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The Fly
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Yes, they are staying at a flee infested backpackers in Fitzroy street.

They wanted to get the real feel for what it was like for most Brits who travel to Melbourne.

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The Fly
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U2Torrents have this show up already. Sounds good too

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Oh my God that was the absolute night of my life. Period. I was SO worried the entire time about my seats on 3rd Level, but I shouldn't have worried because I was so freaking into it!!!!!!! I mean there were shitloads of people sitting down around me but did I care? No!!! I just stood and tried to woo the crowd in getting on their feet!!! I looked like an idiot but who cares!!!!

We missed Kanye West because we had to line up at the ATM for likme 45 minutes and in the end Dad took only 40 bucks out, which was a waste of time because all he bought was a bottle of water and a bourbon before the start of the show. But ah well, it was only Kanye West, and considering we didn't leave home until quart to seven after I had played cricket all day, I was pleased we got there with plenty of time to spare. There were these really hot chicks in the line as well, but with a mmixture of nervousness at my first show, good-looking guys behind them I did not pick up lol

So we sat down, and there was a woman next to me who kept asking questikons I was inly happy to answer. I told her that she will no when it starts when she hears a voiceover going "everyone!". She also asked why it was postponed. "It was cos Bono's mum was sick yeah?" I said, "Umm...she has been dead since he was 14. Edge's daughter got lukemia" And we continued to chat. I was getting real excited as I ehard some of the opening songs, such as Rock the Casbah. The mexican wave went round about 10 times, thatw as great. But it was the beginning of the show which was fucking awesome!!!!

COBL begins and my spine is tingling. As the intro ends and Bono beghins to sing, I am wishing like hell I was on the floor, as the mosh pit were jumping up and down like crazy while everyone around me was just mouthing the words and sitting back with their arms crossed. So when COBL ended I was quite disappointed with the crowd. But that disappointment disappeared as Vertigo began, and never returned.

Teh start of Vertigo was just so goddam energetic, I couldn't help but get up and scream "unos, dos, tres, catorce!!!!" and play the air guitar. From that moment on I was so into the show like you wouldn't believe. During Vertigo there was probably about four others around me who were on there feet, and I was trying to get the crowd up while people are egging me on. Friggin awesome.

As soon as Elevation begins everyone knows that 'oooh ooh, oooooh ooh ooh oh" thing and began to sing that. When it kicked in after the first time Bono enticed the crowd to sing "elevation" it was maddness. And that solo that Edge plays live, you shudda seen me. I was absolutely shredding the air guitar. I had lost my voice by the end it.

Now with my knowledge of Vertigo shows in hand, I knew that after Elevation came a song that was not permanent in the setlkist. When I heard that shimmering opening guiatr of 'I Will Follow' I was SOOOOOOOOO excited. I knew that few people aroudn me knew of the song, that's what made it so great, because I was just screaming as loud as I possibly could while everyone else just got into it. The bridge sounded really cool, couldn't tell waht Bono was saying though.

New Year's Day. This was when I got pumping. As soon as I ehard thjose opening bass notes I was on my feet, as were many people around me. What I remember most was leaning right back with my eyes closed screaming "yeeeeeeeah oh ohhhhhhhhh......." into an air mike as Bono did. And I was on cue too. But soon people began to sit down but not me. I was so freaking into it I was jump;ing everywhere, screaming, singing, yelling at people "COME ON!" and motioning them to get up, which again was appreciated by the other people standing up. Oh my God this was an INCREDIBLE performance. I was so damn excited when it ended. And Edge's solo That has to be one of his best. Also the clapping part that Bono did towards the end was great, even though we were so out of time.

Starting straight after that was B-E-A-utiful Day. When the opening guitar notes were played the crowd went wild, but it was the moment the chorus kicked in that crowd was at its best. Wild cheering, oh my god it was so great. At the end I went mad over the outro. Being used to the Slane DVD, I was shouting "goal, goal, the goal is soul, soul, beautiful goal...etc" and pumping my fist, I must have looked like an absolute idiot but again I did not care. The only qualm I had with this performace was the outro was a tad too long, beacause everyone was cvheering at because they kewn it was coming to an end, but it continued on for another 20/25/30 seconds, so people (even me) became a fraction less excited. Still cheered loud AS when it finished though.

