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Not to mention !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK I'm only posting my Pete adventures here on PLEBA bc he is the P in MY PLEBA book. OK so as you may know, May 24th Fishy, Julie, and I had tickets for Pete Yorn in D.C. Our big plan was to GET THE HARMONICA bc Pete is hot and I wanted to use his saliva as a DNA sample to clone him. I MEAN...

So we get there early and park and are walkin to get in line, but then we STOP bc we're like "HOLY CRAP THE TICKETS ARE IN THE CAR" so we send Fishy back to the parking lot to get the tix, and Julie and I make our way down to the line. Well we're walking walking down the sidewalk and passing the bus and then we see this GUY walking towards us. I get this FEELING and I recognize him as PETE. Unfortunately I'm too paralyzed to stop him or anything and just grin like a moron and say "HI" and he said "what's up." And passed us and went into the bus. *MAJOR FREAKOUT TIME*

We go and get in line and I'm like JUMPING around and screaming that I MET PETE YORN and the guy in front of us in line was all happy for us and I'm like WHERE'S FISHY. And then Fishy comes walking down to us and I RUN up to meet her and tell her about what happened and I guess I'm having some kind of breakdown about it because all the ppl in line were like "WHAT THE CRAP."

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Fishy had a good idear to let's go see if we could find him since he was on his boos. So Julie was a martyr and stayed in line and Fishy and I headed back to the boos area with my Pete CD and a harmonica (not his, just one Fishy bought fer me) and a Sharpie akorse.

There's this guy smoking outside the boos and we're just all casually walking by and I'm like OOO BOOS but Fishy was SANE and asked him if Pete was on the boos and if he would sign before the show. The guy was real nice and said "yeah he will," finished his cigarette and went into the boos and fetched Pete who APPEARED AND WAS SO PRETTY. There was this other girl there too who talked too much....

but then when it was our turn I was COMPLETELY speechless and grinning like an idiot and my legs had still been shaking from seeing him the first time. I'm just like holding up my CD and harmonica and Fishy's like "could you sign these?" or something. THANK GOD Fishy was there or I would have just melted completely. I WAS SO GONE there was a Pete Yorn test pattern in my brain. So he signed my CD booklet and the harmonica (he's left-handed but plays geetar righthanded!) And then we took pictures which I will certainly scan and make posters out of mwahahahaa....AND PETE PUT HIS ARM AROUND ME and Fishy's like 'his HAND was right THERE.' I SO didn't know where to put myself without being arrested so I comepletely FROZE. SOOOO NERVOUS SSSUUUCH FUZZIES! Pete was really NICE, kinda shy...

It was funny cause I had all this stuff in my hand and was trying to give him the harmonica when he asked for it and I joked "sign my lollipop" and he goes "that wouldn't taste good." PEEEEEEEEETE

~*Mona Vox of Easy Street*~

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We thanked Pete and RAN back to the line with Julie, flipping out ALL the way 'cause Pete had touched me etc. etc. ~ I can't even put it all into words! It was just INCREDIBLE seeing him so close. Pretty Pretty Pete....

when they finally opened the doors we got in REALLY close to the front. We took SO MANY pictures we'll scan them ALL maybe....

and the first big surprise about the show was that Pete played the drooms with the first opening act, Jukebox Junkies and I know I wasted so much film of Pete at drooms but he was just ROCKIN OUT~ it was BEAUTIFUL FECKIN TOP.

The second surprise was that we realized that the singer for Jukebox Junkies (whom we now loveth) was the GUY who went in the BOOS and got PETE for us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was inSANE when we figured it out. I felt so bad 'cause we didn't know he was in one of the bands, we thought he was just like a roadie or something!!

Then this band called Sloan played some songs and they were pretty good in the beginning but then we got kinda tired of them. We liked Jukebox Junkies a lot better.

During Sloan's performance, though, I noticed Pete up in the little balcony above the left of the stage, really off to the side. I keep looking up there to get a clear shot of Pete and I'm grinning like a MORON AGAIN and the Junkies bassist sees me and smiles back. Then one of the OTHER Junkies sees me and smiles. Then some random person up there nudged another guy and was pointing me out to him. *BLUSH* And all the other girls in barely any clothing there we named SuperHooches.

