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Philly II Impressions: Best night of my life

Well, friends, this was my big night. Philly II was my second U2 concert, and my first GA experience. Now I give you my full impressions of what was undeniably the best night of my life.

GA: The GA line was not what I expected. Everyone in line was so chilled and cool, the time went by very quickly. I talked to a few people, and everyone was very friendly, of course.

I arrived at the arena about 9:15 A.M. By the time we got there, they had stopped giving out numbers to those in line, so I'm not sure where we stood in line. My guess would be around 120 or so.

When the time FINALLY came to go inside, the lack of a number system really started to show its flaws. People were trying to cut in line and the hour we had to stand there went by SOOO slowly. Luckily we had this AWESOME event staff lady who preached "get to know your neighbors!" so we could self-regulate the line order.

The cattle chutes opened and it was pretty crazy. The fanclub line had two checkers and two chutes so that line moved inside at least twice as fast as mine. My friend and I got ready for the infamous lottery beep, and neighther of us got in. However, the lucky lady right behind us the whole time got checked in with her mother (I believe). I was disappointed, of course, and my friend Max said that if he had let her go infront of him at the wristband table, we would have gotten in. Anyway, I'm still VERY happy for the nice lady who got in right behind us; her story about 11 or so shows not getting in made her success very sweet. She was jumping and screaming in the wristband line when we were about 20 feet away. Ahh, bitter-sweet.

By the time we got onto the floor, the first two rows were already full, so Max and I got third row, DEAD CENTER. Great view. Since we had to wait another 1:30 before Damien Marley came on I downloaded Tertis to my phone and killed some good time.

The Show: Damien Marley wasn't that great. It was 'meh' I'm not a fan. It could have been worse though.

But the show, the real show, absolutely BLEW ME AWAY. the only other time I had seen a U2 concert, I was seated in the highest row of seats in the entire arena. There is absolutely no comparison.

The energy on the floor is simply mind-boggling. Plus, seeing the band SO close for the first time made my heart-flutter a few times. During COBL, when Bono walked up onto the tip of the ellipse, I could literally count his teeth.

Unfortunately I was next to the fattest guy in the whole arena on the floor, and by the end of the show I was pushed back from 2nd/3rd row to 5th/6th. I didn't really matter though. I had two very nice people behind me, who were willing to forgive me of my height if I would take a couple pictures for them with their camera phone.

Oh yeah, back to the show. Vertigo/Elevation/I Will Follow/The Electric Co. was such a high, I can't begin to describe the feeling in words. For those 4 songs straight through I was hopping up and jump screaming with joy. What an amazing feeling to have a thousand other people jumping with you, singing every single word to the song at full volume.

The Electric Co. was simply stunning. When Edge played his solo, he started walking around the ellipse (like always), but from this perspective I could see the hairs on his arm and the sweat on his cheeks when he passed in front of us, my heart fluttered a couple times time. Surreal, amazing, beyond my own comprehension. I HAVE to do GA again this tour. Plus, Edge was ON FIRE during his solo. Fucking flames were shooting out of his guitar.

The rest of the main set was the standard, but that didn't stop me from singing along and jumping around the entire time. The LAPOE/Sunday/Bullet trinity of blessed rock goodness was another hightlight. The iconic pose of Bono pounding on the drumbs with Edge blazing in the back during the end of LAPOE was breath-taking. And did I mention I've never been this close to them before? God, I still can't get over it.

Sunday Bloody Sunday had the place on it's feet, and when the main riff would blast after the chorus, I think I lept about a foot off the ground every time. The whole floor was like one huge wave of people, flowing up and down to the song.

Streets impressed me, not by the performance (I couldn't even hear the song over everyone screaming) but by how totally cool and heart-warming Bono and Adam were on the tip of the ellipse. Just laughing, smiling at me (us) and having a great time.

Anyway, the encore was really the most amazing thing about this show. I think it knocked just about everyone in the arena back on their asses for a few moments.

Just Edge and Bono came on, and Edge started playing something I wasn't immediately familiar with. To my utter surprise and joy, they played Walk On, totally acoustic. And it was splendid.

Then they introduced Fast Cars as a song nobody knows. Boy were they right. I think I was one of the only people singing the whole song from our section of the rail. But, having stayed away from recent bootlegs, I was still shocked at how GOOD the song is live. It's fucking amazing! The best part was when bono started salsa dancing around the Edge as Edge strummed his guitar vertically and danced a kinky little circle around the center of the stage. Then bono finally got the whole crowd singing the "Ooohhh oohhh" bits at the end, which kicked mucho culo. The band realyl started rocking out the track at the end, Larry beating the shit out of the drumset, and Edge and Adam really funking up the main riff. Badass.

Then, was the big surprise of the night. A personal highlight of the show...of my life, that I will most likely NEVER forget. bono explained how they were going to play a song now, but 'Where is the guy with the sign. Where is the guy with the 'People Get Ready' sign?'

Holy mother of the lord, did my heart start working on overdrive then. Never in my wildest dream did I expect People Get Ready. And it's a song I love so much when the play it. The Joshua Tree tour versions and stuff are so beautiful. Man, what a perfect way to end (almost) the night.

