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adam fanfic pt6

With the past misdemeanors and misunderstandings finally put away, Terri found she was actually enjoying herself in Adam's company, and was glad she had changed her mind at the last minute to come along and have dinner with him. she asked him about the other band members and talked about U2's success and how it had affected them all differently, before she knew it the time had flew in and Adam was paying the bill and they got ready to leave.

"Thanks for the lovely evening.. it turned out better than I expected" she told him as they got up from their table.

"It's been my pleasure.. really" Adam smiled, "I am glad we got this chance to talk and clear the air.. and I have really enjoyed your company as well"

"Yes, in a way I think this occasion turned out far better than it would if you had taken me to the pictures years ago.. I would have been much to tongue tied and not very good company and it probably would have ended in disaster anyway.. so maybe in the end it was good it never happened till now" she laughed

They had stepped outside the doors of Giano's, Terri huddling into her jacket at the chilly wind in the Dublin night air seeped into her bones

"My car is just across the road, let me give you a lift home" Adam offered.

"Well it isn't really worth your while" Terri replied "I only live ten minutes away from here.. I will be fine walking it"

"Then I will walk with you and make sure you get there safe" Adam replied

"That so very sweet.. but you don't have to take yourself out of your way for me.. I will be fine"

"I am sure you will be, still I would feel better in my own mind all the same seeing you safely to your front door" he insisted

"Alright" Terri finally relented realising he wasn't going to take no for an answer.

Adam held out his arm for her to hook onto, after a moments hesitation, she did so, it was the first physical contact between them all evening, and for a moment she felt like that awkward 15 year old school girl again, a little over-awed that he actually seem to really want her company and was interested in her and seemed so down to earth.

It was only hitting her now that he just wasn't the boy-across-the-street-Adam Clayton she had known, but THE Adam Clayton the bass player in U2 of worldwide fame, and he now considered her a friend... she could not help being a little flattered and pleased to be in his company and with the fact she was walking down the street her arm through his as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

"You said you were married and divorced" Adam suddenly recalled, "So have you any kids?.. excuse my nosiness I am just curious" he then hurriedly added

"Its ok" Terri replied with a small smile, letting him know she did not mind, but then lowered her head staring at the pavement and absently watching her footfalls next to Adam's as she continued "Actually no, I don't have any kids.. believe it or not that was one of the reasons my marriage ended up in the divorce courts... my husband Derrick didn't want children.. they might have taken up too much of his precious time in his ambitious career.. he was destined to be a brilliant surgeon you see.. and nothing could get in the way of that.. I had the niave notion that one day he might change his mind.

I mean at first I quite understood, I was concentrating on my own career as a teacher, wasn't really concerned with having kids in the beginning.. but then I started getting a little broody as the years went by, seeing my fellow colleagues becoming mother's.. fathers, the joy they got with their children.. and I made the mistake of mentioning it to Derrick" Terri then explained her mouth tightening in a grim line at the rememberance of it.

"I take it didn't go down too well" Adam remarked softly

"Well at first he kept telling me we would discuss a it sometime in the near future, when he wasn't so busy, always putting me of, then when the time did come he wanted to talk about it, it was to inform me that he had went ahead and got the operation to make sure we couldn't have children.. so there was no need to keep going on about it anymore he didn't want kids and that was that.. I should be satisfied looking after the children in my care at school.. he couldnt understand how it wasn't the same thing"

"What a loser," Adam sympathised "What made you marry him anyway?"

"I will give you one guess" Terri grinned up at him

Adam pondered for a moment.. "Your Mother?"

"Right first time" Terri laughed, "Derrick was a good bit older than me, I met him at a party.. I have to admit I was flattered he was interested in me, then I made the mistake of inviting him to meet my mother, once she realised his job and his position she thought he was the ideal husband for me.. before I knew it I was engaged for six months then married.. she was in her element with the wedding, no expenses spared it was lavish and extravagant and she loved boasting about Derrick and what a good catch I had got.. it didn't matter that he was arrogant and self centered only that he had prestige"

"You poor thing" Adam squeezed her arm comfortingly in his.

"Oh it seemed great at first, I even accepted what he had done, and that children were not part of our bigger plan, but then when I found out he was having an affair with some female adminstrator in the hospital were he worked.. things really started to go downhill"

"I see" Adam replied his opinion of this guy Derrick getting lower by the moment

"Yeah" Terri sighed "When I caught him out, his idea of handling the guilt of what he done was to make it feel it was all my fault somehow, and then he started with the verbal abuse.. trying to make me feel stupid and worthless.. thats when I decided I had enough and got out of it.. we had been living in England at the time so I quit my job at the school where I worked and came back here to Ireland to try and sort myself out. of course when my mother found it she thought it was all my fault and I swhould not have walked away from such a good man and I must have been doing something wrong to make him stray ect ect" Terri rolled her eyes

They had almost arrived at her front door and she now drew to a halt, "Well this is me, where I live now" she informed him suddenly feeling relieved, it hadn't been easy talking about her past, she had not even spoke of it with her work colleagues, as much as she had done with Adam tonight, perhaps it was because he had known her longer and known her mother she had felt she had to explain.

"Thanks again for a lovely time, the dinner was great" she told him, "Sorry if my conversation on the way here was a bit depressing"
she then apologised

"Nah, it wasn't depressing" Adam told her "I am just sorry you went through such a rotten time of it.. you deserved better"

"Well you know, everything worked out for the best in the end" Terri replied "I came back here stayed with an old Uni friend Chrissie she was the one helped me realise that I could make a career out of my hobby in photography.. I started of small doing weddings
family portraits ect.. but things are going really good for me now, I got the job with the magazine, and I even have my own exhibition here next month called The Shadow Lights of Dublin"

She didn't mean to sound like she was boasting about her achievments, but she felt she had to let Adam know she was doing well, she didn't want him feeling sorry for her.. just like he had done in the past.. more than anything she wanted his respect not his sympathy. It was important to her now.

"Well I hope I am getting an invite" Adam replied

"You know you are more than welcome to come" she assured him smiling warmly

"Good" he leaned over and kissed her lightly on the cheek, "Well I guess this is goodnight" he then said

"I guess so" she agreed, and for a moment she pondered inviting him in for coffee or something, then remembered her place was a mess, and decided against it.

"I hope we can do it again sometime" Adam then said then looked regretful, unfortunalty I am going to be pretty busy flying out to Germany and Europe this month with work commitments, but I hope we can keep in contact still, now that we have found each other again"

"I would really like that" she replied though knowing his hectic lifestyle didnt hold great hope of it happening that much

She found herself thanking him again, before reluctantly turning to go into her apartment, realising it had been quite a night.
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