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View Poll Results: Would you be mad if U2 didn’t play Streets in the third leg of this tour?
Yes! 65 74.71%
No! 22 25.29%
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Old 04-22-2005, 06:36 AM   #31
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Drop "Pride"? Pride is one of those quintessential U2 songs that needs to be on every tour, much like Streets, SBS, Bad, and now, Beautiful Day.

If I don't hear these songs in Pittsburgh 10/22 there will be hell to pay!!!! (Just kidding)

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Old 04-22-2005, 06:53 AM   #32
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I have seen U2 at least ten times and I still want to hear Streets everytime I go. It's not like I see them and hear the song once a year or even every other year. I see them every four or five years. To me that's way to much time to go without hearing it live. If they skip a tour and not play streets that would mean maybe eight years without hearing it. Unconscionable!

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Old 04-22-2005, 11:48 AM   #33
The Fly
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I have seen U2 13 times since 1987 and IMO it is time to put it to rest - it has become the "commercial" U2 song. If they didn't play it the rest of this tour - it would make it so much more exciting when they bring it back the next. I like it when a band "draws up new songs and concepts" and shows the crowd their creativity. Repeating the same songs like Streets, New Years, Pride has gotten stale - on the other hand - if given new treatments and life the songs can be killer live. The red screen was so exciting in 87 and 88 and now it is just Streets even with the Africa hollas...
I want to hear Bono write a new song about Africa with the same passion - now that would be a song - something so close to his heart...Creativity - don't let it fade away...Inspiration fuels creativity....
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Old 04-22-2005, 12:24 PM   #34
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Originally posted by bedouin fire

the elevation shows were full of refernces with solidarity to the usa (being the main one also during streets - the flag in the jacket, the names of the 11/09 victims and so on), which i think it was fair due to what happened, besides the fact that made very nice and emotional moments of the show, but it annoyed also a lot of people from this "not usa" part of the world.
I think you're forgetting some major points here.

1.) U2 was the first major band to play shows in the USA after 9/11; of course they're going to do some sort of tribute--which they did when they scrolled the named of victims during "one."

2.) Bono wore his flag lined jacket on the 1st leg shows in the U.S. also. So what? U2 has always had a love affair with America. I have some boots where U2 puts on some soccer uniforms of whatever country they're in. Does this annoy me because I'm not a fan of that team? Of course not! U2 always plans to the crowd/city/country that they're in.

3.) My major point, from this annoying line: "but it annoyed also a lot of people from this "not usa" part of the world." Where exaclty was U2 touring after 9/11??? Hmm.. Almost exclusively in the U.S.(I believe they played 1 date in Canada). Why on earth would people from Lisbon, Spain, Germany, Ireland, the UK..ect ever be annoyed with the tributes U2 as doing IN the U.S.A. after 9/11???? It didn't in take away from the music or emotion at all--rather it created a whole atmosphere of healing.

That in no way compares with the "africa africa africa" chanting during 'Streets.' Of course Bono wants people to be aware of Africa because he's been doing so much work there. A lot of people just feel that the political stuff during Streets sort of hurts the song. I'm not saying Bono shouldn't talk of Africa, because his speeches during "Pride" have been awesome. He also has his "One Campaign" speech every night before 'One.' He should talk about it every chance he gets, but I'm also agree with others that "africa africa africa" is cheesy and hurts the song--even though it has a good message. It just doesn't add anything special to the song IMO.
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Old 04-22-2005, 12:28 PM   #35
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If U2 quit playing Streets on the 3rd leg--even though they won't--I wouldn't be bothered too much.

I personally find the Vertigo Tour version to be the most uninspired, weak version of the song ever. I hate the "africa africa africa" chants. I miss the red lights and the "blinding lights" during the intro--those both somehow always added to the magic of the song; and without those elements I find Streets to be weakened.
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Old 04-22-2005, 06:57 PM   #36
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If we're talking about overplayed songs, Pride and Bullet MUST both go before Streets.

Then we can talk.
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Old 04-22-2005, 08:48 PM   #37
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Would seem odd to me if they dropped Streets (wont happen though) as its one of the "standards" that I dont get tired of at all. But if they did I wouldnt be bitching about it. I would hope though it would be replaced with something else cool that maybe hadnt been done in awhile. IE full band In God's Country or One Tree Hill or God Part II or Hawkmoon 269 or Unf. Fire............ you get the point.
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Old 04-22-2005, 08:57 PM   #38
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I'd be mad if they dropped it, since it is my favorite song, but I'd get over it.

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