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Big Grin my toronto meetup with Bono, Larry, and Edge, pics too an how i got Larry's drumstick

took awhile to get two pics from my friend Wendy but here we go..

I was hanging outside the ACC in toronto for two days before the first show on Sept 12th...

My best experiences was with Edge and Larry... here's why..

Larry- i was at the exit of the ACC and a car pulls up an he steps out... walks over and gets to me eventually...

Me: hi, Larry
Larry: hi there
Me: you are the best drummer!
Larry: you're right!!
Me: laughs, can i get a picture?
Larry: Sure

then Edge's car pulls up..

I was told by ladywithspinninghead(julie) the reason the picture-taking with Edge started with the crowd was because i was
telling Edge how I saw all 3 Dublin shows. Edge thinks that's great
and turns to Julie (and he has no idea we know each other) and asks her if
she could snap a pic of us. It was Edge who asked for the pic, not me!
i was having a moment and i did not realize what was going on at the

i also asked Edge what his favorite food/cuisine was an he said "Italian"

then it was time to meet bono... i got to tell you i hate autograph hounds...they were everywhere that week for the film fest.. bono's ford pulls up quickly an John and Bono see the hounds trying to get to them or somethin, bono says "we'll be back later".. so they leave and the hound signals to his buddy to grab the car and they litterally chase bono to the festival, i don't know how far they got... but i heard bono went to do the red carpet at gavin friday's new film which was true because somebody else called the people that were waiting there with us and told them.

45 mins later, bono's ford pulls up... john hops out an opens the door and tells everyone to come close... the hounds are blocking me from getting close to bono, one the fans punches them in stomach a little and someone tells John those guys are hounds an john says to them "you're not getting anything" LOL... i eventually get to bono and it's hard to talk because everyone else won't shut up.. but i get a pic anyways and hand him a personal letter..

at the show, i had a sign that said "Larry: can i have a drumstick" and a couple of the roadies remember me from England/Ireland i think annd say.."stay there after the show" an sure enough, i get a stick..

all of this was a very special moment to me, i'll never forget it..


i am bad at posing for pics, do not laugh please... ugh they are bad!


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goodstuff mate

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I remember you from all the UK and the Dublin shows, I loved your Ticketb***rd tshirt!!
We were stood near you a few times the 4 nutcases(in the nicest possible way!!) in the HULL U2 GIRLS tshirts that Bono signed.

Great pics!
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I am so pleased that the Autograph Dealers did not ruin your meeting with Bono to much. Myself and my mates had the same problems in London this year.

Great pic with Larry - btw - I so wanna meet Larry

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i remember you and your group of mates too. Your T-shirt made me and my sister laugh! I think it was Manchester? But all my dates have merged into one!
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Oh, Jesse, congrats! Those pics are great.
"Knight in shining Zubaz."

Bonochick [at]
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That is so awesome! Congrats!
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Right on Jess..
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Jesse those pictures are so great! And that is so cool you got the drumstick! I'm so freakin jealous! Thanks for sharing!
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u r a hero to many many ppl, inc. me.

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Well, I have no picture, good or you're one better than me. Congratulations!
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wow! it's like the ultimate u2 experience

cool pics!
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Awesome pictures


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