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adam fanfic pt 13 (dedicated to the bonoholics here)

I had to get this out onto written word, dedicated to you Bono fans... even if it is adam fanfic

Despite all that happened He still wanted to go on seeing her, and be seen in public with her" Terri realised in wonderment
as he kept to his word and brought her along to the charity dinner dance he had mentioned a few weeks ago.

She was suddenly grateful for the connections her job in the magazine provided, as she used their professional adive on what to wear, whilst another done her make up and hair more professionally than she could ever achieve.. She so wanted to make Adam proud to have her at his side, it was the least she could do.

She wore a long slinky red satin gown that showed up her curves in all the right places, its low cut neckline she hoped wasn't too revealing, just in case she had a black and red wraparound shawl draped around her shoulders, to keep the chilly Dublin air from bringing out her goosebumps

The look in Adam's eyes when he first caught sight of her, and the smile that spread on his face was enough to tell her, he liked what he saw, which pleased her, and put her in a good mood.
And he looked quite debonair in his tuxedo, even when he complained he hated wearing the things.

The place was pretty crowded by the time they arrived, they hardly got through the door when Bono approached them
and immediatly embraced Terri in a hug "Theresa great to see you here, glad you could come, Ali is around here somewhere playing hostess, I will introduce you to her soon" he promised.

"Oh good I would like that" Terri replied "I have great admiration for your wife and the work she does"

"The rest of us have great admiration for Ali too" Adam joined in with a smirk, "After all she has put up with Bono for all these years"

"Hell I hope its not gonna be 'lets all pick on Bono night'.. give me a break, I knew I shouldn't have invited ya... only its a charity do and we need the money" Bono retorted back

"I will make him behave I promise, he won't pick on you the rest of the night" Terri assured him

"Spoilsport" Adam returned goodhumouredly squeezing her hand

Bono nudged Adam "Hey leave her alone, I really like this girl" he grinned

Edge and Larry also turned up, Edge going over to Adam, and inspecting his neck , then glanced at Terri's which was clearly visible now she had shed her shawl over the chair *Hmm no marks they must have been behaving themselves lately" he remarked to Larry

"They are never going to let us live that down" Terri giggled feeling her face reddening at the same time.

As the night wore on, she couldn't believe how they embraced and easily accepted her, as if they had known her all life, like she had always been with Adam and it was the most natural thing in the world to be there among them all tonight.

At first she had held back from joining in the conversation and banter going on between the guys with their wives and girlfriends
But when she did finally get to meet Ali, Terri spoke about how her magazine would love to do a feature on her, and the two women got into conversation about the chairty they were supporting that evening, and other concerns over dinner.

But once the dancing started, it was Bono's turn to claim her attention "Adam you don't mind if I ask your lovely partner up onto the dance floor?" he enquired.

"I guess not if she is ok with it" Adam replied, "Just bring her back in one peice" he then quipped.

Bono's blue eyes turned on Terri questioningly, shall we?" he held out his hand to escort her onto the dance floor.

Terri was a little surprised, and not too sure if she should accept, she turned to look at Ali "Well as long as your wife doesn't mind" she said

"Of course not, take him, please" Ali encouraged her with a wave of her hand, and a mischievious twinkle in her brown eyes, as if she was glad to be rid of him, making Terri laugh

"She loves me really y'know" Bono informed her as she accepted his hand now and got up from her seat to join the few couples on the dance floor suddenly feeling very self concious

"Yeah I can see she does" She replied with a smile, "I think you make a great couple"

"Thank you" Bono replied, his arm going lightly around her waist "You and Adam make a cute couple too"

"I hope so" she said sounding a little wistful, as she glanced over across the room where Adam sat, he had lit up a cigarette and was in conversation with Larry about something, but his eyes found hers and he smiled and winked, giving her a warm delicious feeling intimacy between them both despite the fact they were apart in the room.

"You two have got it bad" Bono chuckled as the looks between them did not go un noticed by him

Terri found her attention turned back on Bono.. being the front man of the band, she knew he got the most attention, and he was indeed charming and sweet she could quite understand why all the females were attracted to him, he had a certain magnetism and he knew how to use it.. he was more outgoing with his emotions and affections not afraid to show every one and anyone what he felt and thought and talked to everyone like he knew them intimately for years.

Adam on the other was quieter, more gentler nature where Bono could cause chaos and fluttering hearts and undying loyalty to thousands of fans, Adam's quiet calm attitude and dry sense of humour had appealed to Terri, making her feel safe and secure which was what she needed right now. But it was good they wer friends, and it had lasted so long, and now she was being drawn into that circle. She soon discovered Bono getting her up to dance was his open curiousity about her and Adam and their relationship.

"You have done Adam the world of good you know that" he remarked as she found herself looking into his engimatic blue eyes

"Oh I don't know about that" Terri replied, still balking at the memory of their night together the week before.

"Its true" Bono insisted, "He went through a bit of a hard time a few years back.. and I don't think I have seen him so happy or with it from he got and you started getting it together.. I am glad for him we all are.. I think he cares for you a lot"

Terri felt her face heat up "I guess he does, somethimes I feel like I don't deserve it" she murmered

"Why is that?" Bono's eyes were boring into her, making her a little uncomfortable, he certainly didint believe in subtly

Terri shook her head dismissively "I am just being silly", she then told him as she realised could hardly discuss it with Adam, so she certainly wasn't going to talk about it with Bono, even though she knew he only had their best interest at heart. so she hastily changed the subject.

"My workmates and friends are going to be so envious when they discovered I got dancing with you tonight" she grinned

"Its bad enough I am dating Adam.. but they will go nuts when they find out I got this close to you as well, they are always throwing hints for me to get them your autograph.. or phone number" she giggled.

"Imagine what they will think if you tell them I kissed you" Bono said with a wicked smile, and before Terri could take in what he meant he planted his lips on her cheek. "That will have to do,, don't want to make Ads jealous" he grinned

"Or Ali" Terri put in laughing a little.

"She is never jealous I think.. she knows I always will come running back to her" Bono gave a little wave across the room to his wife who indulgently smiled and waved back.

As much as she enjoyed and was flattered to have the dance with Bono, Terri was happy when the music ended and she returned to the table next to Adam, his arm went around her shoulder possesively and he kissed her breifly on the lips before adding "The next dance is mine"

"Oh yes, I can hardly wait" she replied smiling and resting her head on his broad shoulder feeling strangely content.

watch out overbearing mother on the way to make trouble for poor Terri hehehe


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Re: adam fanfic pt 13 (dedicated to the bonoholics here)

Originally posted by annj

"Of course not, take him, please"

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"Just bring her back in one peice"

I'd be willing to take that risk....I don't need a full set of toes when I'd have Bono's arms around me, right?
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