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My U2 dvds updated trade list

Hi, here is my U2 dvds list

if you want to TRADE please send me a pm or an email.
No b&p and no sell or buy

-Tv shows 78-82 + Berlin 4.11.81 + Gateshead 31.7.82 pro/exc
-Belfast, Queen’s University, 27.1.1981 pro/exc (5songs)
-San Francisco,California Hall, 15.5.1981 pro/exc
-Deen Hague, Paard Van Troje, 12.2.81 pro/exc (2dvd)
-New York, The Ritz, 22.11.81 pro/exc
-Hattem, ‘T Heem, 14.5.82 pro/exc
-Roskilde, Festival grounds, 02.7.1982 pro/exc

-Newcastle, The Tube Tyne Tees TV , 16.3.1983 pro/exc
-New York, Palladium, 11.5.83 aud/good
-Toronto, Massey Hall, 17.5.83 aud/good
-Denver, Missing Red Rocks, (the complete show) 5.6.83 pro/exc
-Lorelei, Rockpalast 20.8.83 +
S.Bernardino, U.S. Festival 30.5.83 pro/exc

-Sydney, Entertainment Centre, 8.9.84 aud/very good
-Dortmund, Westfalenhalle 21.11.84 + Tv Ga Ga 30.1.86 +
Self Aid Dublin 86 pro/exc
-S.Francisco, Cow Palace, 8.31985 aud/good INCOMING
-Toronto, Maple Leaf Garden 28.3.85 aud/very good
-Wide Awake in Dublin, RTE Special, 29.6.85 pro/exc

-S.Francisco, Cow Palace, 4.6.86 pro/exc
-Chicago, Rosemont Horizon, 13.6.86 aud/average
- New York, Amnesty Tour 15.6.85 +
Self Aid, Dublin 17.5.86 + BBC old grey show 11.3.87 pro/vg
-Live & Rare Volume 1 : Tv appearance 1983-87

-Detroit, Pontiac Silverdome, 30.4.87 aud/very good
-Roma, Stadio Flamino 27.5.87 aud/very good
-Modena, Stadio Braglia 29.5.87 aud /good
-Paris , Hippodrome de Vincennes 4.7.87 pro/ exc
-Brussels, Vorst National, 8.7.87 aud/exc
-Munich, Olimpiahalle, 22.7.87 aud/good
-Glasgow, S.e.c.c., 30.7.87 aud/exc
-Edimburgh, Murrayfield Stadium, 1.8.87 (2dvd) aud/vg-exc
-Cork, Pairc Ui Chaoim, 8.8.87 (2dvd) aud/vg
-East Rutherford, Giant’s Stadium, 14.9.87 aud/good
-Syracuse, Carrier Dome 9.10.87 pro/exc
-Iowa, Carver-Hawkeye Arena 20.10.87 aud/ exc
-S.Francisco, Justin Herman Plaza 11.11.87 aud/exc
-Los Angeles , Memorial Coliseum, 18.11.87 pro/exc
-Outside It's america : The Joshua Tree Report (Italian) pro/exc
-Classic Album : The making of The Joshua Tree (Italian) pro/exc
-Outside it’s America..inside it’s Dublin tour report 1987 pro/exc

RATTLE AND ROLL : 7 hours of rare unseen footage
"Rattle & Hum" outtakes 1 dvds (vgood) or 4 dvds (exc)

-Perth,Entertainment Centre, 21.9.89 (incomplete) aud/vgood
-Tokio, Tokio Dome, 25.11.89 (incomplete) aud/good
-Paris, Palais Omnisport Bercy, 11.12.89 aud/poor
-Paris, Palais Omnisport Bercy, 12.12.89 aud/good
-Dortmund, Westfalenhalle, 14.12.89 aud/vg
-Dortmund, Westfalenhalle, 15.12.89 aud/average
-Dortmund, Westfalenhalle, 16.12.89 aud/good
-Amsterdam, Rai centre, 18.12.89 aud/good (15 min)
-Rotterdam, SportPalais Ahoy, 5.1.90 aud /exc
-Rotterdam, SportPalais Ahoy, 6.1.90 aud/ good
-Rotterdam, SportPalais Ahoy, 9.1.90 aud/ good (15 min)
-Rotterdam, SportPalais Ahoy 10.1.90 aud/exc

