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Looking for Brussels and Barcelona DVD/My Trading List

Hello I´m looking for the DVDs from Brüssel 05 and Barcelona 05. I hope someone can help me .

Here is my List:

U2 Videos 1-111 4 DVDs
U2 Videos 112-174 DVD
U2 Videos 177-225 DVD
U2 Videos 226-279 DVD
Earley TV Shows 78-82 DVD
Belfast 23.1.81 plus Gateshead 82/Dortmund 84/TV GAGA 86/Whistle Test 87 DVDPro Shot
U2 81-93 DVD
Den Haag 12.2.81 DODVDPro Shot
San Fancisco 15.5.81 DVDPro Shot
Hattem 14.5.82 DVDPro Shot
Loreley DVDPro Shot
Loreley DVDPro Shot (andere Version)
Red Rocks/Devore Festival DVDPro Shot
Missing Red Rocks DVDPro Shot
Dortmund 84 and more DVDPro Shot
White Flags on Stage DVD
Wide awake in Dublin
Paris 4.7.87 DVDPro Shot
Syracuse 9.10.87 DVDPro Shot
Save the Yuppies 11.11.87 DVDPro Shot
Los Angeles 18.11.87 DVDPro Shot
Cork City DVD
TV Shows 83-90 DVD
The Making of the Joshua Tree
Tribut to the Dubliners Late Late Show DVD
Many Rarities I DODVD
Many Rarities II DODVD
U2 Special I DVD
U2 Special II DVD
Rattle and Hum Premiere Interviews DVD
Rattle and Hum Outtakes 1u2DVDPro Shot
Rattle and Hum Outtakes 3u4DVDPro Shot
Rattle and Hum Premiere Dublin DODVDPro Shot
Angles in Devil´s Shoes DVD
Paris 14.12.89/Reggioe Emilia 20.9.97 DVD
Rotterdam 5.1.90 DVD
Bringing it all back home DVD
Achtung Baby DVD
Outside Broadcast DVDPro Shot
Outside broadcast plus MTV DVDPro Shot
Washington 92 DVDPro Shot
Stockholm 92 brown colorDVDPro Shot
Stockholm 92 in Farbe 2 DVD!Pro Shot
Frankfurt 29.5.92 DVD
Rotterdam 15.6.92 DVD
Dortmund 4.6.92 DVD
Dortmund 5.6.92 DVD
Detroit 9.9.92 plus complete Red Rocks DVDPro Shot
Stop Sellafield DVDPro Shot
Daniel Lanois Rocky World DVD
Frankfurt 2.6.93 DVD
Bremen 9.6.93 DVD
Köln Müngersdorf 93 DVD
Berlin 15.6.93 DVD
Strasbourg 23.6.93 DVD
Basel 30.6.93 DVD
Verona 3.7.93 DVD
Neapel 9.7.93 DVD
Bologna 17.7.93 DVD
Dublin 28.8.93 DVD
Adelaide 16.11.93 DVDPro Shot
Sydney 26.11.93 DVD
Sydney 27.11.93 DVDPro Shot
Popmart Tourberichte DVD
U2 Big in Japan DVD
A Year in Pop plus Special III DODVD
A Year in Pop other Version/many rarities IV DODVD
Many Rarities 5 DODVD
Las Vegas 25.4.97 DODVDPro Shot
Edmonton 15.6.97 DODVDPro Shot
Los Angeles 21.6.97 DVDPro Shot
Chicago 29.6.97 DVD
U2 Comes to Europe DVDPro Shot
U2 Foxboro 2.7.97 DVDPro Shot
Köln 27.7.97 DVD
Belfast 26.8.97 DVD
Mexico 3.12.97 DVDPro Shot
Mexico TV Version DVDPro Shot
Sao Paulo 98 DVDPro Shot
Johannesburg DVDPro Shot
Santiago del Chile DVDPro Shot
Pavarotti and friends Modena 12.9.95 DVDPro Shot
From a whisper to a scream DVD
Entropy plus moreDVD
Being Mick DVD
Walk on DVD
Dont take your guns to town DVD
English TV Features 3 DVD
English TV Features 6 DVD
English TV Features 7 DVD
U2 and Friends DODVD
Elevation Special/The Story of U2 DODVD
MTV Specials plus Making of Rattle and Hum 3fach DVD
Irving Plaza DVDPro Shot
Irving Plaza 2Cam Mix DVDPro Shot
Elevation DVD
Miami 26.3.01 DVD
Anaheim 24.4.01 DVD
Buffalo 31.5.01 DVD
Stockholm 9.7.01 DVD
Stockholm 10.7.01 DVD
Köln 12.7.01 DVD
Wien 27.7.01 DVD
Arnheim 31.7.01DVD
Arnheim DVD1.8.01
Antwerpen (Heart) DVD 5.8.01
Antwerpen 5.8.01 DVD
London 18.8.01 DVD
Go home Slane DVDPro Shot
Boston DVDPro Shot
American- A Tribut to Heroes DVD
Hamilton 13.10.01 DVD
Notre Dame 10.10.01 DVDPro Shot
St. Louis 28.11.01 DVD
Providence DVD 30.10.01
Austin 5.11.01 DVD
Las Vegas 3 Cam DVD
Miami 2 Cam. 2.12.01 DVD
Electrical Storm DVD
Watch more TV 2002Pro Shot
Elvis the great performances III DVD
Best of late late show DVD
Best of 90-00 DVD
Unforgettable journey DVD
Live and Rare DVD
Live and Rare 78-02 TV appearance 3 DVD Set
Miss Sarajevo a film by Bill Carter
Love is blindness
Saturday Night Life DODVD
46664 DODVDPro Shot
How to promote the Atomic Bomb DODVD
New York 22.11.2004 Audience plus MTV Jammed DVD/VCD
New York 22.11.2004 3 Cam Mix
U2 Atomic Promo Tour Part One
U2 Atomic Promo Tour Part Two
U2 Dismantled/Clinton Presidential Center DODVDPro Shot
U2 The Songs are in your eyes DODVD
U2 MTV Masters 12.2.2005/Grammy 2005 DODVD
U2 San Diego 28.3.05 DVD plus SVCD VH1 all access/plus SVCD Promo EPK San Diego
U2 San Diego 30.3.05 DVD 4 Cam Mix
Bonos Birthday Party 10.5.05 DVDPro Shot
Chicago 12.5.05 DODVD
Culture Show Brüssel 10.6.05 plus Chris zegers (CNN People in the News/TOTP COBL)DVD
U2 Schalke DODVD
U2 Schalke (other version)
TV Total DVD plus VCD COBL CDUK/Videos/Culture Show Brüssel/Brüssel
TV Total the Unforgettable Monday (plus Heute/Leute Heute/Taff/Heute Journal)DVD
U2 Uncovered Manchester DVD
U2 Cardiff 20.6.2005 DVD
U2 Dublin 27.6.05 DODVD
U2 Dublin 24,25,27 DVD
U2 Berlin 7.7.05 DVD
U2 Berlin I can´t stand the Rain
U2 Live8 360 Minutes DVD
U2 Amsterdam I TV DVD
U2 Amsterdam 15.6.05 DODVD
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