“Oh yes , I know who he is silly, he’s Bonio,” Tiffany fluttered her eyelashes at Bono

“That’s BON-O “Bono corrected her

“Yeah that’s what I said BON-I-O” Tiffany giggled

Bono looked at Larry, who obviously thought that Bono being called a dog biscuit was hilarious

“And babyface over there is” Adam was once more interrupted

“Larrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyy” Tiffany & Lyndsey replied, these girls certainly wanted a piece of Larry.

Larry rapidly hid behind Bono, the look of horror on his face.

“So what do you girls like to do?” Adam asked

“Well we hang around backstage and entertain bands” Tiffany said with pride

“And how do you entertain them?” Bono’s curiosity was getting the better of him.

“How ever they want us to baby” Lyndsey said as she licked her lips and yanked her skirt up a little higher giving the boys a look at her upper thighs.

“So who wants to go first?” Tiffany looked around at the boys.

“First for what?” Bono asked

“Sample the merchandise” Lyndsey started to take her top off

“Wooooooooooohhhhhhhh hold on one minute” Bono stood shocked. “Sorry girls this group aren’t interested in sexual relations.”

“God almighty, anyone would think you boys are from Ireland!!” Tiffany laughed

“Actually we are” Edge said highly bemused by the girls idiocy

“No way, you’re kidding us” Lyndsey laughed

“Eh, don’t the Irish accents sort of give that away?” Larry was perplexed

“We thought you were Scottish” Lyndsey replied.

“I think you girls better go” Adam said decisively.

The girls looked at each other and then around the room

“Come on Lynds , these boys aren’t worthy of being called a rock band” Tiffany raged

“Yeah, give me the Aerosmith boys any day, they know how to treat a groupie” Lyndsey picked up her bag and the girls stormed out

“Wow that was an interesting experience” Edge stated

The whole band laughed

“It certainly was” snorted Bono “Now where’s my case?”


Sadie and Conor sat in the lounge watching the TV

“Anything exciting on?” Sadie sighed, she was bored, and Michael had gone without her. No surprise there, he seemed to be going out at night quite a bit recently.

“Emm, The Old Grey Whistle Test is on in a minute” Conor smiled

“Oh that sounds interesting, let’s see who they have on tonight” Sadie smiled.

The titles rolled and the presenter appeared “Hi my name’s Andy Kershaw and welcome to The Old Grey Whistle Test. on tonight’s show we have an Irish band on the verge of stardom, U2”

“Oh my God” Sadie almost collapsed with anticipation.

“I suppose we better watch it now” Conor teased.

The band appeared on screen. All Sadie had eyes for was Bono, wow he looked so good. He was wearing a black top, black Leather trousers and boots. His hair as she’d remembered it, long with the fringe falling into his eyes. Several times as the camera moved in for close up’s he run his fingers through his hair, showing swift glimpses of his beautiful baby blue eyes. Sadie just about survived the performance.

“Now that is a piece of arse I’d not say no to” Conor stated

“Who’s?” Sadie asked.

“Bono’s. I mean just look at those tight leather trousers, they leave nothing to the imagination” Conor was almost drooling

“I don’t think you have a chance of getting anywhere near it” Sadie declared confidently

“What makes you say that?” Conor said

“Because that arse belongs to me” Sadie stuck her tongue out

“Yeah as if” Conor teased

“Conor, believe me it does!!” Sadie snapped

“You’re not pulling my leg are you? You really mean what you just said. I want details girlfriend and I want them now!!” Conor put his hands on his hips and looked at Sadie

“Well it all started in October last year …….”


“What you lost this time?” Edge looked at Bono

“My case, it was right here on the table” Bono said scratching his head. “I’m sure it was.”

“Are you sure it was there?” Edge inquired

“Yes I definitely put it there before we went on stage” Bono snapped back

“You’re always bloody losing things” Larry cantankerously uttered.

“But it’s got cash in it and…..” Bono paused

“And what?” Edge stared at Bono. Bono bit his lip like a naughty school boy

“Come on spill it.” Larry looked at Edge and shrugged.

