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Old 04-26-2005, 08:29 PM   #1
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Thoughts from a former Vertigo tour virgin...

Last night I saw U2 perform in Seattle. I had intentionally kept myself completely naive to the Vertigo tour. I had no idea what the setlist might be, what the stage would look like, no idea of anything. I had stayed away from any and all news regarding this tour because for once, I wanted to be completely surprised.

And I was.

Arriving at the Key Arena, I couldn't help but look at the stage and think: this looks awfully similar to the Elevation tour. The wrap-around stage, the four screens, the otherwise simple set design. I was thinking in my mind: U2 have finally done it...they have finally repeated themselves. This doesn't look original or unique at all.

Well, around 9:00 the show started, and I was completely blown away by the opening number: City of Blinding Lights, and the use of the amazing drop-down "bubble" lights and the way the lighting spun around the stage during the chorus. Very, very cool.

Throughout the show, I could tell this tour had a very different feel from Elevation. This was U2 throwing a party...not so serious like I felt Elevation was. The band seemed very loose and just really enjoying themselves. It was very cool to see this. It wasn't U2 trying to be somebody else (ZooTV and Popmart). It wasn't U2 trying to be overly-serious (JT, Lovetown, Elevation). It was U2 just having fun and being themselves.

The setlist? I loved it. I got almost everything I wanted. That isn't to say that I heard all the songs on my "dream setlist". Not even close. But what I did get was a little slice of the Boy-era, a little taste of the JT-era, a little mini-show of ZooTV, and a whole slew of songs from the past 5 years. I missed hearing anything from Pop or Zooropa, but I do understand the mainstream does not care much for these albums, and hey, I can live with that.

Overall, I think it was my favorite U2 show ever. I have now seen shows during Popmart, Elevation, and Vertigo, and I believe Vertigo stands above them all because I could tell U2 have come to a point where they are comfortable with themselves and what they do. I think this tour will go down as one of U2's best ever because they didn't have anything to prove, they just went out there and got it done. They simply threw a party and 20,000 fans were invited.

Because of the U2-sheltered life I've lived over the past 6 weeks, I have no idea what kind of feedback the die-hard, or even the casual fans have regarding this tour. It will be interesting to move about the boards and see what the common thoughts are.

Myself, I found the Vertigo tour to be absolutely brilliant.

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I just have to say how cool it is to read your impressions - I wish I had the discipline you have - you probably never peak at holiday presents before you are supposed to open them either, huh?

I, on the other hand knew everything there was to know going in, and yet still thought the show was incredible, and better than I expected. Kind of like when I peak at my xmas gift before hand, but still act surprised and really love it once I officially open it!

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It was great reading your post. There aren't many Vertigo Tour virgins out there!
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I am still one.
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What a refreshing and welcome perspective, especially to those of us who have been going blind reading up on the Vertigo tour.

Can't wait till November!
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Re: Thoughts from a former Vertigo tour virgin...

Originally posted by Zoocoustic
they just went out there and got it done
Don't you mean...


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Lovely. Makes me think I shouldn't done the reviews and all. But what the heck, I'm sure I will have a great time at the show.

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