Stuck in a Moment You Can't Get Out of. I didn't know what song to expect here, I would have appreciated ISHFIWLF, or Yahweh or Walk On, but Stuck sounded fantastic. It was just the perfect bring-down song from BD. So melodic, Bono's vocals were great. It gets knocked a lot, but it really is a terrific song. One thing I am thankful for, when Edge was doing his falsetto, I was so glad the music didn't accidentally stop because my voice was breaking like a bitch.

Angel of Harlem -- oh my God I have never been so excited to hear this song! There is something about this song - especially live- which just makes it really awesome. It's such an appealing song to the crowd, very fun and all that. This was one song where the 3rd level around me sat on their ass while I got up and tried to woo some singing, standing, etc. Tehre was one other woman who continually gave the thumbs up and was loving my work - that was cool lol. But what a performance! I have nhever been so into this song! I cheered and sang like crazy, and when Bono pulled the girl out that was amazing as well - the crowd went wild aagain. He kept saying stuff, but due to the acoustics I couldn't make out very much of it. But it made the crowd laugh. at one stage he said "before I commit a felony" or something like that.

Sometimes You Can't Make it on Your Own was another wicked performance, and the first of a number of songs to make me a bit emotional. Bono was really on, and I love how Edge has adapted the guitar to the live version, it was terrific. I was a bit disappointed by the lack of the No Regrets snippet - I was hanging otu for that, but it didn't come sadly. It ended and people were expecting to be able to rest for like a minute. Nuh-uh.

Straight away Love and PEace began. I was standing up yet again while everyone else around me sat down apart from the chick who was supporting me and this wild yet cool woman behind me. The aeroplane noises or whatever they are and the drumstick tapping sounded very eerie, I really liked it, especially when Bono's voice came in. And then Larry started and I pulled out the air drums this time. God it was good fun. I knew all teh words, unlike some around me, which made it better, in a way. I felt like I was the hero of all the people around me. And it finished with as usual, and as everyone cheered I multi-tasked by playing along doing anieldrum:. It was so cool. And then came the part wheere I was finally happy with the 3rd level crowd...

...those familiar pounding drums that begin Sunday Bloody Sunday, ?It brang everyone to their feet, and boy were we into it. I was destroying the air drums and absolutley raging as I was singing (sorry scrfeaming( along. It was so funnyt tyough, because I had seen the Chicago DVD (and this was probably what took away from the night a little, knowing already what was going to occur, liek the coexist, the slot machine, the dream speech at Pride outro/Streets intro, the human rights decleataition etc) so I was pointing at my head and turning around to everyone going "Jesus! Jew! Mohammed! It's true!" and I must have again looked so idiotic but ah well. It's a rock show, I could not ahve cared less.And then Bono pulled that kid up. His voice was made incredibly high-pitched by the acoustics, but still we all screamed "NO MORE!" along with everyone else. And then it came to a close, but again I knew that it would restart and kick into Bullet the Blue Sky. When it did, man I went crazy.

Still, I though Bullet was the weakest performance of the night,as it was on Chciago, but it was still magnificent. I would like to see Edge return next tour to the all-powerful, god-defying solo that he played on Elevation, instead of the pluck version he has played on Chicago. still lvoed it but. I was hoping for a Please snippet, but it didn't come unfortuiantely. THis song trio, LAPOE/SBS/Bullet was the combo where my air drums got the most beating.

I was really hoping to see Running to Stand Still next but I knew it was going to be Miss Sarajevo. But it didn't matter. People began to sit down again, but not me I was soooo into it. It was proably, maybe along with a bit of Saints, the only song played where I wasn't 100% sure of all the words. But that did not matter. Teh wild yet cool woman behind me confessed that "this is a great song" and I turned around and said, "do you know it?!?!?" quite excitedly that someone in the 3rd level besides me had heard of it. Of course it was teh Pavarotti part that got people roaring, but I was so enwrapped in myself that I missed Bono doing it sadly but that's alright, because as I did for the "yeeeeeeah oh oh" part in New Year;'s Day I leant right back and screamed "L'amoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooore" which was perhaps the most satisfying part of the night. Evenutally it finished and everyone got up as the intro to Pride was played.

