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Old 12-24-2006, 08:39 PM   #91
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Originally posted by BonosLil'Pal94

when everyone waved their arms during Elevation in Hawaii..that was aweeeesssommmee! it looked so cool too!
That was cool! It was my first GA experience, so it was sort of my first "everyone waving their arms in the same way" moment (it happens in the stands, but it's just not the same ).

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Being pulled up on stage by Bono and dancing to "Bad" at the Elevation concert in Houston. My mom made a video and posted it on YouTube. Check it out...

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Wow, how have I missed this thread this whole time? I have had SUCH a wonderful time reading through everyone's memories.

My favourite moments included:

- Going to San Diego and seeing the opening show, I have never done that was made even better by the fact that I got to hang out with the BAWS and so many other friends that week!

- Meeting Diemen/Adam (who became a good friend - and my future wedding photographer!) and seeing April and Zoney again in Philly and meeting Pax & Ewen for the first time there too.

- My all time fave moment of the tour (not surprisingly) was in my own hometown of Toronto, in front of all my friends. Bono chose me to dance with him during WOWY, but had forgotten where he had seen me earlier! Edge improvised the solo for awhile, but then all was lost.

The worst moment of my life was averted however, when he found me again during Bad, sang me the whole first verse while holding my hand, and then later pulled me up to dance with him. A truly mind-blowing experience!

-Another AWESOME moment - Discotheque on the last night in Toronto!

- Next fave moment was getting to see U2 twice in DC with Char, and standing shivering outside the Verizon Center waiting for ANYONE'S autograph. We were rewarded when Bono drove over and got out to visit with us. It was chaos so he couldn't stay long, but I gave him a photo of our dance to sign. I asked if he remembered me, and he said "Of COURSE!", grabbed my hand and pressed it to his his cheek.

- Two shows in Boston in December...the 3 Encore version with Zoney (what fun that was!!) and I got to share Char's first GA experience with her, we were front row of the rail the 2nd night. We were frozen SOLID but it was sooooooooooooo worth it. Getting to see Gloria live for the first time ever and the "Baby Please Come Home" snippet just took the cake!!!

It is all so true how much these experiences are enhanced by sharing it with other Interlanders.

My only regret? Edge was apparently hugging everyone in Toronto during the rehearsal period...and I totally missed it! I am never going to meet that man.
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Old 01-28-2007, 06:12 PM   #94
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Originally posted by Carmelu2fan

5. I spent a day on the beach with Edge. I only said "hi"breifly because he was with his children but he was very nice to me. I was only about five to ten feet away from him for about 4 hours. I sat next to him the nanny and the kids on the train ride back to the resort center.
Holy crap!!! I am sooooooo jealous!

I can't believe the Edge takes a regular train!!!
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Wow the experiences I have just read are incredible!

My favorite memories are:

First U2 concert being Bono's birthday

Flying out to Chicago (September 21) for just a couple of days so I could see another U2 concert.

Being let into the UC early by accident and hearing U2 soundchecking Wild Horses only feet away from us

Bono spotlighting me during "Bad"


First time doing GA and meeting other cool fans from Interference

Getting a 2nd row spot directly in front of Edge's b- stage

Having Edge and Adam play right in front of me

Bono telling us "That we are crazy"
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Originally posted by Mrs. Edge

I can't believe the Edge takes a regular train!!!
Actually, she was at Hanauma Bay where you can snorkel in Hawaii. They have a little trolley train that you can ride down and up the hill to the beach. It's about a 5 minute walk or so but fairly steep. I think that is the train she is talking about.

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