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LOL!!!! Christine, get a load of another wierd U2 dream I had!

LOL!!!! Of course, we ALL dream, but u know me, I like to share now and again!!!!

Okay, I was out with me mate, right? And we had just managed to go into this weird town centre, with a square centre and pubs all round it, also outside each pub all the way round were like benches and tables, all crammed with pple standing by them, on them, some sitting down, all to see U2 about to perform……… was like a scence from the Castle era, also like a scene from National Lampoons film (where he does the Morris Dance – the whole beer swingin thang goin on!!!!!)…..anyway, me and mate sat down in anticipation……… all went dark, then woke up in me own bedroom, but 6 times as large as what it normally is, and U2 came walking in, and get this!!!! - Their instruments where fine except for Larrys drum!!!! He only had one, like a tiny toy one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!………….LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!
I dunno what happened but Bono looked panicky, someone was after him! Anyway, I had this one wall like an alcove and the three lads ‘cept Bono stood in the corner, now the whole time they were doing this, I was like really half-asleep and me room had tons of pple standing waiting for them to play……….Larry looked really pissed off, and Edge was like how he looked in the Boy days, and Adam I didn’t notice much off, he was kinda invisible……………

Anyhow, Bono stood outside the room, lookin Elevation era, (GORGEOUS), he stood talking to some man, wiping his face down, worried that the person will get him…………….

So, I was kinda bored and immediately went over to Larry man, with my own set of drumsticks………..I don’t know why, but as soon as I went over, I just went mad and did a quick burst of drummin on his wee drum, and boy was he pissed!!!!!! He gave me the most dirtiest, filthiest most annoyed look ever!!!!!!!!! He REALLY REALLY was not pleased I played on his drum, I SWEAR!!! And cause of this I immediately got scared and said I was ‘sorry, so sorry’ about 10 times, but still he frowned at me, BIG time!!!!! Then I ran out tha door, and it was now a street…….and a rally car pulled up, Bono shit himself and said, ‘That’s him! That’s him!’…….I immediately grabbed his hand and pulled him into a big shed, but we both went in un-noticed by this person after him……….the shed was dark and murky with a little window, and I locked the bolt………….saying ‘Shhhhhhhh’ to B…….

But cause he was breathing heavy from a very short run I ended up having to ram part of my sarong into his mouth to muffle his sounds in case he would be heard, and I kept saying ‘Shhh, they’ll hear u, shhhhhhh!’

He was like ‘Are they still there? Are they away? Have they gone?’…..and within minutes I managed to calm him down, but he was like on his knees holding my hand thanking me for saving him!!!!!!!! I was in heaven, but knew I had to be professional…….then it cut to 4 diff scenes!!!!!!!!! Ok, one was a fire going in the background (in the shed) and yes one of those mad luvvy dovvy scenes u get from a movie……the other was me about to let Bono go again, while it was safe and I burst out crying giving him my drumsticks to give to Larry saying ‘please tell him Im so sorry , I didn’t mean to upset him, Im so so sorry’ I was in a real state!!!!!!! He then had to calm me down!!!!! (the 2nd to me would have been more me!)…

And that’s it!!!!! Woke up to mum shoutin, ‘ARE YA UP YET????????’


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Aw, Damn your mother!- No offence!
Its always time to get up, just when the Dreamin gets good- Particularly U2 dreams. *Sigh*
I love U2 dreams.- Wish I was sleepin now...

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LMAO!!!! larry pissed cos u playing his lil toy drum... u 'ramming' yer sarong in bonos mouth... & again LMAO@larry

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Jeez.. I wish my dreams were that long and detailed!

Got The Swing Got The Sway
Got My Straw In Lemonade

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love, blood, life
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Location: Angie Jolie lover from Belfast Norn Ireland. I LOVE YOU ANGIE! Im a Bono fan!
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Aww Christine!!!!! Yeah RIGHT!!!!

Every night u have erotic dreams of u and Larry man, what.......from swingin on a chair, to swingin on the chandeliers!!!!!

u cant fool us woman!!!!!!!!

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