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Old 05-18-2005, 11:07 PM   #1
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Video Clip of the Bank Robbers from NJ2

this is a clip I took tonight of the Bank Robbers playing I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For with the band. This clip is the tale end of the original song when they started playing a hard rock version of ISHFWILF. Pretty cool stuff .... sorry the audio is pretty bad but this video should give you a peek of what it was like. (video is in quicktime format)

..... awesome awesome awesome awesome show tonight ..... they really blew the lid off Jersey these two nights ,,,, i'd say it was probably one of the best stands this tour by far , if not the best

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Thank you! That was great.
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Old 05-19-2005, 07:39 AM   #5
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I dont understand how these guys got to play with them. ITS CRAZY.
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I think one of the guys had a sign that said they were a band so Bono pulled them up. Quite fun!
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Old 05-19-2005, 10:49 AM   #7
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Originally posted by sharky
I think one of the guys had a sign that said they were a band so Bono pulled them up. Quite fun!
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Review by: BANKROBBER!!!!

WOW. I played guitar tonight for "Still Haven't Found". Hands down, the greatest moment of my life. I know that a lot of people read this (I know I do), so I figured I would share my experience of how this happened. Waiting patiently with 40-50 beautiful U2 fans yesterday (May 17), Bono came out and started greeting everyone. There were 4 of us together and Bono came over toward us. I asked what the chances of them playing Still Havent Found were tonight. He said maybe. Then he proceeded toward (the drummer)who had bright pink hair. He immediatly asked if we were in a band. I am actually NOT in "The Bank Robbers", they are just my close friends. So he told Bono the name and he started talking to us for a few minutes. Sorry that I'm rambling, I am just ecstatic right now!!! So today comes around. We start waiting in the same place as we did yesterday and not even 1 minute after getting there Bono comes up to a crowd of about 10 people. (way less than yesterday) He remembers "The Bank Robbers" and tells us that he shouted us out last night during "The Fly". So I say thanks for playing Still havent found sarcastically and he says, "well do you want to play it?" And asks my other 2 friends if they play an instrument. The one guy sings for the Bank Robbers and the other plays drums. So kind-of in shock, I ask how could this happen. So he tells his bodyguard, John, to keep us 3 together. So the day goes by, and I thought about what it would be like, but I really wasn't planning on playing with them. (By the way, all the people I've met the past few days have been absolutely amazing. Some of the nicest people I've ever met, so thank you!!) So the doors open, and we run to the right of the stage (we didnt get into the ellipse), where John(Bono's security) told us to go. I see John and he says Bono will remember you guys if he sees you and he is always looking where we were. We were right on the barricade. The show starts and everything was sooooooooo much smoother and more intense than last night's show. The energy was beautiful and Bono seemed to be really feeling the show tonight. So The Fly starts and during the bridge I hear Bono shout, Bank Robbers, Bank Robbers. He still hadn't seen us yet. So during Mysterious Ways, he is walking down by us and he spots us and he gives us a little sign of acknowledgment. They proceed to play Yahweh which is usually the 2nd to last song. So, I'm thinking WOW. He shouted us out and we hung out with him. What more could you ask for?...Well right after Yahweh, Bono and Adam come down by us, shine the lights to make sure it was us and he says to come on stage. I get on and hug Bono immediatly. The other guys get on and walk with him to the stage. I started skipping behind Adam because I was so excited. Adam asked my name, so I told him Jordan. I then went over to The Edge, gave him a hug and he asked what song I wanted to play. So i told him "Still Haven't Found" like the way he played it on PopMart. So Dallas (Edge's guitar tech)hands me his guitar and I start playing the intro. It started very distortiony because the effect wasn't programmed to Still Havent Found, so I turned down the volume a little to make the sound more clean. Bono says keep going and Edge winks at me and smiles. All of a sudden Vinny was handed a tom and symbol, and Bono and Rob start singing. I wasn't even thinking about the 20,000 people watching me. All I was thinking about was, I am playing my favorite song with my favorite band. PLEASEEE DON'T MESS UPP!!!! So of course, like every musician (yess even The Edge), I messed up. Haha. But nothing big. Larry and Adam then come in like we are actually playing the song as a 7 piece band. Edge was doing backups. I started playing chords during the 2nd verse and I went to the front of the stage and started rocking out and I just saw 20,000 people singing and screaming. The end of the 2nd chorus comes and I guess Bono wanted to end the song, but I was so INTO THE MUSIC that I didn't realize so I started playing the bridge and Edge laughed and I looked at Larry and he was laughing as well. So he said to me "speed it up" so I start playing it faster and he does a drum roll and starts playing a "punk" drum beat. So I go to the mic and start singing the 3rd verse with Bono fast. It was mind-blowing. And then Rob and I sang the chorus together as everyone started cheering. I think we impressed the boys. I mean, they didn't know what we were gonna do until I just started playing Still Havent Found, and we all just went with it!!!!! Although I only had "Oh my GOD, I'm playing with U2" on my mind, I think it actually turned out really well. I know everyone thought it was actually staged. But IT WAS NOT!!!!! So I hope you enjoyed the show as much as I did for those of you who were there. I hope everyone enjoyed my experience. If ANYONE wants to talk U2 with me, my name is Jordan and my email is If anyone has any photos of tonight, please send them to me. Thank you soo much. SEE YA AT MSG!!!!!!!!!
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thats really cool, i hope we can get an mp3 soon
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it was so awesome!
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All I can say: LUCKY!
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That's a great story!
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I was definitely a surreal moment.
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I = It
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I'm strumming..first's sounding something like "I will Follow"....or maybe that's "I Want To Hold Your Hand"...will keep never know...MSG Saturday Night!
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that's so freakin' cool
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I was there last night. When Larry started picking up the drum beat, I nearly died. It was history in the making.

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WOW THAT IS SUUUCH a great story. you're the luckiest guy on the planet!! =)
thanks so much for sharing all the details! it was soo exciting to read. I'm so happy Bono was so nice!
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wahhhh...i can't view the video clip!
can anyone repost it...pwease!
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How cool is that!!
That's something you'll never forget, for sure.

Wish I could have been there

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