-Zoo Tv Special 1992 (Italian) pro/exc
-Uniondale, Nassau Coliseum, 9.3.92 aud/vg
-New York, Madison Square Garden 20.3.92 aud/vgood
-Paris, Palais Omnisport Bercy 7.5.92 aud/vgood
-Milano, Forum Assago 21.5.92 aud/vg
-Milano, Forum Assago, 22.5.92 2 cam aud/very good
-Wien, Donauinsel, 24.5.92 aud/good
-Dortmund, Westfalenhalle, 04.6.92 aud/very good
-Dortmund, Westfalenhalle, 05.6.92 aud/exc
-Stockholm, The Globe 10.6.92 aud/average
-Stockholm, The Globe, 11.6.92 (2dvd) pro/exc
-Rotterdam, Ahoy Arena, 15.6.92 aud/exc
-Washington, R.F.K Stadium, 16.8.92 pro/exc
-Mexico City, Palacio de los deportes, 24.11.92 aud/good
-Basel, St.Jackob’s Stadium, 30.6.93 pro/vg
-Verona, Stadio Bentegodi, 2.7.93 aud/exc
-Verona, Stadio Bentegodi, 3.7.93 aud/exc
-Roma, Stadio Olimpico, 6.7.93 aud/vg-exc
-Roma, Stadio Olimpico, 7.7.93 aud/vg
-Napoli, Stadio S.Paolo, 9.7.93 aud/vgood
-Torino, Stadio delle Alpi 12.7.93 aud/ exc
-Bologna, Stadio Comunale, 17.7.93 aud/vg
-London, Wembley Stadium 11.8.93 (2dvd) aud/exc
-London, Wembley Stadium 21.8.93 aud/exc
-Dublin, RDS Showground, 28.8.93 2 cam aud/exc
-Adelaide, Football Park, 16.11.93 pro/exc
-Sidney, Cricket Ground, 26.11.93 aud/vg ....the night without Adam

-Pop Mart Press Conference 1997 pro/exc
-A year in pop + On The Road with U2: Discovery Channel Special (Italian) pro/exc
-Las Vegas, Sam Boyd Stadium, 25.4.97 pro/verygood
-Washington, Jfk Stadium , 26.5.97 aud/vg+
-Foxboro, Foxboro Stadium, 02.07.97 pro/exc
-Rotterdam, Feyenoord Stadium, 18.7.97 aud/exc
-Vienna, Airport station , 16.8.97 aud/exc
-Dublin, Landsdowne Road, 30.8.97 aud/ exc
-Dublin, Landsdowne Road, 31.8.97 aud/vg
-Paris, Parcs des Princes, 6.9.97 aud/exc
-Roma, Aeroporto dell'Urbe, 18.9.97 aud/vg
-Reggio Emilia, Festa de l’Unita’, 20.9.97 aud/exc
-Sarajevo, Kosevo Stadium, 23.9.97 aud/good
-Sao Paulo, Morumbi, 31.1.98 pro/exc
-Buenos Aires, Stadium, 6.2.98 pro/exc
-Santiago del Chile, Stadium 11.2.98 pro/exc
-Johannesbourg, Land of hope and dream (2dvd) 22.3.98 pro/exc
-Live & Rare Volume 2 . Tv appearance 1987-2002

-Paris, Man Ray Club, 19.10.2000 aud/vgood
-New York, Irving plaza 5.12.2000 Elevation Showcase +
Tv shows appearance pro/exc
-Ft.Lauderdale, National Car Rental Center, 24.3.2001 aud/exc
-Ft.Lauderdale, National Car Rental Center, 26.3.2001 3cam audxc
-Philadelphia, First Union Center 12.6.2001 aud/vg+
-Paris, Palais Omnisport Bercy, 17.7.2001 aud/vg+
-Paris, Palais Omnisport Bercy, 18.7.2001 aud/vg+
-Torino, Stadio delle Alpi 21.7.2001 aud/exc
-Vienna, Stadhalle, 26.7.05 aud/exc
-Barcelona, Palau St.Jordi, 08.08.2001 aud/verygood
-London, Earl Court's , 18.8.2001 aud/exc
-Dublin, Slane Castle, (incomplete 1 hour shot) 25.8.2001 aud/exc
-Notre Dame, Joyce Center, 10.10.2001 pro/exc
-New York, Madison Square Garden, 25.10.2001 aud/verygood
-New York, Madison Square Garden, 27.10.2001 aud/verygoo
-Las Vegas, Mgm Arena, 18.11.2001 (2dvd) 3 cam aud/exc
-Miami, American Airlines Arena, 02.12.2001 2 cam mix aud/exc

-Brooklyn, Fulton Ferry Park, 22.11.2004 3 cam mix aud/exc
-Tv special interview pro/exc
-Atomic Promo Tour volume 1 Tv appearance
-Atomic Promo Tour volume 2 Tv appearance
-Atomic Promo Tour volume 3 Tv appearance