Now we all seem to say here that Pride, Bullet, SBS etc should be dropped, but I never realised how popular they are at shows. They can't be dropped. Sure, they aren't the best quality but that doesn't makie it any less exciting to see. Pride saw even teh 3rd level begin to jump a bit. And [i]everyone knew the words to this song. It was such a great feeling when Edge started playing the guiatr part before the opening lines. When we all sang "oh oh oh" part Yuo just felt so happy, so joyous, like life was absolutely perfect...that's the effect that Pride had on me.

Where the Streets Have No Name was teh absolutel highlight of the night. It was was INCREDIBLE. The crowd went mad when Bono said "also an Australian dream" Now I'm going to make a bold statement here - Melbourne 1 were officially the best crowd of any show on the Vertigo tour. You cdould not hear Bono at all during Streets. AT ALL. Every single person in the stadium knew every weord I reckon, every single person stood up and sung it at the top of tehir lungs. It was absolutely AWE-INSPIRING. I could not beleive how much the entire creowd reacted. Even Bono said before One "that was mad. Melbourne are crazy!" Even he could not believe how much we were into it. I was on cloud 9999999999999999999999 during Streets.

Then of coruse One began, with the number flashing on the screen. I scrambled to send a text, but sadly my name did not come up. It was funny to see that yet again Sharon Stone was at the show. One was great. Everyone was on their feet still, and just sort of swayed and were taken away by the emotino in the song. In the outro I had the biggest lump in my throat, I was choking up, quite emotional, and sung to myself the "do you hear us coming Lord?" verse, knowing Bono would not. AMAZING. And then U2 said goodbye for the first time. The cheers continuted at an unbelievable volume for ages. Thjen the slots began.What I did appreciate about One, was that I don't think it was as logn as it was on the Chicago DVD, but time went so damn quickly that it might have gone for longer.

Not many people around me had a clue what was going on. So I would have looked incredibly stupid as I shouted "Mama! Mama! Mama! Mama!" as that zooropa kid did. But again I just did not care. Funniest moment came when the two zooropa kids were on either side, and John Howards appeared in the middle, and the whole entire crowed just booed!

I did not know what to expect here, I was really hanging out for Zoo Station, but we got The Fly instead. But my disappointment lasted maybe half a second as opnce again I shredded teh guiatr along with Edge. Again I would have looked absolutely mad, and embarrased my Dad (rhyme ooh yeah) with my antics. But people continued to support me, especially that lady, I felt a connection with her that made the experience tons better. At least someone beside me was into it. People still knew the chorus words though, and even timed the falsetto/chorus voice right. Very impressive . I loved this performance. Still gets it ass kicked by Boston, but I enjoyed it immensely.

I didn't know what was coming up next either, but was very happy with Mysterious Ways. Usually this track, something about it annoys me, but not tonight. The entire I night I just jumped and threw my arm forward, but durinng MW I moved about like a vertical worm. It was very sexual, I wish I could have seen people's reactions. The crowd aroudn me, especially the ladies were very into this song. And fair enough, I've always Considederd MW to be more for the ladies . DAMn I love Edge's solo at the end. That is wicked.

Next up was teh song I was desperately hoping they would keep in the setlist. With or Without You. I have loved this song so much lately. In fact it is probably now my faovurite song, maybe behjind Streets, but Streets is to me kind of a 'given' #1, like Bohemiam Rhapsody is to Queen. It was amazing. Teh crowd was fantastic, and I really loved how Bono kept adding parts, like encouraging the crowd to sing "oooohhhhh" again, and the snippets of Never Tear us Apart and Love Will Tear us Apart. They were great. But as it is with this song, I find Edge's outro - one of the most simplest and least-technical parts in his catalogue - is the best. it is so simple but so satisfying - he says so himself - it is just amazing. the second song to give me the chills - that lump in my throat was back.

Again they went off and then out of the darkness you heard Bono start Saints from the "cry to my daddy on the telephone" line, and we were into it again. The people around me weren't as into this song as they were ohters though the still stood up. But I was, and I was just hanging out for that guitar part to be played - and it was awesome. I started yelling as loud as I could, waving my arm as Bono sung "the saints are coming" then screaming and holding it still as he sung "seenomatterhowitry..."whatver it is. Still some more approval from people around me.

