anyone have video clip of them playing the snippet of "UltraViolet" 5/22 ?? - U2 Feedback

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anyone have video clip of them playing the snippet of "UltraViolet" 5/22 ??

at the end of Beautiful Day?

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oh sweet lord, they snippeted (?) Ultraviolet?!!
at the end of BD?!?! I'd love to hear that...


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a video or audio snippet.
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nevermind the "2 week rule," I second the motion.
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The Fly
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Hey I was there. It really wasnt anything great. Just a couple baby baby baby light my ways. Not to emotional no other lyrics. Great show though!!
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Matt... again, I remind you that opening multiple threads for the same topic is not allowed

What constitutes a post or thread worthy of being closed, deleted, or edited by the forum moderators?
Anything that is a personal attack (by personal attack, we also include yawns, rolleyes, etc. that are directly intended to annoy, and are used excessively).

Topics that are dragged on or 'bumped' up for no legitmate reason or to start a fight/get a rise out of people...etc.

Cross-posting your topic in multiple forums is not allowed. Please just choose one forum to post your topic.

Anything that is "inappropriate" (overly sexual, excessive profanity, etc)

Anything that is defamatory towards another site, person, or organization.

Any posts or threads advertising your forum or website are unacceptable and considered spam, and will be deleted. A small text link to your personal website in your signature is acceptable.

Also, the selling or advertising of unofficial merchandise is prohibited.

Moderators and other 'staff' are included in this policy as well.

Arguing and debating are fine, just avoid these points and you'll be fine. Play nice

In addition, if someone wishes to start a thread to appreciate a specific band or album, please be courteous and do not start a flame war or bash that band or album in that thread. If you dislike a band or album, you may start your own thread voicing your dislike for that band or album.

*Please note - threads are closed at the descretion of the moderators, for any reason they see fit. Please contact the moderator or administrators via PM or email if you have a problem with thread closure.

You have been reminded multiple times about this by different people. I know I myself did so sometime last week.


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