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What songs will get cut this tour?

With the new album, comes a new tour, and with the new tour, comes a new setlist. Songs from HTDAAB will probably take 5-6 of the slots up. U2 only plays about 20-21 songs a show. With each new album, more songs have to fall by the wayside during the concerts. If you had to see a few songs go this coming tour to make way for the HTDAAB ones, which would you choose? Which would you most definitely demand on keeping? (And if anyone answers "Streets", I'm going to come over and stamp 'Captain Obvious' on your head while you sleep.)


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Actually, it's more likely that there will be 7-9 songs from HTDAAB. A lot from ATYCLB will go - my guess is Beautiful Day and two others of the first five will hang around in some capacity while the rest are gone forever. As it is, U2 are essentially being forced into playing two setlists simply by the wealth of material they have to play. If you want a 20 song setlist and when you come to fill the twentieth spot and find yourself with five songs that all have a valid claim to be played, you can't just say "let's rotate all five!" because not all five will adequately fit into that specific position.

I don't envy U2, having to figure out setlists for this tour.

I insist they keep UTEOTW and New Year's Day, and play 11 O'clock Tick Tock more times than they did on Elevation (which was eight).

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How many "what songs will they play this tour" threads are we going to have on here?!

I insist on seeing Until The End of The World and Bad
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It's hard to say what songs they will drop because their setlist in Elevation was quite varied. It might be easier to predict wht songs they'll play in their setlist.

Their setlist should be:

NEW ALBUM: 7 new songs


SONGS THEY WILL RESURRECT FROM THE PAST: probably 1 song (dont' know yet what, but didn't Edge promise they have rediscovered some songs)

B-STAGE SONGS: 2 songs (candidates are Desire, Stay, All I Want Is You, Angel Of Harlem, Staring At The Sun)


COVER SONG: 1 song (although they didn't have one during Elevation until towards the end of the tour, they normally do have in the past, from Knockin' On Heaven's Door to People Get Ready to All Along The Watchtower to Satellite Of Love to Edge's Karaoke bit)

TWO SONGS FROM ATYCLB: Beautiful Day, Walk On, or Elevation

So that leaves us 3 more songs, and if I'm wrong in some of the above the others should mostly be right ...so lets say at most 6 songs. So the question is ...which 3-6 songs are they going to play?

3-6 songs isn't much to choose from so I think they will choose their songs that have been released as singles and have gotten popular throughout the years.

I think they will probably finally drop Bullet The Blue Sky and Until The End Of The World.

So possible candidates for this 3-6 songs include I Still Haven't Found, Sunday Bloody Sunday, I Will Follow, New Year's Day, Even Better Than The Real Thing, Mysterious Ways, Bad, Gone, Discotheque.

The problem with U2 is that they are too popular for their own good. They keep churning out hits 25 years into their careers. No band is supposed to do that. Now U2 has a dilemna, they surely cannot put up a show that will satisfy all the fans since many favorites will surely be excluded. It's their fault for being so goddamn good. The only solution to this dilemna would be to get rid of the front act altogether and just play three-hour shows!


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I'd drop Bullet only because I've seen them perform it at almost every single show I've gone to (and it's really all about me, right ) . Thing is, it's probably one of the most relevant times to play it at the moment with all the crap that's going on in the world so that's likely not going to happen.

Wouldn't it be cool to bring back some oldies that haven't made an appearance in a while (Surrender, Sort of Homecoming, Trip Through Your Wires, 'insert song here')?
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Out of control, Sunday bloody sunday and Bad is a must.

Exit, Running to stand still, Angel of harlem would be fun.

A Celebration maybe?
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out of control live is awesome!
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Above message was about songs to keep in the live act, if that was unclear.

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