Slot 21 was the last song which I did not know what to expect, I was kinda hoping to see Party Girl but we got Desire, and it was awesome. Right from the begnning everyone knew it, and it was performed so well. It wasn't the best ever - I don't see ZooTV's Desire ever being surpassed sometime soon but it was still good, and a very fun performance.

And finally came the song which I NEEDED to see live. When I first heard they were rehearsing Kite, I was just amazed, as I was hoping against hope to see it played, knowing it was unlikely. But it was played, as it has been at every Oz show soa far, a\nd I was so grateful. It was absolutely AMAZING. The perfoirmance of the night. It sounded magnificent, the band did not miss a beat. It put such a big lump in my throat, I was all over the place, a far sight from the jumping fanatical idiot that was the song before. I just stood there with Dad, amazed at the fact I was seeing U2, Kite was being played, so many thoughts running through my head. Edge was amazing. That solo at teh end was so unexpected, yet it was just incredible. I broke up during that heart-wrenching solo that comes just before the 'I'm a maaaaaaaaaaaaaaan...' part. Oh, I can't put into words the way I felt when this was played. AS it closed, with the Kite in the air, the didgeridoo, the band, tight-knit as they waved goodbye, I just stood there, quiet and with the deepest sense of satisfaction.

For all that I had worried about my seats, my incredible jealousy at my cousin who had a freak meeting with Bono at Southbank on the 17th, my stress becase I had not met him, thoughts of 'oh myaybe we could get backstrage and meet him/them or see him/them or something' and nervousness, the fact I would not be seeing them tonight, I was expecting a panic attack at some stage.

But as Kite finished I left with teh strongest sense of satisfaction. I had one of those smiles on my face that is natural, and can't be removed. As I walked out, with a t-shirt, tour program and a poster in tow, I wondered why I wasn't 'up'. But then I discovered I had just had the best night of my life - and I was so filled with satisfaction the 'high' and 'up'ness couldn't come out.

Thank you, U2.
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The Fly
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Great review COBL_04............ arh the memories. Wish I was back there re-living those moments
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The Fly
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COBL ma brotha!!!
U SPOT ON WITH YA review.....!!!!
i was there..........best show of my life period!!!!
take it from someone who has seen over 800 shows...

MEL 1 blew ma rocks off.....i reckon it even blew SYD 3 & MEL 2 outta the water......i was there for these 2 shows as well, but MEL 1 will remain in my memory forever.....

EDGE was on fire that night//

Well done U2.....and thanks!!!!
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The Fly
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Out of the 5 shows i saw (syd and melb) this was perhaps the least enjoyable,but still an excellent show nonetheless. I had an excellent a reserve seat, and that combined with an energetic crowd around me made for a better experience than i anticipated in a seating section. We were up throughout the show, and it was fantastic to have such a great view of the band. There seemed to be a few technical glitches, but nothing to major.
City of blinding lights
The fly
with or without you
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War Child
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best concert of my life
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The Fly
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Second concert….Wooohooo!!

Usually I go to see U2 at least twice on an Oz tour……my first show being my “mentally insane gig” where I usually get transported into another time, another place, dance, sing and shout to my hearts content and somehow get so mesmerized and possessed that I usually forget a lot of the show. The second show is to actually absorb what the show was really about and actually feel like I’ve seen the band – take some photos and generally enjoy the show from a calmer point of view. So after my impulse decision to see Sydney III….Melbourne I now became my second show.

That GA queue…i'm sooooo over GA Queues...oh god I think this was possibly the worst day for me queuing….enduring that extreme heat from 10.30am in direct sunlight, my energy level was very low and my enthusiasm was not at its usual peak. To top it off we were nearby a group of ‘schoolies’ who annoyed the hell out of me and pretty much let the whole of Melbourne into our section. Thankfully i had my IPOD to entertain me...and then U2 playing a lovely little soundcheck for us …did I hear ONE TREE HILL…oh god my hopes were lifted when I heard that…how I longed to hear it!!!

