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15th July Amsterdam – Arena

Please post your reviews of the July 15th show here.

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15th July Amsterdam – Arena

Since nobody started one, here it goes.

Despite having no ticket I chanced it anyway. Arrived at 10:15 and managed to get a GA ticket for €90 in 10 minutes. After a long wait with lots of cloudcover protecting us from to much sun we got in at 16:00 and I managed to get before Adam's B-stage. The problem with getting there so early is that i had to kill 5 hours before U2 took the stage without being able to sit down much. During that time I was so bored that I started to guess the total number of pixels making up the big screen. Every individual cube consists of 8x11 pixels, 9x12 cubes make up a unit. There are 12 stacks of each 10 units. 2 units in each stack have 4 less cubes to house some lights. Total number of pixels of da big screen, 1132032. Even though I normally suck at math I was that bored.
I don't know the name of the first act, but I quit liked them. They gave it all and their rhythm section was awesome, especially that animal clone for a drummer they had. 2nd act was Snow Patrol. Not my cup of tea, nor do I suspect of most. They knew it and soldiered on cheerfully and bravely I have to say, promising us only 2 more songs before they to us out of our misery.
U2 began at 20:50. Setlistwise totally identical to Paris 2, no surprises there. Then again, I didn't expect any to happen. I was quit entertained to see what I've been hearing finally for the 1st time. And I have to admit, that 2nd Vertigo works live. 20 minutes later on the way I could still hear people sing it.
Is it my imagination or did Bono use the catwalks and B stage more during Elevation? Or didn't he venture out that much today? Anyway, cool to see Adam use them. Also cool that at one point the whole band was at both B-stages during LAPOE.

All in all, certainly worth my €90. I'm glad I get to see them again on the 16th. Best chance for either some surprises, or a 1st night setlist reprise.

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Old 07-18-2005, 12:24 AM   #3
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Did anyone notice that the Edge was not a happy camper during this show? He did not use the catwalk a lot (just once actually) and he didn't look very happy. Also, he threw away his guitar at the end of the show and walked off immediately...
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We (Soul waits & I) went to the last show but we talked to a french guy afterwards and said he had seen them at the hotel on friday. He also mentioned that Edge looked really weird, pale.
Maybe he wasn't feeling very well
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Old 07-18-2005, 11:06 AM   #5
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maybe he just felt abit ill... i dont think we need to read anything into this
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I'm not reading anything into it, it's just something I noticed.
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yo.. me and my friend noticed it too.
He was a bit more cheery on Wednesday - but then again those where our 1st shows so whe were not sure wether it was *normal* or not

Well, maybe he switched tamper with Larry

On wednesady was & was
On Friday was & was

hope he enjoyed the concert though.. it rocked!

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