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Old 06-28-2005, 05:40 PM   #106
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Originally posted by cmb737

I don't seeing loads of shows happening for Australia...yeah...7-10..but loads? I mean that is a lot for your population...
yeah because we only have about 12 people in oz, just like loads of land and these 12 people...

the kangas can come tho, 12 people and 40,000 kangas..rockin

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Old 06-29-2005, 02:14 AM   #107
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Never have I read such rubbish about Pink Floyd in my life.

Yeah, ok they're popular with 35plus Americans who helped keep some of their albums in the US Billboard chart for a long time, but there's other countries out here guys, and as popular as they are, you can't compare them to U2.

No other band or musical artist has ever achieved such critical acclaim and popularity than U2. 25 years on, they're still selling out stadiums in Europe and arenas in the US etc while producing another number 1 album acclaimed by the critics. I can't think of anyone that has achived that in the history of music.

If you walked down the street and asked people to name five Pink Floyd songs, 99 out of 100 couldn't. Yes they're popular, yes they're important. But bigger than the Beatles? No chance. Bigger than U2? Forget it.

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Old 06-29-2005, 06:34 AM   #108
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Originally posted by MTEdge
Seeing a tour of a re-united Pink Floyd would be much bigger than a re-united Beatles comeback. To suggest otherwise attributes too much to the lore that the Beatles were a concert band -- which they were not by any stretch of the imagination. A better point of comparison is how well a Pink Floyd reunion tour would do versus a new Beatles studio album.

Yes the Beatles were not known for their concert tours, but if Lennon and Harrison were still alive and they announced a concert tour and Floyd announced one at the same time (we can even include Barrett, suddenly functional again, in the mix if you want), the response for the Beatles would be overwhelmingly greater than that of Pink Floyd.
Yes Floyd's concerts are legendary extravaganzas and the Beatles concerts in the day were poor sounding short shows, but believe me the Beatles would outdraw Floyd by enormous margins.
In fact to add fuel to the argument, a Led Zeppelin reunion with any of the previously rumored drummers (Jason Bonham, Dave Grohl, Tommy Lee) would be a bigger concert draw than a Floyd reunion.
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Old 06-29-2005, 08:46 AM   #109
The Fly
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I'd disagree STRONGLY with a Led Zep reunion equalling a Pink Floyd reunion. Especially outside the U.S. Page & Plant tour couldn't even sell out U.S. arenas in the mid '90s. Pink Floyd doesn't even need Roger Waters OR Syd Barrett to sell out STADIUMS around the world. While they may be peers in the U.S. in terms of band stature, outside the States Floyd is equally as big an act whereas Zeppelin was never quite as popular, even in their native England. Floyd always retained their UK heritage a bit more, and toured more extensively in Europe and other non-US destinations (and, thus, sold more records).

With Waters back, and Floyd not having toured at all since '94, the frenzy for tickets would be unbelievable for any such reunion tour. It is all conjecture anyways, the odds of Floyd mounting a tour (with or without Waters) are HIGHLY unlikely as much as I'd love to see it happen.
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Old 06-29-2005, 08:00 PM   #110
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I liked Pink Floyd in the day; 'Comfortably Numb' is perhaps my favorite song. But a Pink Floyd concert would be--at the same time--a hugely popular draw...and a hugely lame show. The members of Pink Floyd do NOT have the stage presence or the ability to levitate the fans like U2 does. We get on our little soapboxes here and complain about the few fans at a U2 show who aren't out of their seats or dancing away and jumping up and down. Well, at a Pink Floyd show you would have that en masse: Lots of fans politely listening, but pretty tepid and nowhere near as energetic as at a U2 show. That's because Pink Floyd doesn't get airplay. People aren't as familiar with their back-catalog stuff enough to instantly recognize more than a few songs.

The 'My-Dog-Is-Bigger-Than-Your-Dog' argument between U2 and Pink Floyd is silly. I agree that both bands represent only slightly varying degrees of 'huge.' But I suspect the U2 show would be the better one, just by virtue of the more energetic fan interaction. And as we all agree, fan interaction is a big part of what makes a show great.

Chris in New Hampshire
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Old 06-29-2005, 08:47 PM   #111
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I STILL dont get how even if Floyd reuniting and IF they did tour would have ANY effect on a U2 tour. Its not even close to the same fanbases (maybe a small percentage of the same fans). So I think its really a moot point, who cares which would be bigger. The point is both would still be a big draw and I dont think either would effect the others ticket sales to any significant degree.

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