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One of the bowls was made of bronze, which is VERY expensive, regardless of the "artistic" value of the piece, but I agree w/ you guys - I've just never understood what makes good -> expensive art and what makes crappy -> cheap art. I mean, I kinda like Guggi's stuff, but some of the paintings look like scrap wood planks and just 1-3 colors of watercolor paints....for tens of thousands of dollars?!?! Sometimes I look at "art" that's really expensive or considered really good and I think "geez if only someone had told me earlier that just doing THAT could get me 10,000 a pop!!"

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Aha! I knew it!

There's an article about Guggi's house in South Dublin (very near from my own gaff, btw!) in today's Irish Independent and at one point, he mentions that painting I was talking about the other day, the one with the mobile number at the top.

It says: "In one of his particular paintings, Guggi uses the phone number of a friend who's particularly cagey about giving it out. But Guggis is confident that his friend will be cool. And do you know what? So is Guggi".


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Originally posted by Shag On A Rock

Wow. I bet their shower drains are continously blocked.
I thought that too hahaha lol!!!
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Originally posted by verte76

As an artist myself so do I! I have fantasies about Bono seeing some of my work and liking it, at least. They say a girl can dream...........yeah,
The other night on the way home from the show in Oakland my girlfriend asked me if I had one chance to get Bonos help in making a dream come true for me what would it be? I said for him to help me have a showing of my art someplace and acknowledge my work. I have often wonder where Guggi might be as an artist if it wasn't for Bonos friendship.

I do think Guggi is very talented and I enjoy his work, but I'm so damn jealous at all the publicity he has gotten over the years thanks to being the mate of a world famous rock start. Sometimes it sucks being just a regular hard working person.
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Originally posted by Russty Cat

Sometimes it sucks being just a regular hard working person.
Amen to that! I feel this way in pretty much any context these days.
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I actually really like Guggi's bowl paintings and sculptures, but I can't help agree with some of your remarks. As much as I hate to say this, because he seems like a really nice person from what I've heard/read, I doubt Guggi's work would draw as much attention as it has or sell at such high prices if it were not for his friendship with Bono. And what other artist could get away with producing virtually the same work over and over, year after year?

Actually, I can see a serious progression in his work. And famous as Bono is, being mates with him is going to be more of a hindrance with a famously elite artistic world rather than an invitation in.

Read some of the articles about him and you'll find that he definitely didn't ride in on Bono's coattails, but has fought tooth and nail for all that he has.

As far as 'repeating the same work again and again', I had similar thoughts for a while, but I've been lucky enough to see them up close. And you just have to see beyond the shapes, because each work has a very distinctive mood and style.

But yeah, I suppose I'm one of few who would seriously oppose the idea that he only got where he is by being Bono's mate.

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