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adam fan fic pt 12

heck here I go again.. I just can't stop hehehehe

She was still feeling on the shaky side and cursing herself for falling apart like that in front of Adam.. goodness only knew what he thought of her now, probably that she was really pathetic, even if he was being nice to her,

It was just like the old days when they were younger when she broke down after the others picking on her and tormenting her and he had come to her rescue.. even then he had just felt sorry for her because she couldn't stand up for herself.. and she had spent the past few weeks trying to convince him it wasn't like that anymore, but tonight she had completely blown it.

He probably couldn't wait till she went home, only he was being too polite and nice to say so aloud she decided miserably as she sat sipping another cup of coffee in his kitchen.

She was so busy staring into her cup lost in her bitter thoughts, she wasn't really aware of the way Adam sat across from her, studying her. He wasn't sure what was going on inside that head of hers, but he sensed she was having some inner struggle, it just pained him a little she still felt she couldn't tell him what it was that made her suddenly turn around and freeze up on him, was it something he had said or done? He could not think of anything. She had seemed to be responding to him quite happily until that moment.

Whatever it was he sensed she was beating herself up about it, and was having a hell of a time looking him in the eye, and he hated that and felt frustrated she had receded into herself, somewhere he could not reach her.. the sex didnt matter.. it wasn't about that anymore, it was about getting her to trust him to convince her this was not the end of the world, or the end of them.. but he did not want to push her into talking about it when it upset her and made her more withdrawn, he decided the tactic of distraction might be the best plan for now, to try to move past this point and to put her at ease again with him.

"Do you like MarioKart?" he enquired

She looked across at him blankily, not sure she heard right "M- MarioKart?" she repeated in bewilderment wondering what that had to do with what was happening between them.

"Yeah, y'know the game for the nintendo" Adam explained his expression remaining serious as he could keep it, despite the fact she was looking at him as if he had got a screw loose

"I - I have never played it sorry, I am not much into that stuff" she mumbled in replied and then found herself laughing a little at the ridiculousness at the turn of the conversation and wondering what the hell was Adam playing at

"Well thats a real darn shame" Adam put on a mock exaggerated American twang

"I just got myself a new Nintendo 64, with the game I havent tried it yet" he then explained in his normal voice, "I use to play the old MarioKart with the other guys when we were on the road, sometimes when we felt under pressure and tension all it took was a good old game of Mario Kart to help relieve it all. Saved us having many a punch up, racing around that crazy track trying to win, was fun y'know, a great way to get rid of your tension and hang ups and have a good laugh" his tone was casual but his eyes rested on her intently hoping she understood what he was trying to say.

"Ah, sounds fun" she replied with little enthusiasm, not sure what else to say, her eyes narrowing slightly with suspicion as she met hissoloemn gaze, not even sure if she believed him, or was he just making this all up for her benefit?

"Oh it is, would you like me to learn you how to play it.. I bet you will love it, c'mon" He then said coming around grabbing her hand not waiting to hear her reply

"W-well I dunno" she stammered suddenly feeling on uncertain ground she certainly wasn't in any mood for sitting playing games after all that had happened, surely he could see that. She couldn't understand why Adam was so insistent about this. "I will probably be useless at it, Like I said I have never played the game before" she then pointed out

"I bet you get the hang of it in no time" Adam replied refusing to be put of, they were back in his living room and he was rummaging in the bottom of one of his cabinets across the room and pulled out a box with the game inside it, "Make yourself comfy I will have this set up in no time"he told her smiling.

A little confused by this unusual turn of events Terri found herself sitting in the nearby chair watching him, her earlier anxiety fading a little as she tried contemplating exactly what Adam hoped to achieved by all this, didn't he realise already what a loser she was?, Or had she caused him to have some sort of strange brainstorm? This was not how she had visioned their night together would turn out at all....

"I won I won!!!!" Terri crowed with hystercal delight a few hours later, triumphantly waving her control padd in the air, she and Adam were sitting next to each other on the floor crossed legged in front of the tv and the game console.

"Only because I let you" Adam told her setting down his own control on the floor and grinning

"No you did not!" Terri refuted indignantly "You did all you could to stop me winning, I think your are just pissed because thats the third game I have won in a row.. face it, I am gooood!" she taunted

"Ok, ok" Adam relented, "You are the champion.. for now.. what you say we go another few rounds.. best of five?" he then challenged.

You are on" she replied gleefully.....

Adam smiled into himself, Terri seemed to have completely forgotten about her earlier trouble and tension, She had got so caught up in the game once she had gotten the hang of it and trying to beat him and laughing at herself at first as she spent most of her time crashing or going in the wrong direction the main thing she was having fun and she was smiling again. His bizzare plan had worked, good old MarioKart he chuckled, realising he was having just as much fun as well.


Terri stirred and opened her eyes realising she was not in her bedroom, in fact she was not in a bedroom or a bed at all, she was on Adam's sofa in his living room with a blanket covering her, she wasn't sure what time it was, only that it was daylight outside.. the last thing she remembered was sitting snuggled up with Adam on the sofa watching a dvd of Alien two, it had been after 12 oclock at night and she must have drifted of to sleep halfway through it.

She lifted her head and rubbed both her hands over her face in an attempt to wake herself up properly and now recalling further events of the night before, including the humilating moment she had pulled away from him just when they were preparing to take the ultimate step in their relationship.

She suddenly felt bad again, despite the fact that later it seemed to be forgotten about and Adam being so sweet, playing games with her and watching DVD's to take her mind of it all, and let her know he wasn't mad at her, his thoughtfulness and kindness was almost too much for her, when she thought how she had treated him and let him down.

She could hear the sound of someone moving about coming from the direction of the kitchen, which told her he was up and about, she bit down on her lip anxiously, not sure how to face him this morning.. but knowing she could not avoid it. She pushed the blanket back and sat up stretching and yawning, then got up and headed for the kitchen.

He was dressed in a bathrobe which just reached up above his knees and she eyed his bare legs idly wondering was he wearing anything else underneath the robe.

She was suddenly surprised her mind could have such a smutty thought after all that had happened.. but it wasn't that she didn't want him, she did.. she just felt so inadequate. So she made her thoughts turn elsewhere, his hair was still damp from the shower and he was occupied rummaging in his fridge but glanced around aware of her presence in the doorway watching him.

She just wanted to rush over and wrap her arms around him, but resisted the urge and managed a small smile.

"Morning" he finally spoke up.. I am looking for something to make breakfast but my Fridge is woefully emtpy.. havent had a chance to stock up with being away" he explained apologetically clsoing the fridge door.

"Its ok" she replied now stepping into the kitchen to join him "I am not that hungry anyway" which was the truth

"Adam about last night.. I just want to say again how sorry I am.. I know it was not what you expected.. and I feel like I have let you down, disappointed you".she started to babble miserably "And I know how special you wanted it to be and I messed it up, I don't know how I am ever -"

She got no further as Adam put his fingers to her lips "There is no need" he simply replied, "Last night was special.. oh maybe not in the way we first started out and planned for it to happen. but special none the less, "I really had a good time in the end.. didn't you?"

"Well- yes I guess so" Terri reluctantly admitted wishing with all her heart he wasnt being so good about it when she felt so rotten, she didn't deserve it.

"Then that is all that matters.. so no more beating yourself up about it.. ok?" he told her firmly

"OK" she sighed realising he was not going to hear any more arguments from her.

And suddenly it didn't matter any more as he held her in his arms and kissed her, making her feel safe, warm, loved and wanted.. and for now that was all that mattered.

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Another great chapter!!!

Adam in a robe
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