“It has my notebook in it. The one I have all the prepared lyrics in, the ones for the new album” Bono nervously looked around at his friend’s faces.

“Oh this is bad” Edge looked at Bono, “we’re meant to be going into the studio when this tour finishes”

“Great, so what are we going to do now?” Larry grumbled.

“I’ll write some more, I promise” Bono felt accountable now

“Hey, guys go easy on him, we haven’t got any music either” Adam smirked as he smoked his joint.

“True” Edge admitted, “We’re heading for big trouble.”


Michael walked in through the kitchen door.

“Hi Ma, is Sadie still up?” Michael asked as he kissed her on the cheek

“Yes, she in the lounge watching TV with Conor” Annie smiled at her son

“We’ll be heading back in a few days, need to get back to the business” Michael smiled

“Oh that’s fine. It’s been great having you here Mickey, but I still don’t understand why you stayed here and didn’t use your flat in town” Annie was slightly confused.

“I just thought it would be nice to stay here so Sadie & you could get to know each other well” Michael explained

“Well that certainly has happen, the amount of time she’s been left home alone” Annie stared at her son.

“Ah Ma don’t start on me” Michael whined

“I’m not son” Annie looked at him, he was his father all over again, him & Danny couldn’t stay faithful to a girl for more than five minutes. At least Jimmy seemed to be a good boy and of course Liam.

Michael walked towards the door.

“Mickey, it might be a good idea to wipe that lipstick kiss off your cheek before you go and see Sadie” Annie said handing him a cloth

Michael wiped his face unable to look at his mother, he stared at the floor; a sure sign he was guilty.

“Ma whatever your thinking, Sadie is the one, you know” he mumbled as he walked into the hallway

“That is what I’m afraid of son” Annie whispered back, “that poor darling girl will suffer the way I have”.


“Hi “Michael greeted Sadie & Conor.

“Hi Mickey” Conor replied, sensing his brother needed to talk he stood up, “Well that’s me done for the night, good night Sadie, night Mickey”

“Night Con “Sadie called after him, as he made his way upstairs. She turned her attention to Michael. “So was it a good meeting?”

“Yeah it was ok, discussing the same old stuff, you know boring business things” Michael smiled as he sat on the vacated chair

“Oh my poor darling. Maybe you need to relax after a hard night negotiating.” Sadie stood up and walked to where Michael was sitting, sat down next to him and moved her hand onto his zipper.

“Later Sadie” He replied decisively, he needed to recover from his antics with Mary earlier first. “I need to tell you something.”

“You do?” she looked into his eyes. It amazed him how hers looked so innocent.

“We’re going home, in a few days. I really need to get back to the business. We have an expansion happening next week so I want to be there to oversee that” Michael explained

“Oh ok, can I ask you a question though?” Sadie looked at him and smiled sweetly

“I suppose so” Michael sighed

“Can we take Shamrock back? I become so attached to him, I couldn’t bear to be without him” She awaited his response with baited breathe

“Yeah sure, but you’ll have to be the one looking after him, as I’ll be busy” Michael laid out his conditions.

“Oh thank you” She jumped up and hugged him

“Ok calm down woman” Michael didn’t want this huggy girly stuff

“Sorry” Sadie pulled away.

“Oh and another thing, you’ll be coming home with me, to my apartment. I want you there, save traveling to me.” Michael looked at her

“What you want me to move in with you?” Sadie couldn’t believe he was asking her

“Call it what you like, I want you in my bed, when I get home every night, want some home cooked food of an evening. A man needs his comforts after a hard day’s work” Michael demanded

“I’d love to” Sadie grinned. Inside alarm bells were going off but she had to maintain a relationship with him, until Bono came for her.

“Good” Michael smiled, “now what was you saying about how I needed to relax?”

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i like it.

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Loving it Wild

and the inactive clip - pure genius

As for Michael
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Maybe Annie should have spoke a little louder. Great chapter. And Michael As always.
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irish sausage !

seriously though , loved it
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yes, you had me at Irish Sausage. This is getting to be my regular Monday Morning read. (Thanks for the other version too.)

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