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The Fly
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Update on "Unbroken Spirit"

To all people I traded with,

(I posted this in the Vertigo Audio/Video section as well, but since I traded the DVD's with a lot of ppl who contacted me because of my Amsterdam "Unbroken Spirit" thread overhere I thought I own you all an explanation regarding the current u2torrents issue.)

Let me set something straight regarding this DVD set: I've NOT given permission to torrent it!

I feel sorry for all of you honest traders and u2torrent users out there, but if you've got some time I will explain the situation.

Being an avid U2 collector for many years now I've seen online trading pushing old fashion trading (snail mail, trees ect.) to the background. Not that there's anything wrong with this in itself, but it has also brought to light the ugly side of many so called traders (especially the new ones not familiar with the methods that have proven to work fine for decades now). Ppl have gotten lazy because of the fact they can obtain a difficult to make recording with a simple click on their mouse. This results in rude behaviour and other drawbacks that scare away the taper from distributing their shows:

1) Ppl demanding a copy of the recording as if it's their God given right. Even before the taper has actualy finished his recording, seriously. It happened to me when I was on the job last time that some guy hindered me yelling: "Where can I download this?!" (So not: "Can I dl this?" no, "Where can I dl this?)

2) Ppl no longer feeling the need to record a show themselves. Why go through all the trouble when you can grab everything off the net?

3) Ppl trying to make a quick buck out of someone else's generosity and efforts by selling cd-r and dvd-r copies on ebay and the likes. (Not that it's any better, but at least in the old days you got a "real" silver disc with artwork etc.)

And the last one I will mention (but there are more) because it happened to me in this case:

4) Ppl showing a total disrespect for the taper by torrenting a recording of which the taper made perfectly clear he wishes not to have it torrented.

The "Unbroken Spirit" DVD has been torrented on u2torrents for at least 3 times now by the same person: Erik Tuller (known there as "ET1902"). I was not about to reveal his name publicly until I just heard about how mean this person's ways actually are in trying to get the thing torrented after all and at what cost. (I'm writing this while having contact with the administrator of u2torrents who's informing me about what has happened the last week or so.)

During his first attempt he torrented the show under his own name. Obviously that torrent got banned (not because of me, someone else notified the admin.) A few days later he tried it for a second time, again using his own name, but now simply calling the show "Amsterdam 15-07-2005" leaving the title and name of the taper out of the description, as if it were a different recording. This one got banned too. But here comes his trick: he created an email account very similair to the one I use (just one different letter). He also used my name while sending an email from this newly created address to the admin. of u2torrents. In this he stated the taper would not have the show torrented by this person ET1902 (which in fact was he himself!) but that he (meaning: me. Hope you can still understand all this ;-) would contact the admin. in a few days time giving approval for the torrent to be on u2torrents. So this morning he send out an email from his fake address using my name saying "now is the time the show can be torrented". You can see for yourself the torrent was first banned and later on reactivated.

So perhaps you can understand the confusion of the u2torrents admin. when he received my email later on asking him again to pull this torrent for the third time. As of now, the torrent is still active, since I can imagine how confusing all of this must be for the ppl running u2torrents.

To wrap it all up; it's very hard for me to understand why someone would go to such lengths to get a show torrented he already owns.
It's even harder for me to understand why someone would be so evil in his ways to not only bite the hand that feeds him but also lie and cheat to a site admin. who's doing a great job in trying to spread U2 shows to the fans in an honest fashion. This will get him banned permanently for sure.
But the hardest thing perhaps to understand is why this ***hole is willingly scaring tapers away from distributing their recordings (if they are interested at all in taping U2 nowadays; interest has dropped already because of the remarks I made earlier on in this message). And mind you; the story I wrote here of what happened to me will reach lots of tapers, that's a fact.

I myself will for sure (attempt to) tape my favorite band again in future times, but I don't feel like sharing the recordings anymore because of what this one guy did to me. You may all thank him for that. I'm sorry for all honest fans (and luckily they're still the majority of U2 traders out there) who have to suffer because of one person's stubborn and short sighted attitude.


(also on behalf of my brother in arms: To)

When the DVD set was ready back in August I deceided to trade it through snail mail mainly to help blowing new life into the old fashion trade methods / community and because of the drawbacks of online trading mentioned before. Once most old fashion traders had had enough time to trade the discs out to others I'd seriously begun thinking (about 2 weeks ago) about making it available online.... And then a week later out of nowhere came this phrase I can't seem to get out of my head: "Sweet the sin, bitter the taste in my mouth." ;-)

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The Fly
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Yes, a taper's wishes should always be respected. I'm thankful for everything that has been shared and I look forward to continue with snail mail trading - at least I felt I was giving something back, not only some MBs.

kerrylives: I salute you.

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Thanks for explaining Danny.
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