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Looking for pictures of my daughter on stage @ NJ1 5/17 (plus a request)

Hi everyone,

Well, my nine year old daughter, Emma, was the little girl that Bono pulled up on stage and walked around the ellipse at New Jersey 1 on May 17 during An Cat Dubh/Into the Heart. She did great!! We had the privilege of being front and center in front of Bono all night for the concert inside the ellipse. I’m not sure I can really communicate what it feels like as a dad to have my daughter get that experience! I am so happy for her!! I unfortunately have no pictures at all of the event, though. I was wondering if anyone by any chance has any pictures of her time on stage walking hand in hand with Bono around the ellipse, or when he was doing his hand game with her, or talking to her with the microphone, etc. that you could send to me or email me. I’d like to create a scrapbook of the concert for Emma and of course to have pictures of it would be absolutely amazing. And if anyone has access to any video of the show I would of course love to have that here for her, too. My email is celtic4@capital.net.

Here’s a request I have, too. It’s tough growing up in today’s world without being knocked down a bit by others. Emma is a girl who, like many, struggles with self-confidence and self-esteem. After the show and being brought up on stage by Bono she said, “I guess I am kind of special, aren’t I?” If you were at the NJ show and saw Emma on stage, would it be possible for you to send a special note to her/us about how that might have touched you, etc.? I would love to print that out for her as well and I know it would mean so much to her as she grows up and can recollect about this experience. It was amazing for me to see the two girls at Philly being brought on stage, so if you were impacted at all or had any thoughts about the Emma’s experience in NJ that you could send to her, I would SO appreciate it. I think it would make a big difference in her life.

Here is a picture of who this little girl is and what Bono’s influence has done in her life. Knowing about the extreme poverty in Africa, Emma decided that for her eighth birthday instead of getting gifts for herself, she wanted to help orphans in Africa. So, she had all of children that she invited to her birthday party bring gifts that she could then send to an African orphanage instead of having them bring birthday gifts to her. She ended up being given enough gifts that she packed a HUGE box and shipped it to an orphanage in Zambia. It was her idea and a way of contributing to help children in need in Africa, and a lot of that was due to Bono’s and U2’s influence. She’s just an amazing girl.

For those of you that we spent the day in line with before the show – thanks so much for being so great! Doug, Lindsay, Keiren, Cathy, Matt, Dan, Travis (I know I’m butchering the spellings – sorry!) and the others – thanks so much! I really do count you as friends and look forward to continue seeing you on the shows.

And finally, here’s a great picture of the band we follow that only one or two other people could have possibly seen during the concert. During the show U2’s security brought Emma water just to make sure she was doing okay. And, here’s the amazing thing – at the end of the show, somewhere right before the last songs, one of U2’s main security people brought Emma a beautiful bouquet of flowers nicely wrapped as a thank you for her part in the show. The flowers were totally beautiful. They were thanking us!?! I was totally blown away at that. It’s I and Emma who desperately want to thank U2, and yet this band continues to unselfishly give of themselves again, again, and again.

So, I’ll post this in a few places – I apologize if you run into this message a few times on other sites. But, anything you can do to send pictures and your thoughts/impressions/experiences of Emma being on stage would do wonders for this beautiful little girl. Thank you so much, everyone! See you on the tour!!

Matt Conrick

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that is an awesome story and it sounds like you have an amazing girl

sorry i wasnt at the show so i dont have any pics, but im sure there will be plenty floating around

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Thats such a sweet story! I hope you find some pictures of it!!!
Congrats to you and your daughter
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That is wonderful, I wasn't at the show either. I'm sure someone on here will be able to help you out.
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That's a great story Thank you for sharing it
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I think that story just made my biological clock begin to tick. What an incredible little girl you've raised, you should be very proud!
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Originally posted by U2SJ
Thats such a sweet story! I hope you find some pictures of it!!!
Congrats to you and your daughter
My sentiments exactly. Emma sounds like a wonderful girl. My husband and I almost named our daughter Emma (we have a Madeleine who is almost 11). She dreams about what she would do if Bono pulled her up on stage (just like her mother does!). She might be nervous but would understand how special and rare a moment like that would be. And the fact that security brough her flowers afterwards - amazing! Hope Emma cherishes it forever. What a lucky girl!
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Hi everyone,

Well, I was able to get some fantastic pictures!! Thank you, thank you, thank you to those of you who sent them to me. If anyone has more, please send ‘em on my way! My wife has a website for her business, so I have posted the pics on an independent page in her site. If you’d like to see this precious little girl with Bono, email me. I'm not able to put the link up here, but I can email you the link if you'd like. Thanks SO much for all of you support everyone! This has been a great experience for the two of us.

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There's a big pic here: http://www.u2station.com/tours/archi...rica/index.php

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