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10th December Cleveland - Gund Arena

Please post all reviews of the December 10th show here.

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Cleveland Thoughts

What did you all thinkabout Cleveland? Bono's Pop dance was funny as shit!!! I also loved the Here Me Roar reference.

What would you rank Cleveland on a scale of 1-10?

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It was my first show, so I would give it a ten It was funny when Bono was talking to Larry about dancing. I can't remember the exact words but that dance Bono did was funny.

I think "Gloria" was the highlight of the show for me. I've been a fan for about 5 years, started really getting into U2 when I was 14. Which you can figure out makes me 19. But I think actually hearing the old songs (pre-unforgettable fire era) live for the first time, really just enhanced how much I love U2.

"Streets" was amazing for me too. It was such an emotional moment for me. Because I've heard other people talk about how great it is live. And witnessing it for the first time just moved me more than I can even explain.

... another cool thing I'll add. My older brother came along with me to see U2. He always made fun of me for being a huge U2 fan. But after the concert he was blown away. He basically apologized for critizing me, and told me it was the greatest live show he had ever seen. He really got into "Sunday Bloody Sunday". It made me happy that finally my brother sees why they are the greatest band ever.
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I'd give it a 12. Seriously great show. Bono was acting silly right from the get-go and I knew we were in for a treat! He imitated all of the guys dancing. I'd have to say the highlight song for me was Until The End of the World. AMAZING. Bono and Edge were chasing each other around the ellipse. Lots and lots of Beatles snippets and actual songs...we heard some Happy Christmas...Norweigan woods...Instant Karma was AWESOME.
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Awesome show! Highlight for me was getting scanned into the ellipse - 1 row deep b/w Edge & Bono!! Unreal - The musical highlight for me was probably Miss Sarajevo. I never expected to get an opportunity to hear that live - it's one of my favorites, but obviously not a hit song. Bono did Pavarotti proud and made my hight. Also loved the little girl on stage - and the band's mood overall was great!
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I give the show an 11...Bono a 10

Great show...Does anyone think that Bono seemed to be having a little trouble though?? Don't know if it was trouble with his earpiece or if he was sick. I was wondering what everyone else thought. Seemed like he was a bit 'off'. But like I said, great show anyway!!
Favorite moment...Bono brought a little girl up on stage to help sing and brought the mic to her mouth and nothing came out...He said something like 'oh, you have to spit out your gum' and held his hand out and took her gum...then gave it back to her when they were done singing. I can't even remember what song it was...I think it was SBS...the 'no more' part. She didn't put the gum back in her mouth! I would have!


Sorry this was supposed to go under the Cleveland review post!
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Great show...Does anyone think that Bono seemed to be having a little trouble though?? Don't know if it was trouble with his earpiece or if he was sick. I was wondering what everyone else thought. Seemed like he was a bit 'off'. But like I said, great show anyway!!
Favorite moment...Bono brought a little girl up on stage to help sing and brought the mic to her mouth and nothing came out...He said something like 'oh, you have to spit out your gum' and held his hand out and took her gum...then gave it back to her when they were done singing. I can't even remember what song it was...I think it was SBS...the 'no more' part. She didn't put the gum back in her mouth! I would have!

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I had a fabulous time and so did my mom. I'm 27 and she got me into U2 about 17 years ago. Her ticket got us scanned into the ellipse and we were one row deep between Adam and Bono. She had a great time and so did I!

I loved Bono's dancing at the beginning and how he had that little girl put her gum in his hand. It was really cute. The concert was great, the highlight for me was Until the End of the World!
We left right before Yahweh and 40 'cause mom was feeling a bit faint--I told her it was because of Adam, she kinda has a thing for him.

