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Originally posted by Blue Room

MOST are happy to be in the building IMO.
Well, that's certainly something we can agree on!

Seriously, I have said what I had to say about this policy and I'm going to shut up about it now and look forward to the show no matter what! (although I still think it's a stupid policy for about 1,000 reasons...)

I think I will still line-up fairly early because waiting in line with other fellow fans is fun and takes the whole show experience to another level. I will be prepared to have a decent spot outside the ellipse and who knows, I might get lucky...

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Originally posted by oceane

Well, that's certainly something we can agree on!

What is even more funny is that I honestly dont really care that much either way on the policy. I can just see the other side of it and think aspects of it are a good idea from the bands perspective. If they dropped the lottery, wouldnt bother me either! But I dont think a petition is going to cause that to happen.

Enjoy your concert(s). I know I will, regardless of where I'm at in the building!

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The Fly
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Originally posted by tkramer

I deserved that. I was being a jerk.

I don't know, I don't think you can absolve responsibility here. U2 management worked out this deal with ticketmaster. They are together on this.

Actually, GA guarantees a first come first serve spot on the floor. Every venue posts this as their policy, ticketmaster has it right there in the FAQ, and more importantly, ALL the GA shows I've ever been to were first come first serve. How is that naive?

I will agree to disagree however. That I can do.

And to those that hate this subject: I don't see why it's such a big deal to debate this. It's a u2 board. What else are we gonna talk about? It's a legit subject, and certainly more interesting than the length of Bono's hair.

I guess the big disagreement stems from how connected U2 and Ticketmaster really are. Ticketmaster responsiblity only goes as far as selling the tickets. Once they get their service fee they could care less what goes on. Unless the event gets cancelled it's no skin off their backs. The last thing they care about is how people line up for a show. U2' policy could change tomorrow. Only people with 3 or more vowels in their last name are allowed inside the heart Ticketmaster won't care...and if they did they couldn't do anything about it.

I would only soften my stance to say that perhaps next time around they let members inside the heart first, then whatever space is left goes to the other folks. Seeing as the members did dish out an extra 40 bucks, it would be nice. But I don't expect it, nor will complain if it never happends.
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first come, first served!
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Originally posted by oceane

Seriously, I have said what I had to say about this policy and I'm going to shut up about it now and look forward to the show no matter what! (although I still think it's a stupid policy for about 1,000 reasons...)
I've overstated my case on the statistical validitay of 'fan site polls' and am moving on too. That said, do you like the San Jose "policy" --- show up, get a wristband, come back by 5 -- I like it a lot. I'll be in Denver with GA -- I can live with showing up for my wristband and then spending the day touring LoDo.

I might get lucky...
Is this a reference to getting in the bomb shelter, or something else?

Sorry, you lob a softball out there like that, I'm gonna swing!
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Originally posted by Blue Room
Lets see:

Lottery options total 30%
First come first serve 38% first option 24%

I dont think that is any kind of majority for any one method. Lets face it the people that are banging the drum the loudest and starting the petitions and complaining are those that want first come, first serve. Its pretty clear though that not even a signficant majority of fans prefer one way or the other.

I agree though, this isnt very scientific. But given the people it is being linked to and the level of outrage expressed here and other places you would think first come, first serve would be the landslide winner. Its just not so, so I stand by what I said originally on this thread as it appears to be the case to me.
Check out the poll here at interference where there is only TWO options, first come, first serve, or some kind of lottery. As of right now, First Come, First Serve is in the lead with more than 60% of the vote.

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