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Old 03-23-2005, 08:31 AM   #1
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April 24, Key Arena in Seattle

Please post your reviews of the April 24th show here.

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Kings of Leon sucked ass as usual. I still don't understand why they're still opening for U2. I haven't read one positive review of the band's performance. I was so horrified with their set that I crawled into a fetal position on the floor in audio pain (no exaggeration). I even at one point sat down and feel asleep. I wasn't going to waste my energy on a band that wasn't worth it.

Even though I was the 176 person in line at 11 am, I still didn't get inside the bomb shelter. They scanned everyone's ticket which randomly chose who was in or out. However, I got a kick ass view outside the shelter ring on the Edge's side.

U2 hit the stage at 9 pm and played for slightly over two hours. The sound mix was three times compared to the San Diego. The acoustics were better and the sound was mixed properly.

They opened with <i>Love and Peace </i> complete with my favorite drummer boy following Bono outside the bomb shelter.

Bono's vocals were noticeably clearer, in tune, and more confident than on opening night. There were still minor note glitches in his vocals; however, tonight he didn't have to depend on The Edge for vocal assistance as much he did in San Diego.

Now that the pre-tour jitters are over with, Bono was his usual self in terms of audience interaction. In true U2 fashion, he pulled lovely girls from the audience to accompany him on stage. One of whom got a long 2 minute hug from the sexy Irish man himself. If I had a chance to hug Bono like that, I wouldn't let go either even if it meant delaying the rest of the show.

Certain songs made me feel sad. I felt an unusual chill/subtle cool breeze surround me (even though it was extremely hot and stuffy) during the song <i>Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own.</i> I leaked a small tear as I watched Bono on the screen singing the falsetto note for dear life.

Another sentimental moment for me was during the song "One". We were instructed to text message our name via our cell phones during the song. At the end of the song random names were displayed on the screen. The visual spectacle of everyone's cell phone display screen lit during the song set the sentiment for the song, "We're one but we're not the same."

Bono's 5 minute speach during "One"
"I want to talk to you for a second about this Africa stuff, the next step in this journey of equality. Because oddly enough the first person who brought me to Africa is here tonight, a gentleman by the name of Steven of World Vision. We really screwed that one up *audience laughs*. We're trying to get people to join with us. We have this thing called the "One" Campaign. I would also like to say some other people here without our organization wouldn't have had the change that it had. I want to thank Bill and Melinda gates.

It's one thing to give away your cash, it's another thing to be demanding of that cash to make sure that the problems that are facing Africa are looked after. Bill and Melinda have helped out by putting their wallets on the table.

You can be a billionare, you can be a punk rocker, you can join us if you want. I used to call the White House back on Zoo TV. They didn't take my calls back then but now they're taking my calls *audience cheer*. The only thing is they've gotten used to me, they've gotten bored of me. That's why I need you to call. I'm not kidding.

We're not looking for your money, we're looking for your voice. Take out your cell phones. These are dangerous little devices of the 20th centurary. Were looking for a hundred million Americans to give this president permission to spend your money on ending extreme poverty in the world.

Turn off this light.

We are more powerful when we work together as one.

Moment number 3: When U2 performed "Sunday Bloody Sunday" Bono said, "Sing It for Your selves." Many around me sang out loud in frustration, political-ness and reasons of their own. It was a good release to scream "No More". Subconciously I was trying to make someone so desperately to understand me and hear me.

Since when did Larry play keyboards? Did I miss something :P

<b>SET LIST:</b>
Love And Peace Or Else
Vertigo / Stories For Boys (snippet)
The Cry
The Electric Co.
An Cat Dubh
Into The Heart
City Of Blinding Lights
Beautiful Day
Miracle Drug
Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own
New Year's Day
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Bullet The Blue Sky / The Hands That Built America (snippet) / When Johnny Comes Marching Home (snippet)
Running To Stand Still
Pride (In The Name Of Love)
Where The Streets Have No Name

Zoo Station
The Fly
Mysterious Ways

<b>Second Encore </b>
All Because Of You

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Old 04-25-2005, 03:29 PM   #3
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Hey isabelle, great review. I could really get a sense of the concert from your awesome prose. Glad to see you had a good time in the "Drizily City"!
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Old 04-25-2005, 05:41 PM   #4
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Great review. Thanks Issabelle.
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Kings of Leon dont suck at all. I havent seen them live but both their studio albums are great. I wish people would stop killing them on here. They are opening for the greatest band in the world.
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Isabelle, thanks for the great (detailed) review! I was at Denver 2 and it was an incredible show...sounds like they turned it on for you guys too!

Kings of Leon dont suck at all. I havent seen them live but both their studio albums are great
Maybe wait to see them live before asking people to stop killing them on here. All I know is, I was fine when they were just jamming on the instruments, but once the lead started screeching I wanted to curl up into a ball and make him stop.
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Old 04-25-2005, 08:56 PM   #7
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Did anyone see the pushy guy who bulldozed his way from the back of the floor to the tip of the elipse?

the guy had a real attitude and even put his middle finger in my face at one point and said "F- You!" b/c I wouldn't let him run me and my wife over. He still made it to the front though.....