-San Diego, Sports Arena 28.3.2005 3 cam mix aud/exc
-San Diego, Sports Arena 30.3.2005 5 cam mix aud/exc
-Anaheim, Arroweld Pond, 1.4.2005 3 cam mix aud/exc
-Anaheim, Arroweld Pond, 2.4.2005 2 cam mix aud/exc
-Los Angeles, Staples Center, 5.4.2005 aud/exc
-San Jose, Hp Pavilion, 09.04.2005 (2dvd) aud/exc
-San Jose, Hp Pavilion, 10.4.2005 aud/exc
-Phoenix, Glendale Arena, 14.4.2005 aud /exc
-Phoenix, Glendale Arena, 15.4.2005 2 cam aud /exc
-Denver, Pepsi Center, 20.4.2005 aud/exc (2dvd)
-Chicago, United Center, 07..5.2005 2 cam mix aud /exc
-Chicago, United Center, 09.5.2005 3 cam mix aud /exc
-Chicago, United Center, 12.5.2005 aud /exc
-East Rutherford, Continental Airlines Arena, 17.5.2005 2 cam aud/exc
-Philadelphia, Wachovia Center, (snipped) , 22.5.2005 aud/exc
-Bruxelles, Roi Badouin Stadium, 10.6.2005 Multican aud/exc
-Gelsenkirchen, Shalke04 Arena, (2 dvds) multicam 12.6.2005 exc
-London, Twickenham Stadium ( snipped, 1 hour shot), 18.6.2005 aud/vg
-Loondon, Twickenham Stadium, 19.6.2005 aud/vgood
-Dublin, Croke Park, 24.6.2005 aud/good
-Dublin, Croke Park, 27.6.2005 (2 dvd) aud/exc
-Cardiff, Millenium Stadium, 29.6.2005 aud/good
-Vienna, Ernst Happel Stadion, (2 dvd), 2.7.2005 aud/exc
-Katowice, Slasky Stadium, 5.7.2005 aud/vgood
-Berlin, Olimpic Stadion, 7.7.2005 (2dvd) aud/exc
-Paris, Stade de France, 10.7.2005 multicam aud/exc
-Amsterdam, Arena, 15.7.2005 (2dvd) aud/exc
-Amsterdam, Arena, 16.7.2005 aud/vgood
-Milano, Stadio S.Siro (2dvds-4last songs missing), 20.7.2005 aud/vgood
-Milano, Stadio S.Siro (72 min. shot), 21.7.2005 aud/vgood
-Rome, Stadio Olimpico, 23.7.2005 aud/vgood
-Oslo, Vallehovin Stadium, (incomplete) 27.7.2005 13 cam mix aud/exc
-Nice, Palais Nikaia, 5.8.2005 multicam aud/vgood
-Barcelona, Camp Nou, 7.8.2005 5 cam aud/exc
-San Sebastian, Estadio Anoeta, 9.8.2005 (2dvds) aud/exc
-Madrid, Estadio Vicente Calderon, (2dvd) 11.8.2005 aud/exc
-New York, Madison Square Garden, 07.10.2005 (2 dvd) aud/exc
-New York, Madison Square Garden, 8.10.2005 (2dvd) aud/exc
-New York, Madison Square Garden, 11.10.2005 (2dvd) INCOMING
-New York, Madison Square Garden, 14.10.2005 (2dvd) aud/exc
-Los Angeles, Staples Center, 02.11.2005 +bonus (3dvd) aud/exc
-Las Vegas, MGM Arena, 5.11.2005 (2dvd) aud/exc
-New York, Madison Square Garden, 21.11.2005 (2dvd) aud/exc

aud= audience pro= proshot
rating : poor - average - good – very good - excellent

PLEASE NOTE: quality ratings are only my opinion !!
-MY RULES: for trade, please, use only brand name DVD-R
-read the dvds at 2x speed and write them at 2x/4x speed max because higher speed can cause errors, especially at the end of the dvd!
-check the dvds (especially at the beginning and at the end) before sending me them...sometimes I receive DVDs with errors.

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What is your email please?

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whats the tracklisting for this dvd please
Atomic Promo Tour volume 3 Tv appearance
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Sometimes you can....... top of the pops
Sometimes you can....... cd uk
Sometimes you can....... grammy awards
nrj awards
all because of you vh1 video
Rock'n roll hall of fame induction
Vh1 all access
Clinton Library opening day
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