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The only new album track I can see U2 dropping is Miracle Drug, which could likely be replaced with Crumbs or possily A Man and a Woman (I'd love either, but Crumbs has the potential to really fuckin ROCK live with an extended ending, like Last Night on Earth). They're obviously not taking out Vertigo because that would be silly. Sometimes is an emotional highpoint of the show, Love and Peace or Else serves as an opener or as part of the political rock set, and City of Blinding Lights was MADE to be sung with 10,000 people (plus it's a great opener, obviously). All Because of You has been consistantly rocking and generally serves as an encore. I can see Original of the Species replacing Yahweh more often...maybe they'll do One Step Closer in the final encore as well? OSC/OOTS or OSC/Yahweh? I can see that...it would be great if the band played every song from HTDAAB at least once during the tour, however my guess is the only new song that will be introduced is Crumbs From Your Table (I sure HOPE they play Crumbs!).

ATYCLB wise...we've got Beautiful Day, Elevation. I doubt either of those will get dropped. BD has pretty much established itself as a classic U2 song and Elevation has a lot of crowd interaction; everyone gets really into it, and don't forget, U2 named an entire tour for this song! I can see Stuck in a Moment possibly being added to the show (or maybe played instead of Elevation, but if you take Elevation out you need something rocking and fun to replace it), but I wouldn't expect much else from ATYCLB... though it'd be nice if they did Kite to compliment One Step Closer...

Staple-wise... I really don't think they're going to drop the Pride-Streets-One thing, that's the heart of the show, like it or not (how the hell do you people get BORED during Streets?! HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE???), and it's the plug for the One campaign. I doubt they'll drop the political rock part, either (SBS-Bullet-Running). They -might- drop Running for Still Haven't Found, or switch it up. They'll probably play Bad at almost every show by that point, at least I would hope so. New Year's Day will be played at every show, since it's one of Adam's big moments and he's so active this tour. WOWY may be played more often.

ZooTV encore - the Zoo era encore will stay, though by the 3rd leg Zoo Station and Mysterious Ways may be out completely, replaced by Until the End of the World and Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses. The Fly by all indications will be played at every fuckin' show, as it damn well should be. If U2 really wanted to mix things up they could throw in a Zooropa song, but I seriously doubt this will happen, much as I'd love it. Though the return of the lemon-alien-boy-thing-slot machine makes me wonder...

Old songs... let's see we've got The Electric Co, An Cat Dubh/Into the Heart, The Ocean, and Gloria. By the 3rd leg I'd say one of those a night at most (which means probably not The Ocean, but whatever, a lot of people say it's too short to really count as a song, like Into the Heart), and then a possible I Will Follow or Out of Control. Possibly The Unforgettable Fire, Exit (I'd die. I would just DIE.), or something else off of War (Seconds? Has the line about the atomic bomb...or Drowning Man?) could be added.

Well, that doesn't leave room for much else, does it? I'm convinced that they'll play AT LEAST one song from Pop and/or Zooropa this tour. They can't totally shun those albums, and didn't Adam say they'd be playing some in Europe? I predict one song will continue on to the third leg - probably Gone (much as I love Gone I really really really want to see/hear Please and/or Last Night on Earth live, on Popmart they were nothing short of rapture). I also think U2 will throw in a song people wouldn't expect (they just did Wild Horses, they can introduce one more song..), like Lemon or Do You Feel Loved (ha, yeah right. I'd die before the first note. that would be too fuckin good to be true). Maybe Ultraviolet?

God I can't wait til December.

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After watching the boys in Philly on May 22nd.....I was disappointed that there were no Pop songs. But I will say....a song like Elevation took on an entire different meaning. I would love to hear A Man and A Woman on the 3rd leg.

As far as people complaining about Streets.....

Puh leeeeze!

This is U2......their namesake song. Imagine how many newbie fans who have paid money just to hear that song!.....and people want them to drop it?

(P.S. I'll never forget my Ultraviolet on the Zoo TV tour in Detroit)



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dude, Miracle Drug is amazing.
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If anything is dropped from HTDAAB, it would be OOTS.

I love the song on the album, but what they've done live just sucks.

It was probably the only song from Seattle 2 that lost the majority of the crowd's interest.
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Originally posted by FlyYourKite
unfortunately some of the old stuff like Streets that's lacking.

pure insanity.

streets= best live song ever. vertigo version does nothing to change this.

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