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Craving for love - chapter 6

Here's a new chapter for this one - hope someone will like it!
DISCLAIMER: All fiction, don't know them (I wish I did, so I would not have to imagine things), don't make money off it... etcetc

Craving for love - Chapter 6

Melissa had been at home for nearly a month, and she could not wait for getting back to Adam. She had been so busy in settlings things that she had always been away from everyone she knew, and she decided to take some time to greet them before leaving again and starting to prepare her marriage.

“So you’re getting a sort of a farewell party? Well that’s nice… With friends… yes, yes, I see… your colleagues from work… some old schoolmate… your cousins… well nice idea… Ehm… love, will it be an all-girls sort of thing?” Adam was talking to Melissa on the phone, while in his room with Bono.
The singer looked at him and took his glasses down his nose to show his amused eyes to his friend. He shook his head and turned.
“I see… not all of your colleagues are women, of course… Ok love good luck with the party then. Kisses…”

“Are you going out mad?” Bono asked when he hang up the phone. “It seemed like the poor girl was being questioned for murder…”

“Please, stop it. I was just asking. She’s going to be my wife, after all.”

“If I questioned my wife like this she would kick my arse… hope for you that she does not become too close friends with Ali.” Bono laughed.

“I do worry about her. I was just asking. She had boyfriends in the past over there, you know.”

“Oh my God, are you serious about this? Of course she did have a boyfriend… she’s a nice girl… Adam, really calm down… She is going to come back to you… You never gave a damn about where your girlfriends went as long as they left you free to look around…”

“People change…”

“Ok, listen, we go out tonight… You would pester her with calls if I leave you there.”

“Really, I would prefer to do that last thing you just said…”

“No way. She’d hate you after that. We go out.”
Bono had decided and nobody would make him change his mind.
In the evening, he and Adam went out for dinner, and Adam tried to call Melissa for a quick talk, but her phone was shut off. This fact made him mad. He tried several times to call her, but the phone was always off.

“She’s gone out, let it go. She’s surely OK. Don’t worry.” Bono said to him when he hung up his phone with a sigh for the 50th time.

“I know she’s alright, I just want to know who she’s with…”

“Don’t be ridiculous. Here, let’s have some good wine.”

They drank quite a lot, and then transferred to a club to have some fun for the night.
Adam quitted calling Melissa after his phone battery ran out with too much use.
He was constantly thinking about her. The idea that the only woman that ever convinced him of the existence of love might be cheating on him made him mad.
After a while, alcohol abuse playing a big part in it, he was considering that love was not so important to him after all. What would he need love for? Look around here… how many beautiful girls… they would come home with me if I just wave my hand to them. Why should I bother about her? She has gone home, she’s going out with somebody else… maybe I’m not made for marriage, that’s the truth. I was just too much taken into this thing. Have some fun, don’t think about her. If love is like that, I don’t want to get to know love too deeply. It would hurt. He thought.
“Bono, thanks for the good company but now I think I will go and get some from any of those lovely girls.” He said suddenly.

Bono looked at him. “You are drunk, my friend. Let’s go home. You’re going to marry soon…”

“I don’t think I’ll ever marry, Bono. I’m not like you. I’m not going to stay here waiting while she enjoys herself.”

Adam was heavily drunk, and Bono did not want to show they were having an argument in public.
“Please, Adam, come home with me. There’s people around. You will regret it tomorrow. I know you love her. Come home with me. Please.” He said in a semi-low voice, pleading with his eyes.

“No. I said I stay. You can go. I’ll settle things with her tomorrow. I see everything much more clearly now that she’s gone. It was just a sort of… well, she just was a good company. Nothing more.”

“You are talking nonsense. You came to me telling you were in love… Adam you weren’t drunk then. Now you don’t see what you are doing. Please let’s go home.” Bono was starting to fear that something bad would happen if Adam stayed.

“Just fuck off, all right? Go home and check your own wife. Who knows? Maybe she’s at some party isn’t it? Men are around, Bono…” he laughed, and walked away.

Bono was speechless after these last words from Adam. What the fuck… he thought. I’m not going to let him talk like this about my wife… Oh, let it down… he’s totally pissed. What the hell is he going to do… I’m sure he loves her. He will lose her…
Why did I bring him out? I should have left him at home…

He was walking back to the hotel while thinking about any possible solution to this problem. When he was in the hall, he had no doubts about where to go.