And just when we thought we were going to die of dehydration, Pete comes on, opening with "Black." I think he played just about everything from his CD, along with "Dancing in the Dark" (BRUCE!), "China Girl" (BOWIE!), "Undercover" (Pete's song from the Spiderman soundtrack), and "Panic" (SMITHS!)

OMD the show was just AWESOME. So many people knew all the words to the songs, and during one song he threw his harmonica to some girl before we had a chance to hold up our sign. We were SO pressed on taking pics of him playing the harmonica we fumbled with the sign! Also at one point he threw his geetar pick, and they threw the drumsticks into the crowd too.


OK I think I should go to sleep now. it's like 4 am.....We will post our pics later akorse!!

~*Mona Vox of Easy Street*~
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after the show we waited around by the boos and surprisingly virtually nobody else stuck around. We saw the Junkies guy, Marc, again and I was like "You were SO NICE earlier, I didn't know you were in one of the bands. THANK YOU you were GREAT" blahblahblah and he signed our tickets and then we had to wait a long time for Pete to come again but akorse it was worth it. This time he didn't have the shades on and I was deliriously happy and had the courage to put my arm around him too as we took pics and he signed our tickets.

OK Thank you for your patience. NOW I go to sleep!!!!!!!

~*Mona Vox of Easy Street*~
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LOL MONA! See what happens when I leave you unattended! We got home last night and Julie and I were all *walking zombies* so we went to bed, but Mona was STILL all pumped, so I told her she had free reign of the house. I must have been delierious at the time...

Some fun facts Mona forgot...

Mona made me a Bono Noises + other goodies CD...it has 65 tracks on it...some CD players can't even play that mofo...but THANK YORN the "D"(my car) is conditioned to like Bono...

We got all scared when we were walking in because the 9:30 Club says all ages welcome on theri website, but they were checkin' ID'S at the door...it was for drinking, but in our hyped up "I JUST MET PETE YORN AND HE TOUCHED ME" phase we got all scared that Mona might not get in! I almost fought with the bouncer guy cause I told him I wasn't drinking, and he got all offended! I was like I don't drink and drive! He yelled at me and was like "IF I CATCH YOU DRINKING YOU'RE OUT OF HERE!" He almost got kicked in the teeth...but I restrained...

Pete opened the show with "Black" as Mona mentioned...I HATE that song...Mona and I started laughing so hard when he sang the first annoying word!

Mona is a freak magnet...NO JOKE! FOr those of you who have ever been to a GA concert before...you know how the crowd tends to forget about personal space sometimes...well all of Pete's fans were pretty nice...EXCEPT the ones standing next to Mona! I had to keep switching places with her so I could push the freaks out of the way...THEY WERE TRAMPLING HER! One lady was all humpin' this guy in front of her! She was so drunk...it was gross...


After the show we went to IHOP...the official after 2am place to eat...I was so dehydrated I oredered a pitcher of water, and orange juice and a coke...what? Why are you looking at me like that? So anyway...it ws sooooo cold in there...and my fries were sooooo warm...at one point I was like OMD I AM JUST GOING TO COVER MYSELF IN A FRENCH FRY BLANKET!!! Yeah...that may have only been funny if you were there...but...

Well we have to take Julie to work now...but we are going to drop our film off and we should have some pictures later today! WOOO!



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What a great story!!!!!!

Congrats on meeting him ladies


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post the pics!!!
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That's awesome, Mona! So that's one down, how many to go?

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Pete's a fool for not grabbing all of you and stuffing you in his bus and running away with you!

But then he'd get arrested. Never mind.


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monita, fishy, julie!! i am so glad for you guys!! what a memorable experience, cant wait for the pics!!

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Sweet! Congrats girlies!!

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Sweet! Ali Rose and I met him last month after the show, and he is a total sweetie. And hot! humina. those armmmmmms....


post them pics!
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Did I do that right?

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All this wonderful hyperness is getting me pumped for my Pete show which is on the 29th! Must...get...pic. *giggles and runs off*
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Ooooh, I love stories like this.

I'm going to see Pete Yorn next month in SF. I'll be with my husband so I'll be keeping the oogling to a minimun. In the meantime, I'll just live through you guys!

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