Out of 10 I'd give it a 9!
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Just amazing, amazing, amazing...........
I'm feeling kinda funny today, I want to go back tonight and do it all over again!
I'll never forget it-- I thought the set was awesome, the performance was on, Bono was really on-- such a showman, he just feeds off the crowd and vise-versa!
I loved at the end of "40" when Bono placed the spotlight on the ground so it shone right up to the heavens~~~ very profound, for me anyway.
The worst part of the night was the freakin' cold! MAN! Time to move to a sunny spot.......
I really wish they would play more than one show in Cleveland, I definately would have come back.........
Oh, Miroslava-- lucky, lucky lady.. Bono is 100X more gorgeous in real life, if that's even a possibility!
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  • U2 played seven different songs from their show on Octobr 25th in Detroit. Who says they don’t change their setlists?
  • The Ellipse seemed to be on fire but overall the crowd seemed less intense than Detroit on 10/25.
  • I sat in row 4 in the upper bowl on a corner (first time) and I think the majority are more casual fans. I seemed a little detached at that level. It appeared 95% of the crowd was standing throughout the concert except the section I was in. They didn't leave early and they enjoyed the show, but just didn't want to stand much, so I obliged and sat when they did.
  • You can see the led lights much better in the upper level. Pretty cool.
  • Bono seemed less talkative, didn't tell the story about his father prior to SYCMIOYO but did a fast lap during UTEOTW.
  • Sunday Bloody Sunday seemed to get the biggest response from the crowd. Even my section was rocking to that!
  • Original of the Species", WOW, what a brilliant song. Wasn't too thrilled about this song at first, but hearing it live is beautiful.
  • I have seen U2 live starting in 1992 and have never seen them end with "40". I was praying for it last night and got my wish. I can die now and Rest in Peace knowing I finally experienced it. It was mind blowing!

The review I posted at U2tours.com
In a city, where Rock and Roll legends are immortalized at the Rock and Roll museum, U2 paid tribute to one of the biggest legends of them all at a sold out show at “The Quicken Loans Arena" in Cleveland. This week was the 25th anniversary of John Lennon’s untimely death and U2 front man Bono paid tribute to the legend by several references to him and U2 even worked into the set, the classic song “Instant Karma” which was well received by the crowd. The 2 hour set featured 7 different songs from their October 25th concert in nearby Detroit, highlighted by the brilliant new single “Original Of The Species”. The beauty of a U2 concert cannot be realized until you have seen them in person. Only then can you appreciate that this is much more than a rock concert. It’s the interaction between the group and its fans and the current world events that shapes each show and makes them special. It's things like Bono bringing a small girl on stage and coaxing her to sing “No More” during the powerful classic “Sunday Bloody Sunday” or the young woman clinging to him during “With Or Without You”. After the classic closer “40”, you could tell it was an evening of “Instant Karma” between the fans and U2. “Well we all shine on, like the moon and the stars and the sun, well we all shine on".

Well done U2!
5 out of 5 stars
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My grandmother passed away shortly before the U2 tickets went on sale in March. I was pretty out of it and didn't realize I missed the onsale date. By the time I tried to get tickets they were sold out. For 9 months I faithfully checked Ticketmaster to see if any tickets were released. I scanned Ebay but couldn't swing the outrageous prices.

Last night at 5 pm I checked Ticketmaster one last time. Imagine my shock when 2 tickets in Section 111 Row 4 popped up! My hands were shaking but I somehow managed to finish the transaction. I called my mom, who loves U2, and told her to get ready quick! When we got to our seats I almost passed out. Section 111 Row 4 just happened to be the front row! The ramp was so close to us. I have never been that close to U2 before.

As for the concert, it was amazing. Congrats to the lady who, according to these boards, keeps getting pulled on stage. Way to go! My favorite was "Where the Streets Have No Names". I never grow tired of that song. I loved watching Bono and the Edge run by us around the ramp during the show. I was in U2 Heaven.
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How do you write a fan review of a U2 concert? Sure, we’ve all read reviews of shows in the newspaper or in magazines such as Rolling Stone... “real” reviews by people who go to concerts as part of their profession. They get paid to write out setlists, take notes, and look at things objectively. In the U2 community, however, objectivity is a characteristic that can be in short supply, at least when it comes to the die-hard fans who forego warm feet for 12 hours and sometimes rent money to take part in the religious experience of singing along to “Where the Streets Have No Name.” This was the way of it on Saturday, December 10, in Cleveland.