"We need another guitar player", Bono annouces with just a hint of that devil's grin. While everyone on the floor starts screaming for them, to get pulled up for the song, I notice Bruce 'The Boss' fucking Springsteen walk up from the back of the stage. It really took a few moments for everyone in the crowd to notice who it was. So, not ONLY are the band playing a surprise performance of my FAVORITE cover they do, but they are going to play with BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN!

Not only THAT, but it's the most beautiful, lovely, improvised, near TEN-MINUTE version (at least it felt like it) of People Get Ready, I have ever heard. The chorus was just SO gorgeous, the whole arena singing the "Oooooh ohh ohh ohh" parts. And Bono's improvised lyrics about Bruce and his lovely wife (who also joined the band on stage for a few vocals) were hilarious, beautiful, and heart-warming. Words cannot describe how truely awsome the moment was. U2 and Bruce playing People Get Ready. And I was there to witness it firsthand. No matter how many times I say it, it still doesn't seem real at all.

Well, after that defining moment in my life, the band performed With or Without You perfectly before leaving the stage again. The next encore was a song-short, but who on Earth could even begin to complain after the first encore. I heard they were supposed to play Bad but changed it to ABOY and 40. Normally this would have infuriated me, but I really didn't care at that point. I still witnessed a monumental and legendary performance of People Get Ready. I can die happily now.

Wooo, what a night. I met some great people, I broke my back and legs jumping up and down for the whole show, and got to witness what will certainly got down as a legendary performance with The Boss. Best night of my life. I hope everyone else there enjoyed it as much as I did. I will NEVER by seats to a U2 show again in my life.

Love to all,

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My god first show ever..and alls i can say is WOW.I just never knew how i would react to all of this.Its been years and years since i wanted to see U2 live..and my wish came true on October 17th.I was so emotinal during the whole thing.This band has got me through sometough times in my life..and tonight they remined me why they still do.I had all this build up of being nervous...then when the lights went seems like you go into a different mood or better yet...a different world Grin.The show was 100% and worth every single penny i spent.Yes the tickets were high..but well worth it.

I had seats in section 110...and my section was going crazy the entire time.Except when someone broke wind ???But anywayz my entire section was dancing to every song.I ts was just crazy.

Bono and the band looked as if they were having such a grea time,just smiling the whole time at the crowd.And the thing that Bono said about The Edge being from the future....which i think is proly true...cause when he plays that guitar...gosh,im thinking tomyself...NO ONE..can playlike that man does.

And the set list just got better and better as the night went on...but when i heard I Will and my girlfreind went nuts.That song live is insane.Ofcourse they played my fav City of blinding lights,Vertigo,Electric Co. Etc.But the biggest treat for me was Miss Sarajevo and bruce springsteen coming out...the crowd went NUTS.I got so many great pic's of the band..cant wait to see them.

And Damien Marley wasnt that bad.

But after coming to this show....mark my words...I WILL BE GOING TO ANOTHER SHOW FOR SURE Grin.....i hope it will be the NYC in november.

This something i will never forget,thanks U2 for making my days so much brighter

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Thank you both for these reviews....excellent, of course....understanding full well the feelings of that first magical show which I too have experienced this tour after having been a fan over 20 years.....more shows just deepen the love and appreciation for this band.

Lance--I must say as I read I was expecting to read how you'd been chosen from the audience to get up on stage, or how you met the guys after the show, or that Bono had reached out and shook your hand during the show........but none of that. And without any of that "frosting" you still enjoyed the show enough to deem it the greatest night of your life. Excellent! I am so happy for you.

I hope you both have many more such wonderful experiences at shows......U2 ROCKS!
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No, no, none of that superfluous stuff. Just an awe-inspiring performance from the greatest band on the planet. Never in my life have I experienced such much energy from such a large group of people. It was just a wonderful experience that I can't wait to have again.
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Last night was a gift. Bruce aside, there was something extraordinary and breathtaking and different going on all night...they were on fire. I'm still not over it, getting teary every few hours!

To the thousands of people who were there last night, cherish it. And it was an honor to share such a magical evening with a spectacular crowd. Lot of love in that room!
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I posted a couple of pictures on my blog.....if anyone wants a quick look.
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Thanks for posting these reviews. You put into words what my heart couldn't express. I felt every minute of that show.
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Ah, yes.

It was a week ago tonight, & it seems like just a day ago. It was my first U2 show, too, & though I was three rows from the top, I could feel it. Everything was perfect, U2 & the music, the lights, the crowd, Bruce. I'm glad I was there. And again thanks to everyone who posted pics. I didn't bother with a camera since I was so high up, but these pics will help me always remember that night.

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I was at this show and it all seems a blur still (a week later), I guess it was to good to be true. I was 5 rows from the main stage in GA and it was amazing. But I can not wrap my head around of what I was part of, for God sakes Bruce was there. The only thing I know is that it was the best night of my life. Can't wait for a recording to come out.

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