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Old 05-16-2005, 07:56 PM   #1
The Fly
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Bootleg Seller Busted at Philly I

So, I'm waiting in the GA line with my girlfriend and this guy comes up to the group of people in front of us. He starts asking if any of them have been to previous shows and one of the girls said she went to san diego. He responed "oh, well I have Anaheim," and some others. I was about to tell this guy off for trying to sell them when we all know we can get them for free. Before he could even badger them anymore an unmarked truck flew up behind him (I had noticed these trucks earlier and thought it was suspicious how they kept circling around). Turns out the truck was arena security. The driver called the guy over and immediately took the cd's and talked to him for a minute. As this was going on a couple more security guys had come over. Then the truck driver told the security guys to escort the guy off the property. I have to say I was impressed; they caught on to the guy within a matter of a couple minutes. Good thing they got to him before I did, who knows what I would have done to him. Haha.

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Yeah the ford f150's. If you are ever doing something bad at a philly or camden concert and see a f150 driving around you stop immediately.

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The Fly
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There was also a foot pursuit after one of the 'undercover' security happened upon a t-shirt bootlegger. I was amazed at the amount of riff raff in the lots. "How you doin? YOu alright? Need opium, hash, coke," I think I was approached three times and asked that and had to get confrontational to keep then away.
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yeah after the show I saw a tshirt seller get his stuff confiscated by an undercover guy then 5 minutes later i see the same undercover guy running down 11th st chasing some other thsirt seller. funny stuff.

Also, during One, these two guys who were videotaping the concert got busted 3 rows in front of me. I was upset about that part, because it would have been a great cam. Section 207A dead center of the stage. I saw them taping from the begining and I kept saying, boy I cant wait to download that.
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Maybe they will think twice about doing this stuff-i.e; buying up all the tickets from fans who want to see u2! the same goes for teh T-shirt guys!
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I'll be on my best behavior on Sunday. I promise.

I used to not mind bootleg shirt sellers, but it seems like they've gotten a lot more aggressive. Green Day played at my school recently, and as I was leaving campus that evening, after a long day of teaching and going to class, this guy came up to me and wouldn't leave me alone. I told him I wasn't going to the concert, so I certainly didn't want a shirt. He literally stood behind my car and wouldn't move as I was trying to back out. I had to really yell at him before he'd move, and even then, he barely gave me any room to get past him.

I'm not putting up with anyone bugging me while I'm in line. I'll throw apple cores at them!

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