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Oh you like it - I'm glad


I seem to have inspired people to post - yeah. I'm glad the video caps have sparked everyone to go and post some of their own. That's great.

Echo - hahaha I saw you glossary thread. You're funny - you think I'm down all the time(yes I probably am because noone ever joins me in sharing ) Well today I'm happy as I'm going through threads and video caps posts - yeah it worked. People are posting at PLEBA again. Hope everyone got a chance to check out my threads to see those lovely stills as well - I love them all and hope you did too!

Just listening to myself type make me feel like I'm very needy

But you know it just makes me want to go find more rare and different pics to post.

Thanks to everyone for making me feel like I'm contributing to PLEBA and appreciating fine art when they see it!

Kudos everyone.

And U2k - thanks for always posting alongside me - it's great to share ain't it?


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Icelady you're my hero - I love it when rare/strange/new pics are posted! I try to do my bit and only post unique pics, but girl you've got me beat!

And trust me, you DO encourage people to share - maybe it's not always on the same thread, but looking at your treasure trove makes people want to post all their own pics somewhere on PLEBA.

Thanks so much!

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Yes Icelady has brought a lot to this forum with her treasure chest of pics. She and I love posting and post so much and sometimes it seems no one notices. I came to this forum for the hot pics and slowly those threads have disappeared. I try to bring that spirit back and hope more people will join in and enjoy them. Echo, if you think I post 'the same 25 pics of Bono in leather' you must not be paying attention to what I post. I was so burned up by that! I have almost 900 pics, at least 600 of them are Bono in leather! Of course some of the really nice ones get posted more than once, but not everyone sees the forum every day, and new people are always coming. Some pics are so hot they deserve to be posted more.
I guess we're just different, you don't like hot pics and I don't care for 'silly and unusual.' I guess I just prefer drooling to poking fun at the guys.

Echo please check out my webpage, see how many I have! I'm sure you'll find plenty you haven't seen before. No I don't have 'silly' ones because I don't save those, I only save the ones I like. Surely you'll find something more than just '25 pics of Bono in leather.' Give it a try, you might just find something you like.

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