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Invasion On Planet Pleba pt 4

Crimson_Nails deftly pulled out the two little pieces of paper napkins she had torn up and had secretly stuffed in her ears when the Yawneek music had started. Now it had stopped for a while she could relax. Sometimes she got the feeling even the Yawneeks could only stand so much of their terrible music and had to give it a break, which she had to be thankful for.

Now her café would start filling up again with plebans who had fled when the music had started, little did the Yawneeks know that Crimson_Nails used the Café as a cover to hide her resistance activities of secretly supplying peeps with banned U2 pictures and stories and other memorabilia.

So far she had not been caught, and she didn’t know what the Yawneeks would do to her if they knew about that and the fact she was hiding a couple fugitives in her secret underground cellar and also it was from there she was transmitting the coded secret message she hoped U2 would get.

She was occupied wiping down the counter and checking underneath the box of napkins where she kept the U2 photos hidden, what would happen was that customers would innocently ask for a napkin and Crimson_Nails would hand them one with u2 pictures inside it and the Yawneeks knew nothing about it.

Now she looked up to find four new customers had just entered the café, she didn’t recognise them, yet there was something very odd about but familiar about their appearance as they all came over to the counter, looking a little furtive

Can I help you?” she enquired cautiously leaning over the counter, whilst trying to figure out if they were new members of the underground resistance movement

The long blonde haired one who had seemed unsteady walking now also leaned over the counter, removing her dark glasses, to reveal a pair of very familiar blue eyes, then spoke in a low husky voice “Actually we are here to ask if we can help you”

Crimson_Nails found herself clutching the counter tight with her hands as realisation hit her.

Bono hastily put his finger to his lips, hoping she wouldn’t scream or shout out hysterically and give them away

She just about managed to keep it together

Her eyes now rested on the other three trying to recognise them, to believe they were really there dressed up as women. It was a Pleba fantasy come true.

There he was. Larry in a cute blue dress and a dark haired wig, and eyeing her warily as he almost hide behind Edge in his ginger wig that reached to his shoulders and black skirt suit

“You came” she managed to get out in a tiny voice of glee “I knew you would”

“Yes we got your distress message, and came as soon as we could to try and help” Bono informed her, and noticed that she seem to be having trouble taking her eyes of Larry.

But pulling herself together Crimson_Nails looked around her checking there were no Yawneeks around to notice them.

“Ok, follow me” she hissed and let them in behind the counter and taking them out to the back of the café where it would be safer for them all

“Wait till the others find out you are here” she said excitedly “I knew you would come eventually and not a moment too soon, the Yawneeks are coming down on us hard and heavy now, trying to wipe your existence of our planet, but we won’t let it happen, and now you are here” she stopped and looked around at them beaming “Oh this is so good, this is just so good” she exclaimed happily


The cellar room she led them to was not very big, and Larry felt extremely concerned
As they all squashed into it with the three other pleban fugitives there as well who were staring at them with mixed wide eyed disbelief and adoration, Crimson_Nails introduced the others as Greeneyedgirl and Carmelu2fan, U2MacNalcWeldO

They insisted on touching them to make sure that they were real and not some sort of crazy hallucination brought on by the madness of listening Yawneeks music for so long

Then happily convinced they were indeed the real thing, they explained the dire situation they were in.

“Its really bad” Greeneyedgirl lamented “Especially when they stopped the PGP parties

“PGP?” Adam echoed puzzled.

“Ah that’s Pleba Girls parties” Larry provided the information much to the others surprise, Adam looked at him , “How did you know that?”

Larry shifted uncomfortably then shrugged “Just a lucky guess” he turned his attention quickly back to Greeneyed girl, and tried to ignore the way Crimson_Nails stood right beside him and he could feel her breath on his cheek, “You were saying?”

“Then when we started this underground movement, the Yawneeks discovered it and arrested some of our fan fiction writers YDW and SG amongst them, and we miss them so because they wrote such good stories” Greeneyedgirl explained unhappily

“Yes goodness only know what state they will be in by the time the Yawneeks finish them, they might never be able to write U2 fanfic again” U2MacNalcWeldO sobbed

“Poor Youdonewhat and Sad_girl” Larry sighed “we have to get them free”

“Oh I never realised you knew them personally” Carmelu2fan spoke up

Once more all eyes were on Larry questioningly.

“Oh I don’t know them” he hastily denied “I mean not um personally, I might have heard of them” he finished lamely

“Something tells me Larry knows a lot more about Pleba than he makes out” Edge remarked his eyes narrowing suspiciously

Larry just shifted again and found himself pressed up against Crimson_Nails who gleamed at him openly alarming him a little as she added “Did anyone ever tell you that you look real good in blue?”

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larry in a blue dress... oh so pretty!
wouldn't it be frightening if it turned out that larry is one of us here?
I love this fic sofar^^ keep on writing

what dress is Bono wearing or is he in a leather miniskirt?

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Annj, you made something fantastic! ...well, of course, the fanfic is also very good, made SG, YDW, Greeneyedgirl , Crimson_Nails, Weldy and Carmel IMMORTAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And they sooo deserve it!
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thank you, I just hope they don't mind me using them in my story though I don't know them really well, except for posting here
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YAY! I got practically a whole chapter to myself! Thank you very much for including me, and feel free to call me just Crimson if it makes it easier.
I bet Larry does look good in a blue dress......and him pressing himself against me...and my breath on his cheek....I have so much to imagine now!
(P.S I've always wanted to own a cafe)
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This is soo WONDERFUL!!!! WOW!!! I am in a fanfic!! A awsome clever, witty one at that!!

The boys are in dresses

It looks like Larry has visted Pleaba before too

annj, you are the best!
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Larry spoke to me

GG has died and gone to Pleba Heaven
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This is so great! Hmm... Larry knows an awful lot...
And you're updating so fast too! You're my new hero!
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The Fly
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OH MAN this story is great so far.
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I love this story

Larry in blue
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This story is so awesome! I love it! Can't wait for more.
Insert something interesting here
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Man....I would totally cry if they did something terrible to YDW and SG!

And I the boys in dresses

Amazing story still!
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oh forgot to ask.. can I be in it too
preferably at the side(don't mind wich) of Bono
grmbl, PLEBAns Unite! let's fight those ugly music hating aliens.. (now I"m thinking about it... might aswell fight my class too, they all have such awful music taste! and all those random U2 bashers.. OMG THEYRE ALIENS! GET THEM! mauahahahaha )

heh and when I see the phrase
'can I help you'
the first thing hits my mind is
'I believe you can' spoken in a heavily sexy irish accent..
his voice in that ivd was soo... hot
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Old 01-24-2006, 04:00 PM   #14
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ok Galeongirl i am sure I can find a place for you somewhere, gonna be a bit slower posting because I am busy tuesdays and wednsdays but I am half way through chapt 5
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love, blood, life
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I just realized that I am not the only one that goes by 'GG' for short


"GG's" are HAWT!!

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