Finally at the end of the concert several security gaurds kicked him out of the show...... thank God......too bad they waited to the 2nd to the last song to do so.....

I think he said he was from Dallas.......

Just curious if anyone else couldn't stand that guy....
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Old 04-25-2005, 09:46 PM   #8
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Originally posted by Hawkmoon04
They are opening for the greatest band in the world.
i could care less...but its bc they were cheap to book(they suck). european shows bring in a lot more money so u2 can afford to hire the killers and other great bands to open for them there.
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Old 04-26-2005, 07:42 AM   #9
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Originally posted by jammin909

i could care less...but its bc they were cheap to book(they suck). european shows bring in a lot more money so u2 can afford to hire the killers and other great bands to open for them there.
Hmm isn't it the other way around, in that record companies shove money in the way of U2 / Island to get their bands to be the opener for U2? So that it all depends on whose record company want$ it the most? It would make sense, pay some cash and get your band in front of an audience it wouldn't normally get in front of.

Ofcourse, it's money down the drain when all that does is prove to a large audience your band really sucks live.....
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Old 04-26-2005, 07:46 AM   #10
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I was there, and while I enjoyed their playing from a musical standpoint, the lead vocals WERE quite scary.
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Old 04-26-2005, 09:18 AM   #11
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Beautiful weekend and a great show. Crowd was lose and had a great time. You could tell they were into to it even before the show, doing the wave, passing beach balls around, etc. Were they nuts? No, but I wouldn't say they were out of it either. I personally could have went for a little for jumping on the floor, but to each his own right?

Band's mood seemed to fit the crowd, lose and fun. They pulled up three people at our show. We (my wife and I) ended up right behind the girl who got pulled up for the "piggy back ride" during MW. (One back on Adam's side on the outside of the catwalk.)

Bill Gates was a crack up, that guy needs to let go a little more. You could see him, arms folded from across the way. Bono thanked him for his donations and such.

Staging was a little better than the last tour, the light curtains were a neat touch.

No need for a song by song review, there are plenty of those. Personal hi-lights were the starting four punch of LAPOE, Vertigo, Elevation, and Electric Co, then Running to Stand Still and SYCMIOYO. Of the four U2 shows I've seen, this was probably #2 behind Chicago on the last tour. Good job guys.
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Old 04-26-2005, 01:44 PM   #12
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Originally posted by tkramer
I was there, and while I enjoyed their playing from a musical standpoint, the lead vocals WERE quite scary.
I feel like I gave King of Leon a fair chance Sunday night, but I sure as hell didn't want to sit through them again Monday night. I don't care if Eddie Vedder was up there either.

Plus, I'm suprised no one has mentioned how pissed they were at each other on Sunday. you could actually hear them fighting in between songs and the lead's guitar kept getting F'd up. I thought they might just call it quits and break up right there and then.

Wait, now that I think about it, I only sat through them on Sunday night so as to keep my place on the rail.

Watev, they didn't suck terribly, but they didn't do anything for me after their first song. In a word, I'd describe it as "tedious"
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Old 04-26-2005, 03:44 PM   #13
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What a great show. This was my second show of the tour having been to sj2. It was also my second time I sat behind the stage. Hadn't actually planned on going to seattle but, got some of the late release tickets on Ticketmaster last week. And I was off.

I'll be honest since I had seats I didn't sit through Kings of Leon so, can't comment on there performance.

I was totally shocked when we found our seats and we were in the first row behind Larry. What a great vantage point. It was really cool to see them coming on and off the stage. And you could tell what song were going to be next. I thought it was funny they had the lyrics running on the teleprompter too. The light curtains weren't much of a problem. And I love watching the crowd from behind the stage.

Overall I think I had more fun at this show than at SJ. Where I was sitting in SJ most people were sitting down but, in Seattle people were up dancing and singing.

Well, for now, no more shows till Oakland where I have GA. So, finally I'll be able to see the show from front of the stage.
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my girlfriend and i had so much fun at the seattle concert- we were back behind the stage also and the seats were actually pretty great- the crowd was perfect- no one sat like the people in the elipse(?)we sang and danced and laughed when bono gave that gal the piggy back ride. what a great crowd. we may of had a tad bit too much to drink because u2 didn't come on until 9pm-so we kinda met different people bought eachother rounds and then went in when u2 started. u2 sounded perfect to me. don't be afraid of the back of stage seats - they aren't the perfect seats but they are way better than the opposite side of the arena!
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Old 04-27-2005, 04:04 PM   #15
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I can't get Seattle out of my head! Or my beloved U2 for that matter. Flew all the way from Tampa for this show and it was worth every leg cramping minute on that airplane, let me tell ya.

I got pretty ver klempt during "Streets" So great to see the band again. What an excellent concert. Even when Bono dropped a verse on One I couldn't help but smile. They really put their heart into the performance. Yay U2!

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