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Old 06-27-2005, 05:11 AM   #1
The Fly
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planting marigolds like everyone else

It was a beautiful day and I wouldn't let it get away,I was on the road....

off to the Plant nursery that is ! to buy my annuals to plant for the summer

I pulled up next to a guy wearing these big black shades

Good idea I said,its a hot day-I get headaches if i don't wear em...

Do you wanna borrow a pair asked the mysterious figure,face serious,slight wry smile

OK! why not ! said I half blinded by the sunlit sky,then I can see you abit better

He opened the car door and opened the glove box. Out poured tons of glasses,all shapes,colours and sizes

B:If you can't find a pair in this lot I have a whole boot full of em'

I rummaged through and finally picked out a tinted orange pair


B:KEEP EM HONEY-I'M SICK OM EM-only wore em once for 30 seconds-totally sick of em !

placing the glasses upon my frazzled sunburned face, I instantly regognised the generous may I say incredibly handsome guy with all the sunglasses

me: Oh

bono: shhhhhhhhhhhhh!

me: OH OK-Oh hi Mike

me: so what brings YOU? here on this fine bank holiday?

I'm planting my marigolds like everyone else,I'm not always Bono the rockstar-sometimes I like to do normal stuff

me: after that then?

bono: dunno,I might mow the lawn

me: oh well have fun planting-cheers for the shades

BONO:anytime-thats not a problem-WELL ACTUALLY MAYBE OH go on then you've talked me into it, give us a fiver for em glasses they cost me $2000 in NY

me: sure-can I pay you weekly as I'm abit short this week

Bono gives me his bank account number and we agree on a small sum each week to cover the sunglasses,he reminds me he will check his account and if I don't cough up he will contact his solicitor~but not to worry as I look trustworthy

me:thanks again Mike

Bono: Mike?

me: sorry Bono.....

Bono: sssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhh

We say goodbye go our seperate ways.... then approaching the car with my new marigolds I spot a guy in the distance offering sunglasses to a lady.

She rummages through,picks out a purple pair and goes to walk off. He calls her back and she hands him a note. ' I would let you have em but I paid $4000 in NY for em.....

Curious now I watch for 2 hours as he sells off all the sunglasses -if regognised suggests a name to the suspecting person from Jim to Rodderick... finally he enters the nursery and half hour later emerges with 20 trays of marigolds....

he was telling the truth I thought-for a moment there I thought he was up to something.....

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The Fly
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The Fly
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Next day in the tabloids there's a story about Bono caught flogging sunglasses outside Macy's Garden Center.

'I'm sure it was him' remarked an old lady who bought a pair of Green tinted Prada's in exchange for her pension book..

A spokes person for Bono remarked that he was very fond of his huge collection of sunglasses and wouldn't part with any of them-not one single pair. He admitted he stored them in the car as he got bored quickly with styles and changed them frequently...sometimes every 20 seconds....
and anyway, if he had been flogging them, then everyone was getting a great deal as they were worth 1000's of $


ebey33 top auction site, did comment that week that there had been a unusual huge amount of listings for sunglasses worn by bono, but noone seemed to be bidding as everyone had been down the garden center that weekend and bought a pair from a dark stranger, who got annoyed if compared to the appearence of Bono...

a U2 fan who thought he spotted him said he would only buy a pair if he got an autograph-so after bartering he ended up buying 20 pairs + he had to give his shoes and wash down Bono's car with a nearby hose pipe-after looking at the signature the disappointed fan realised it read 'Onobxov Brown' but failed the to chase the car that suddenly sped off into the distance. He said the only way he got over the anger was to go buy marigolds to take his mind of it....
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Old 07-05-2005, 04:10 AM   #4
The Fly
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no insults or critisims -this story was

i expected allot of people to give me a really hard time over it

thankyou for being graceful enough not to be really mean and nasty about such a story
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Old 07-06-2005, 12:48 AM   #6
The Fly
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at last-someone expressing disaproval

I'm really hurt

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