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dream out loud pt 19

ok this is chapter is the beginning of the end of Bono being a complete shite


Bono arrived back unexpectantly in Dublin heading for the Recording studio's he knew he would Find Edge and Larry there
He wafted in all business demanding to know if they had come up with a few ideas for their next album, and that he had a great time with Fay and her producer that had inspired him.
"We should get Adam and Rosie here too" he then said "we need to have a brainstorming session"

"Adam I might be able to get a hold of " Edge informed him, "Rosie, well thats another matter"

"Why where is she?" Bono demanded.

"With her mother" Larry informed him

"What?" Bono frowned, not quite believing his ears "Don't tell me she has finally given in and gone back to that old drunken slag, after what she done to her.. has she gone soft in the head.. she will bleed her dry and use it to keep her up in drink, what on earth possesed her to get in contact with her again?"

"Perhaps because the the old drunken slag is dying" Larry stated coolly

The uneasy silence in the room last for about two minutes, as Bono's indignant frown disappeared and he for once he wished the floor would open up and swallow him it was very rare he put his foot in it.. but this time he realised he had done it big time

"When did all this happen?, why hasn't any one told me about this? How come I am the last to know?" he then demanded in annoyance

"Well we didn't see the point with you being in America, and even if we had, would it have mattered that much?" Larry shot back

"What's that suppose to mean?" Bono demanded resenting what Larry was implying

"Well the only person you have time for is yourself and Fay Lawson, you have made that painfully obvious, don't see how Rosie's mother dying would get you great publicity" Larry retorted

"Thats below the belt Larry" Bono protested angrily

"Maybe, but it's the truth" Larry was unrepentant

"You don't know what the hell you are talking about, and I don't have to stand here listening to this crap" Bono shot back, and turned and stormed out.

Larry looked over at Edge "he needed to be told" ,

Edge held up his hands "You will get no argument from me"

Bono got into his car and just drove around simmering with resentment, pissed at Larry having a go at him like that, even worse because he couldn't even argue or deny it, even if he didn't like it.

He finally parked his car down by the docks in a private spot, trying to figure out what he was going to do next, despite what Larry had said, He was concerned for Rosie in her situation, he wasn't quite heartless unfeeling moron that Larry had made
Though he admitted to himself with some chagrin, he had got a little wrapped up in himself lately, but that was not the point, Larry had no right to talk to him like that.

His thoughts turned to Rosie, and he decided hewould try and find her and see how she was doing, and find out exactly what was going on, he decided to phone Adam and hope he at least was talking to him.....


Bono entered the small private hospital he discovered Rosie had got her mother moved to, Adam had informed him even though she was paying for the best treatment it seemed there was nothing really they could do for her mother except make her last days as comfortable as possible.. it seemed it was only a matter of time.

After getting directions from the reception desk Bono made his way to the room where Rosie was with her mother
When he found it he stood outside the door and caught a glimpse through the small square window in the door of Rosie sitting next to her mothers bed., she looked pale, and a little drawn, Bono could see she seemed taunt with stress.
He reached for the door handle, then stopped as he suddenly pondered on what he was going to say to her.

He suddenly recalled lately things had not been too good between them, in fact there was this great distance between them from they had toured America, and she had spent as little time in his company than she needed to and they hadn't talked in a while not about personal stuff, or even laughed or joked around like they had done once. It hadn't bothered him until now, he hadnt given it much thought or concern,

But now it hit him that if he walked into that room would she be glad to see him? would she even want him there? she hadn't even bothered trying to get in contact with him to let him know what was happening.
What could he say to her now? she probably wouldn't believe his concern was sincere or genuine if Larry was anything to go by.. she would probably tell him to go to hell, that he was the last person she wanted around he suddenly felt like the outsider almost like a stranger.

He sighed, and just glanced through the window again, she was rubbing a hand over her eyes looking weary and tired, totally unaware of him standing there and at that moment he would have like to go in and give her a comforting hug and give her some sort of support.

But then realising she would view his presence more likely as a hindrance than a comfort, and not wanting to make anything more awkward or stressful for her, he decided it would be better if he just left. So he turned and walked away telling himself it was for the best....

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Ahhhh!! You know he's not that bad after all!!
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