Being a part of Interference.com, I was nervous about writing a review. I almost decided not to do it—just to let the idea fade away. I was afraid of having to take notes—and, thus, not really enjoying the show—so that later I could give an exact summary of what happened, from song to song, lyric to lyric. But fans know what the songs sound like. It’s what happens in those live moments that make the experience special. It’s remembering those moments that make a review of a U2 concert.

The confetti that fell from the ceiling at the start of “City of Blinding Lights” was a sprinkling of fairy dust, signifying that the world of cold fingers, sore feet, and wind-chapped faces was to be left behind for the world inside where time runs differently and people don’t stand in line but join together with shared affection and understanding. The U2 of Saturday night’s show was a U2 so sure of itself that it accepted, and even expected, help from the crowd. And the crowd gave them what they wanted. Bono didn’t need to encourage the audience to take up a line or melody—it was automatic. It was a part of that magic that fell from the sky. Bono, the Edge, Adam Clayton, and Larry Mullen Jr. used that magic to convince people that the world they imagine—one with understanding, respect, and peace—was possible. We all knew that when we left the arena that our lives would be full of the same trifling annoyances, but for two hours people believed that they could change themselves and that they could change the world. When we go to a U2 show, we leave our cynicism at the door. In a word, we coexist. It’s the message that contains the magic. Bono and the others put it into their audiences and send it out into the world.

While U2 have played songs from The Beatles and John Lennon at other shows on this tour, this show had special significance. John Lennon was killed 25 years ago this week. For some of us, the idea that Lennon was wiped out by a man who considered himself a fan is still a shock; the memory of the threats that Bono received all those years ago because of his support of a national holiday for Martin Luther King Jr. brings to mind a connection to Lennon that we’d rather not make. The concert in Cleveland, home of the coining of “Rock ‘n’ roll” and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, could be considered a tribute to Lennon. For U2, as it was for Lennon, the song is the message. And, it can be argued, Bono has taken over where Lennon left off. It is easy to scoff at the dream of peace, the idea of human rights, because these are huge wishes. It takes almost an impossible amount of faith—and, some may say, a huge ego or even a bit of insanity—to believe in them. Lennon believed. Bono believes. And we believe. When he needed it, we all sang “Help.” In case we forgot, he made us believe that “We all shine on.” And in case we needed a little extra convincing that there is such a thing as “Instant Karma” (the good kind!), the names of people who texted their names to the One Campaign were flashed on the jumbo screen above our heads.

It’s the smaller, intimate moments that make a U2 show special. We watched Adam laugh as Bono joked about Larry dancing. We saw the man—the dad—in Bono when he pulled a little girl out of the audience to represent the next generation of people that we have to help along and then put his hand out to take the gum she was chewing. We cheered as the Edge and Bono chased one another at full speed around the ellipse during “Until the End of the World.” And we smiled when Bono pulled Miroslava out of the front of the audience to cuddle during “One.”

U2 shows are big things, but the band does what it needs to make them feel small and intimate. It’s part of U2’s philosophy from the early days—to connect with the people in the audience. On Saturday night, light was the connector. We lit the arena up like a Christmas tree with our cell phones, using the magic of technology to connect with the band. Toward the end of the show, Bono picked up a light and spun around several times, throwing light on the fans in the upper seats, illuminating them for the people on the other side of the arena or down below, bringing everyone together. Maybe that’s why we go—to find a place where we can connect with people who won’t laugh at our idea that things can be better, to share the faerie dust.
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Absolutely beautiful enggirl, thank you.
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My third Vertigo show… and I was really excited for this one. I first saw U2 in Cleveland back on December 9, 1984 on the Unforgettable Fire tour – 21 years and a day from the date of this show. My husband came along with me for this concert and we drove up to Cleveland early in the day in order to make a visit to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The day began with a thrill as we drove into downtown along Lake Erie and spotted U2’s private jet parked on the tarmac at Burke Airport. I took that as a good omen for the day.

