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Ticket situation in Las Vegas

Yes, flying to Vegas was worth it.

Vegas 1 inside the ellipse, Vegas 2 nine rows from the floor on Adam's side, first time in a seat for this tour, got the ticket last Spring by logging onto Ticketmaster at the right moment.

Sat in this great seat, amazing view, but, unfortunately, was surrounded almost entirely by "comps"... nice people, but not U2 fans.

The dude next to me was from Manchester, great guy, but it was his first U2 show. He asked me whether they will play a lot of their new stuff. I said, yes, they'll play 7-8 songs from "Bomb"... he frowned and replied that he hadn't heard anything new from them since "The Joshua Tree".


I attempted to mollify him by saying that they might play "SBS" and "WOWY". This prospect pleased the amiable Mancunian, he smiled and grinned.

So, I asked this nice guy how he ended up with such a great ticket?..... "Oh! Almost everyone in this section here works for the Bank of Scotland, which has important contracts with the MGM.... we got these tickets as gifts."

Uh-oh (part two).

During "Miracle Drug", everyone around us sat down... we continued to stand and sing, which caused more than of few of these comps to yell at us to "sit the fuck down".

Lots of these same people left halfway through the show, which provided ample opportunities for friends and acquaintances with crap seats behind the stage to amble on down and liven up the scene a bit, so all was not bad.

Decent tickets not behind the stage were being sold openly by scalpers outside the arena entrance for cost ($60 or $190) fifteen minutes before Damien Marley came on, with GAs going for $200 each at that point.

Casino security was very cool about it all, no one caused a scene.

Ticket drops occured throughout the day at the MGM box office, with a few dozen GAs becoming available, and many more seated tickets appearing more often, all at the real face prices, without the Ticketmaster fees.

Despite all this, the fans were quite loud when they cheered, considering the place only held 15,500 ticketholders. Bono took out his earpiece after "Streets" so he could hear us roaring our approval, which went on for quite a long time, with Bono standing on the catwalk just smiling and soaking it all in.

So, whatever U2 'knowledge' the freebie-ticket people lacked was more than overcome by their enthusiasm at the right moments.

Maybe U2 even converted a few of those pleasant bankers, who in turn might provide their not inconsiderable wealth and power to the One Campaign or DATA, one hopes.

Always lots of room in the Church of U2, even for the 'sit the fuck down' people.

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loved it!!! Thank u for that 'review'!! lol! glad it was U2 magic Anyway!!! Rock On....

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Glad you enjoyed the show. I had a "U2" fan next to me during the Houston show who didn't know much of the new stuff or Boy songs. And throughout the show I would look around to see the stiffs just standing there throughout the show and only singing during the hits. Even though U2 really hasn't shaken things up too much, I'm still proud of them playing the new tracks and the rare tunes. Though Miracle Drug needs to move to the encore or somewhere else in the set.
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who cares if the people around you know one song or a hundred. what's the difference, really? i mean, so one guy knows the lyrics to vertigo and one knows what color edge's underwear are, who cares. in what way does that affect the way YOU enjoy a U2 show? this line of thinking is lame. i mean, can you only enjoy the music when you're standing on your feet? do you stand up at home when you put a cd in? and oh look, your neighbors are in their yard and *gasp* they aren't yelling and jumping like maniacs. how are you possibly going to enjoy the music now???

when the crowd around me sat during miracle drug, i sat too. it has nothing to do with being a "true fan" or not, it has to do with being polite.

and guess what? i still enjoyed the show immensly.
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I've been sitting down during Miracle Drug myself, just to listen to Bono sing it. He shines on that song.
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