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Memories 2005-07-29 @ Ullevi in Sweden

howdy y'all,

Below is a copy of a conversation I had in the u2 chat today.
Christian is looking for the 2 irish girls who filmed him running the 100 m dash in his underwear @ the July 29, at Ullevi in Sweden show.

if you know the 2 irish girls or you are one of them, contact me @ so I can give you Christians email addy, so he can get a copy of this historic event.

Thank you
Please don’t shoot the messenger lol


[16:58] <duvaN> any irish girl here that has been in sweden on u2
[17:01] <duvaN> 2 irish girl filmed me at u2 at ullevi in sweden when i were running naked before the consert
[17:01] <Appy> wow
[17:01] <Appy> so can we see that?
[17:02] <Appy> who are the 2 girls are they interference members?
[17:02] <duvaN> i dont know
[17:02] <duvaN> the are probably big fans
[17:02] <Appy> well have they sent you the clip?
[17:03] <duvaN> nope i dont know them
[17:03] <duvaN> or were they are
[17:03] <duvaN> no email or nr or nothing
[17:03] <Appy> gosh
[17:03] <Appy> this would be something that would be worth putting on the dvd if there is one
[17:04] <Appy> well you can post messages to the wires and in the and interference forum
[17:04] <Appy> just spam the hell out of all hte u2 lists
[17:04] <Appy> the
[17:04] <duvaN> how do i do that
[17:05] <duvaN> can you help me
[17:05] <Appy> yeah
[17:05] <Appy> but i would need your name they date of the show
[17:05] <Appy> and an email so i can make sure you get a copy of the video too
[17:05] <duvaN> christian dufåker
[17:06] <duvaN> email :
[17:06] <Appy> exact date of the show
[17:06] <Appy> i will spam all lists
[17:06] <Appy> lol
[17:07] <duvaN> wait have to go and find what date it was
[17:09] <duvaN> 29 of july at ullevi in sweden
[17:09] <Appy> ok
[17:10] <Appy> and this was b4 the show
[17:11] <Appy> and you were naked in front of the GA line?
[17:11] <Appy> or around it?
[17:12] <duvaN> i had my underwear on and made them like string panties and running at 100 meters and the hole stadium screamed
[17:12] <duvaN> and clapped there hands
[17:12] <duvaN> you understand what i mean'
[17:13] <duvaN> put them up my crack
[17:13] <duvaN> or how you say it
[17:13] <Appy> ok
[17:13] <Appy> like a thong
[17:13] <duvaN> yeah
[17:13] <Appy> ok
[17:14] <Appy> so it was a warm day
[17:14] <duvaN> and pretended that i was an 100 m runner
[17:14] <Appy> lol
[17:15] <Appy> ok
[17:15] <Appy> i will make a post
[17:15] <duvaN> that would be really nice of you
[17:19] <Appy> np
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