Finally got into the stadium – slightly disorientated …damn that sun – think Trance Ending and I hesitated to much “where??? Where??” and finally decided to head to Adam’s side much to TE’s delight. Our hesitation probably cost us dearly but we amazingly got onto the railings directly infront of the speakers. No one blocking our view ....PERFECT!!!

I saw the film crew straight away and got so excited about it. My brother has taunted me endlessly about being at the Sydney ZooTV gig and I’ve been green with envy that I’ve never been at a show that was filmed…so at last my wish has finally come true. Not that I feel I’ll be on any footage…..but we’ll see.

Ok…I’m ramblin’ once again…..Kanye comes on……i do some serious listening to him now…..hmm he’s not bad, entertaining but its not my taste in music, I sympathise that he’s really trying and to try to warm up a U2 crowd that’s a hard feat. His banter of Melbourne being his fave city….sorry that cliché did not cut with me….you just went a bit to far there.

Finally U2 come on…as I mentioned this is my calm show ...but they start with COBL, then Vertigo, then Elevation, then I Will Follow, then NYD then Beautiful Day - oh god at the gig i'm thinking " this is NOT going to be a calm gig" then stuck in a moment seems to calm me right down.....from this point on I’m quite considerably calm and enjoy myself without that much craziness much to everyone’s happiness around me.

I even manage to take some photos of the show but my hands are shaking from excitement that I don’t think there are any particular good ones. I managed to take a 30 second video of NYD for prosperity as I feel this may be the last time I may ever see it.

I get to see a lot of whats happening on the right hand side of the stage this time...….Adam is way to cool for U2. Those poses he does are just hilarious, how cool can one person be. Oh god and I see Larry finally – I humour myself with the idea that U2 are really a three piece because I never seem to see Larry at a show….thinking he's only there for photo shoots…but noooo he exists!!!

Onto a serious note....I actually paid a lot more attention to the Human Rights section of the show this time around and was incredibly touched by it all to be honest with tears in my eyes as I read the words.

On a closing note....overall it was a fantastic show...BUT ...and boy have I've been thinking about it endlessly since and can't seem to pin point it.

A fantastic show...great set list...great crowd....hmmmm maybe i should have been more crazy and less calm.

What ever....can't wait to see it on film!!!!
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On behalf of U2Bliss

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The Fly
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The Fly
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ahhh thanks TE....my one and only decent shot I'll leave you to do the photography in future....

Oh and whilst i'm adding useless comments to this thread....just wanted to give a bit of a review from my friend Bel who is a non U2 fan, attended her 2nd ever U2 show at Melbourne I.

Bel actually loves to taunt me about my U2 obsession and I’m sure her favourite pastime is to slag of Bono. Trance Ending and I actually think she’s secretly in love with Bono and is a closet fan.

For someone who has put up with me ranting and raving about U2 for 22 years, covered the U2 tourist sites on an Irish holiday, queued up for concert tixs ( overnight in the winter rain I might add), waited outside venues to catch a glimpse of the band , even endured a hug from Bono (oh I secretly think she loved this) Hmm this is almost an obsessive closet fan. Anyhow its been my personal crusade to get her to confess that she truly loves them – thinking that another live show might get her to confess I convinced her to come along to one of the Vertigo shows….she was threatning to sell her tix on ebay to finance a shopping trip in melbourne but then found out Kanye was the support. Hmmm this is not looking good right???

So the outcome of my little crusade….she absolutely loved Kanye saying he was ‘the best thing of the night’ (i know what can i say....you can choose your friends but not their music taste!!) as for U2 “they were alright” (which really means they were good but she just could not bear to admit it to me).

Bel was actually seperated from TE and I due to wanting to shop rather than queue in GA...So she arrived late and got to the barrier just outside the inner zone. She said if she did not have the loony U2 fans around her she might of actually seen a lot more (bless her she's only five foot) and that she had a female Bono singing in her ear the whole night that she could hardly here the real thing....oh dear!!! Still I later find out (through her sister) that she really did love the atmosphere of the show - she thought it was pretty incredible actually. Thankfully they played one of only two songs I know she loves “angel of Harlem” so she was more than happy about this… if they had just sang “all I want is you” this may have been the best night of her life.

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