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Old 12-11-2005, 11:16 PM   #1
New Yorker
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9th December Buffalo, HSBC Arena

Please post all reviews of Buffalo here...

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War Child
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The show was AWESOME!!! Lots of songs I hadn't heard live yet this tour! Gloria, OOTS, of course, Instant Karma, Help. Long show - ended about 11:20-30. I had my fingers crossed that Bono's voice would hold out for Miss Sarajevo (I'd read that once again Hartford got a raspy night), it held out and he hit all the Pavarotti notes. But the boys looked quite tired at times...too much partying in Boston all week and then a delay in getting to Buffalo must have made them a bit nervous. Larry has a cold, saw him blowing his nose a couple of times. My husband watched Adam quite a bit, noticed that he would make some faces at certain songs that he wasn't psyched about, and then he was quick to smile at the beginning of songs he was into.

Very long belly dance to MW and then Bono continued to hold her and "pull" her long hair to WOWY. It amused my husband..."he's definitely gonna pull her hair" and " he's so sweaty".

My husband was thrilled to see Bono open up at the tip of ellipse "COBL", which I really loved as the opener. I didn't notice that he had snuck out there and I was looking for him on the stage.

I did miss the energy of being on the floor, but was so thankful to have a lot of room in our first row seats. We were fairly far back, I would say mid-arena. But with the ellipse coming out and my trusty binoculars I had fine views. My husband had the binoculars a good amount of time. We were right next to the aisle the ellipsers used to enter and close to the security check, so that was a distraction sometimes, especially when a couple of ellipse people were thrown out. But I was able to see Paul McGuinness and solacevip. My friend had sold her GA tix to Mark and he sent me a wonderful package full of great photos!! So I gave him a big hug as he trotted back to the ellipse!!! I was psyched he got in. He said his girlfriend's ticket was the one that scanned. A man from Belfast was directly behind us, spilling beer on the woman next to us and guessing the wrong song all the time, and then swearing about getting it wrong!

It's funny, but I got pretty depressed after the show, knowing I wouldn't see them again for awhile. Probably has to do with the holidays too.

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The Fly
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I was one of those ellipse people running up 7 down the stairs past you. It was my wife's b-day and I had to refresh her beer a couple of times. But never while u2 we playing.

We found a spot on Edge's side aginst the rail. Had a great view of Institute, and I thought they played great. I also learned their songs befor the concert.

As soon as COBL came on these 2 giant people showed up in front of us. We are all 5'5", these people had to be 7'. I slowly nudged them to the right so we could see.

I did notice the bald spot on the back of Bono's head as he was listening to the belly dancer's belly.

The ellipse was a little more full than the heart was for the last HSBC show. I think it was the random scanning process.

They did play a long time and every song was great!
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The Fly
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I was trying to put this as a reply to 9 dec buffalo review
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Rock n' Roll Doggie
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My review is the one out on the main page

I did want to share this story I just received via email from the awesome woman who bought my extra tickets. I only got to meet her briefly on Friday, but she was one of the coolest people I've met on tour all year, so I was thrilled to receive this report:

"So Jen and I met Maggie who was so generous...
and we asked security where to go to try and meet
the band. We waited by the loading docks. We met
some people from Montreal and another couple who
was older. There were just a handful of people at
first... not surprising because it was so @@#U@U
cold. We began strategizing and discovered we
should move across the driveway because that
would be the passenger's side to the SUV's.
Security was nice. We met a few more people, all
teachers, and a girl who worked for the Rock and
Roll Hall of Fame who was Bono's personal
friend... which was strange considering she was
waiting out in the cold with us to meet him. We
froze for three hours but it felt a lot shorter
because everyone we met was really cool... except
for a particular blonde who kept on coming and
going and budding into other people's spots. Then
finally around 6:10 pm- the cops showed and so
did Bono...