Edge was sound asleep, deeply into a world of beautiful dreams. He had locked the door in the evening because he did not want anyone to disturb him as he was composing something which he thought was very good, and he had enjoyed a very quiet time, without Bono around.

“What the hell… Edge, why did you lock the door? Open right now!” someone screamed from outside.

Edge did catch just part of the words as he was awakening. He recognized the voice and decided that being Bono used to call him in the middle of the night it could not possibly be anything important, and therefore pretended not to hear.

“For God’s sake, open this fucking door Edge! I’m in a hurry, it’s a question of the greatest importance. Please. Open it.” Bono was shouting even louder.

“Bono, this time I swear that if I you go on, you’ll have something down your throat. Shut up. I want to sleep.” Larry had opened his own door and angrily looked at Bono.

“Lar’, it’s important. Please you have to listen to me. Please. It’s Adam… he’s getting into trouble…”

“Weren’t you out together? Why didn’t he come home with you?” Larry asked.

Edge decided that maybe this time Bono had something truly urgent to tell, and opened the door.
“What happened? Where’s Adam?”

“Oh, here you are. So, why did you close your door? You have to let it open for me… what if I get any inspirations and I need you to compose something?”

“Bono, stop it. Answer to my question now that you have awakened people in the night…” Edge said, considering in his mind the possibility of asking for a totally soundproof room in the hotels where they would stay next.

“We went to a club for the night. He got drunk and went away to look for some girl…” Bono was talking hastily, and the other two understood he was actually very worried.

“Why did you bring him there? Couldn’t you just have something to eat and come home? You know you shouldn’t let him drink too much… However, he’s old enough…” Larry said, wanting to put an end to the issue and go back to sleep.

“He was worried that Melissa might cheat on him with any of his friends and I wanted him to have a good night and not to call her every minute… She would have hated him…” Bono was starting to feel really guilty.

“Bono, come into my room before you wake all the hotel up. You can talk to me. Larry wants to sleep – let him go. And he’s right. Adam’s old enough.” Edge said, seeing that Larry had just put the blame on Bono unwillingly, and feeling guilty on his part not to have opened the door.

Bono entered and stood still in front of Edge with his hands in his pockets.
“I just wanted to keep him some company, really. I did not mean to… screw up things.” He said, with a sad voice.

“Nothing bad has happened. He’s been out like this so many times. What’s the matter?”

“He said weird things about Melissa. He said he’s not made for marriage. He said to check if my wife was not cheating…”

“He was drunk, you said”

“He meant that. I’m sure. I think he was convinced Melissa would leave him. I think he’s afraid she will cause him to suffer. I’m so afraid he will do something he will regret.” Bono passed his hands all over his face and massaged his temples. He was getting a headache. “It would have been better if I did not insist on going out.”

“Sit down and calm now. He can’t have changed his mind in just one night. If he had doubts, then it’s better they clarify them before they marry.” Edge said.

“He did not have doubts before…”

“Maybe he did and you don’t know… Listen, I know you have never thought about Ali cheating on you and you don’t worry about this, but these things happen, and not all the people are as lucky as you. You’ve known her almost all her life…”

“Yes, but... I’m just worried for him. You know that.”

“I know. And as I already told you, you have to let him do what he likes. Why do I always have to repeat that to you at nights?” Edge smiled to his friend trying to lighten the mood.

“Why would he say to check my wife?” Bono suddenly said, turning and looking at Edge.

“Oh Bono don’t play the fool, now…” Edge said, smiling at him softly. “Your wife could never ever think of cheating on you…”

“Of course, who would she want? She’s got me…” Bono said humorously, but then turned serious again. “Edge, I’m worried. I feel guilty. She loves him too. If anything happens…”
Bono was looking quite concerned and tired.

Edge patted him on his head.
“You’ll have to let the earth spin on its own for tonight. Just sleep for now and tomorrow morning you will be able to take control again…”
He took a pillow from the wardrobe and threw it to Bono. “Ok, now just choose the side of the bed – and please, note that I said to choose a side… you won’t get me to sleep on the couch again.”

Bono was not in the mood for jokes, and lay on the bed in silence, watching anxiously at his phone, in the hope of a call from Adam.

In the meanwhile, Adam had come back to the hotel with someone, and spent the night with her.

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oh nooo How could Adam be so insecure? Why did'nt Melissa answer the phone? Why did Bono let Adam get drunk.
I cannot wait for the next one!!!
Good job susan.
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