The R&R Hall of Fame was great – It’s an incredible museum. There is lots of great U2 stuff to see, starting with the neon sign and the little cars from the ZooTV tour, which are hanging in the main lobby. It was the perfect way to get warmed up for the concert that evening. If you are ever going to be in Cleveland, it’s definitely worth a stop.

We met two really nice U2 fans in the Hall of Fame. Unfortunately, we didn’t ask their names, but they were a nurse from Madison, Wisconsin and her 75-year-old mother. The mom had a t-shirt that read something like “Oldest U2 Fan” and they were on their 10th show, I believe. They had GA tickets and we spotted them in the ellipse later during the concert. I hope I have half this woman’s stamina when I’m her age!

We went to the sports bar in the arena to grab a couple of drinks and some food before the concert. While we were there, a guy with a two-way radio and crew credentials sat down near us at the bar. We asked if he was with U2 and he said he was on their crew. He joined the tour about a month ago, filling in for someone who’d gotten hurt. He said U2 was the best organization he’d ever worked for and they really treated their people well. He introduced himself as “Pinky” and said he was getting something to settle his stomach because he hadn’t been feeling that great. He told us he usually wears a kilt while he’s working, but he wasn’t sure he was going to wear it because he wasn’t feeling well. He must have been feeling better because we think we spotted him on stage – in the kilt! – during the changeover between Institute and U2.

Our seats were okay, but not great. We were right beside the stage on Edge’s side but up in the 200 level. We were far enough to the side that we could not see the front of the stage, including the big video screens and the images on the light curtains. Plus the side video screen seemed kind of dark – During City of Blinding Lights (ironically), I thought Larry’s section of the screen wasn’t working because it was so dark. It was a little bit of a disappointment after being in much better lower-level seats in Philly and Pittsburgh. I felt more like a spectator, instead of like I was part of the energy of the show.

But, I don’t want to make it sound worse than it was. The show was awesome and we did have a great time! Personal highlights for me were the songs that hadn’t been in the set lists at my previous Vertigo shows - Gloria (which I last heard live at that show in 1984), Original of the Species, Mysterious Ways, Instant Karma, and especially Until the End of the World. That song was INCREDIBLE. Bono and The Edge did two full laps around the ellipse at full speed in the middle of the song! I couldn’t believe Bono had any breath left to start singing again and I was blown away watching The Edge play this intense, intricate guitar solo while running!

Random Thoughts:
During one of the encore songs, Adam was behind Bono, who obviously didn’t see him. Bono back up and bumped right into Adam. It was amusing, although I was too far away to see their reactions so I’m not sure if they were amused or annoyed.

I thought Bono’s voice was a little strained, especially during the second half of the show. He still nailed the high note in Sometimes and the opera portion of Miss Sarajevo, but his voice did sound raw and scratchy at times. I was hoping for Bad during the encore, but I figured his voice wasn’t up to it.

During SBS when Bono brought the young girl up on stage to sing the “no more” part, the first time she said it, it didn’t sound very clear. Bono told her to spit out her gum, which she did… into his hand! He gave it back to her before she went back into the ellipse! I wonder if she’ll keep it?

One advantage of being in the upper level is that the constellation of cell phones looks even more amazing from above. It was really beautiful from that vantage point.

Overall, another incredible evening and I am sad that this will be my last show of the Vertigo tour. Let’s do it again soon, boys!
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First of all, I'll give everyone in the GA line credit. It was sooooo cold out. The wind was brutal. My brother and I froze our butts off waiting at their hotel for three hours for them to come out. It did pay off as I now have Edge's and Bono's autograph on my ATYCLB record cover. Bono didn't seem to be in the best of moods. This was my fourth and final show of the tour, and first time without GA. It was disappointing not to be on the floor, but I thought the show was still very good. Instant Karma was my class song, so hearing U2 perform that was special. I will say, many of the people in section C 128 were duds. I think most of them didn't know the majority of the songs. The lady in front of me yelled at me for cheering too loud between songs. What's up with that? She didn't even know "40." UTEOTW was fantastic, especially with Edge and Bono chasing each other. How can Edge, in a full sprint, play the song perfectly? All in all, a fantastic night.

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