At first he just drove in and we figured we
wouldn't meet him but then he walked back to meet
us. I was totally frozen, literally and
figuratively... Jen was panicking too trying to
make sure she had the camera ready. The blonde
kept rushing him which threatened to shut the
whole thing down. He signed a little boy's shirt
and the security kept standing in front of me
because of the blonde. Bono didn't seem to notice
her somehow. Then all of the sudden, he was right
in front of me. I totally forgot about my record
or getting anything signed which in a way, was
good because he went for physical contact
instead. He said something to us like "Hi, I'm
Bono" and he took my hands into his. It sounds
crazy but he looks directly at you, it is direct,
unsettling eye contact. As Jen put it, you don't
expect to see his eyes behind the shades. I
managed to say "Elena" back to him. It was so
incredible. Then I tried to get my prepared
speech out but just said "You know... thank you"
and he said something like "you're welcome or
okay", I can't even remember. Then he moved on to
the next person because he was being rushed along
by security. They were totally late because they
had been grounded in Boston due to the snow and
he was late. He also said that he was "feeling a
little under the weather and had to get in
because of his voice". He moved on to the next
girl and I continued to hold on to his arm, until
I realized I should probably let the man go. Jen
and I had a good laugh about this later...my
obsessive petting of the man...

Then the girl beside me said, "He's already
moving on" and "Do something". So I started to
yell to him that Jen and I drove three hours just
to meet him and we'd been scammed on tickets. I
later found out from another fan's post that
unbeknowst to us, he had heard our "yelling" and
found it entertaining. He told that person we
were "crazy". He had already said we were "crazy"
earlier for waiting in the cold.

After he left, we walked to warm up where my
excitement changed to fear that my feet were
totally and forever frostbitten. They hurt so
badly I could barely walk. We tried to get in the
arena from the side door but met some Vertigo
tour security who wouldn't let us.

We went back to meet Gavin Rossdale, who was
there with Institute, and the Edge but found out
they wouldn't be back until just before the show
due to the storm. We went and had drinks and food
instead. On the way back we met a very confused
and busy scalper who wanted to exchange tickets
with us. He didn't realize he was exchanging 300
level tickets worth 50 bucks each for 100 level
tickets just off the stage, valued at 160 bucks
each. We made the very uneven trade with him but
I made him wait until I saw that Jen got it
without issue first. I didn't want counterfeit
tickets. We had no problem and sat just off the
elipse in the 100 level, a few rows off the

It was as always, an amazing show. I wasn't fond
of the bellydancer but she at least could dance.
Bono seemed a bit too into her though... Aargh...
I'm glad you had fun Maggie- you had a great view
by the sounds of it..."

I'm a little disappointed that he didn't have time to stop to sign autographs, only because Elena promised to get me one if she was able to for helping her be able to see the show. But I'm always thrilled to hear when a die-hard fan gets to meet Bono!
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i loved this show!! thought it was a lot better than the one i saw in toronto back in september ... bono's voice was great. i thought the crowd really got into the performance when sunday bloody sunday came on ... wow. until the end of the world was also a highlight for me.

met some great new yorkers in the audience ... thanks for an awesome night!
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Old 12-15-2005, 09:30 AM   #7
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This was my 3rd show (the others being Hamilton 10.13.01 and TO 9.12) and they did not disappoint. I am glad that I've been so busy with school that I haven't been following the tour setlists, so I was very pleasantly surprised to see Gloria and UTEOTW back in. It seemed like from where I was sitting (Sec. 104 3rd row) that people only knew the hit songs, the energy was gone during the 2 songs I mentioned before, and Miss Sarajevo. But nevertheless, awesome show and a great way to close out the year. I did happen to spot Paul McG strolling through the GA floor.
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The Fly
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This was my first U2 concert ever!

I pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I wasn't going, but I got a phone-call from a friend a week and a half before the show, telling me that if I could come up with the money, his 2nd ticket was mine.
AMAZING. Absolutely amazing. They were awesome seats, better than I could've ever hoped for...on Edge's side so I was as happy as could be!

Until the End of the World and Gloria were the highlights for me. And Miss Sarejevo was just incredibly moving! It was a great experience...somethng I'll have to do again!!!
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War Child
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and again...and again...and again...

just like the blue crack...

it's addicting!!!
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heres a great one, by the great one! instant karma instant karma great show it was my birthday to, no better way to spend it!
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New Yorker
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After listening to the bootleg these are some interesting things I've heard...

1. Bono randomly mentioning Neil Armstrong during Beautiful Day...

2. During Gloria, Bono saying '1982... Where's the Flock of Seagulls now?!'

3. Bono saying 'The stage is but a platform shoe.' when encouraging the boy to sit down during SBS...

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