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a conversation between me and Axver (UTTER SETLISTS FREAKS)

GUYS, FEEL FREE TO JOIN IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

> On Wed, 01 Dec 2004 17:36:29 +0100, gabriele lanfranco
> <glanfranco@essegierre.it> wrote:
>> Hello axver. this is gabriele1971 from the interference forum; I write you
>> via mail 'cos the forum is too crowded.
>> After listening to da bomb 100 times, here's what I've come up with for the
>> 2005 setlist.
>> The band plays 23 songs a night
>> 8 are new, 15 are old
>> new songs played every night:
>> vertigo/aboy/sometimes/jahweh/love peace/blinding lights
>> miracle drug rotates with crumbs and original (see below)
>> man + woman/fast cars pop up here and there as a ninth new song in acoustic
>> form (see below)
>> there's an acoustic set made of 2 songs: first song is full band; second is
>> acoustic song b+e (whatever comes to mind), or piano song b+e, or solo
>> bono, or solo edge
>> old songs played every night:
>> sunday
>> beautiful day
>> one
>> streets
>> vertigo opens every show.
>> one/streets is always the second encore
>> everything else is put into rotation.
>> 1-vertigo
>> 2-all because of you
>> 3-light my way (end of the world/real thing/the fly/do you feel loved/god
>> part two/in gods country/exit/last night/desire electric)
>> 4-unfire (ny day/1 tree/homecoming/discostaring/mist ways/lemon/hold me)
>> 5-miracle drug/crumbs
>> 6-sometimes
>> 7-el storm (gone/zooropa/homecoming/when i look full band electric/wake up
>> dead man full band electric/staring full band electric/ground beneath full
>> band electric/1 tree/kite/stuck/stay full band electric/babyface)
>> 8-jaweh
>> 9-gloria (follow/control/11 o'clock/el.co/ny day/pride/last night/exit/end
>> of the world/in gods country)
>> 10-sunday
>> 11-crumbs/original/miracle drug
>> 12-acoustic song whole band (seconds/desire/hawkmoon/trip/wild
>> honey/angel/lovetown/party girl/found/daddy's gonna pay/little while/man and
>> woman/fast cars/falling at your feet/wild honey...)
>> 13-acoustic song b+e (whatever comes to mind, just avoid obvious choices
>> like staring or stay) - or piano song b+e
>> (october/original/running/sweetest) - or solo bono on guitar - or solo edge
>> (van diemens?)
>> 14-love + peace
>> 15-please - popmart version (bad/all I want/dirty day/bullet/peace on earth
>> full band)
>> 16-blinding lights
>> 17-beautiful day
>> 18-follow(control/pride/elevation/walk on)
>> -------------------------------
>> 19-elevation(discotheque/real thing/desire electric/hold me/lemon)
>> 20-found(without you/all i want/ny day/mist ways/kite/stay full band
>> electric/stuck/staring full band electric/running to stand still)
>> 21-pride (gloria/without you/follow/control/walk on/ny day)
>> --------------------------------
>> 22-one
>> 23-streets
>> I think that slightly alterations can be made to this structure.
>> like:
>> sometimes the band performs a 3 song acoustic set, 2 full band + 1 B/E, or a
>> 2 song piano set....
>> sometimes the band adds a song to the first encore
>> sometimes the band does a third encore (comes back after streets and
>> performs a couple more songs)
>> what do you think?
> Wow, you have definitely put a lot of effort into that! Very
> impressive. It is such a shame U2 would never do such large-scale
> rotation. It looks AWESOME written down and it would be so much more
> amazing if they did it.
> Firstly, regarding your choices for new songs to be played ... I
> suspect Miracle Drug will definitely be played every night. It has
> been played at most promotional gigs (not even Vertigo has appeared at
> all of them) and I think it will be in each night's setlist. I would
> suspect Yahweh would be rotated rather than Miracle Drug. I am
> wondering how the band will play OOTS - it hasn't been done with Edge
> on guitar yet so maybe it will be an acoustic number? We will have to
> wait and see, I suppose.
> Sunday Bloody Sunday every night ... I am not sure about that. I
> think it will depend on the political stance of the shows. I think
> they will play it, though. Imagine a concert with SBS, Bullet, and
> LAPOE! That is very political!
> Regarding your second encore ... I cannot imagine Streets closing a
> show. The latest it has ever been played in a full concert is the
> first song of an encore during the JT days. I think that only
> happened once. Historically, it has been an opener (JT and Lovetown),
> approximately fifth or sixth (Lovetown), near the end of the main set
> (ZooTV and Elevation) and at the end of the main set (Popmart). It
> may be played at the end of the whole set, but I think the band will
> keep it in the main set. However, I do like your encore set. I can
> imagine the band linking One and Streets with One Step Closer. OSC
> would work as both the snippet to follow One (like Unchained Melody)
> and as a song flowing into Streets. I'd love it!
> It's a shame some of your alternate selections are not realistic ...
> the band have never and will never do a full band Wake Up Dead Man,
> which makes me sad because that's one of my favourite songs. A return
> of Stay in full electric would be incredible. I can't believe songs
> like Do You Feel Loved and Babyface were cut after six and five
> performances respectively.
> The only other problem I have is the inclusion of Elevation. I don't
> think U2 would play Vertigo and Elevation in the same concert because
> they do share some distinct similarities. I think they would be more
> likely to use an uptempo older song like I Will Follow or Out Of
> Control.
> That's about it for my thoughts. As I said before, I find your sets
> to be very impressive! Some nice work. I just wish U2 would do more
> rotation to make your sets realistic!
> Have a good one,
> André/Axver

Hi axver, thanks for answering.
I will explain some of my choices.
first, the idea of all these rotations has come up to me by following Bruce Sringsteen's 2002-2003 world tour, which came to your shores in march 2003.
he played 120 shows and never the same set.
he played something like 150 different songs, averaging 25 each night. he was able to do that by having some firm points in his set (opener, closer, fisrt encore, last encore...) and having a lot of single alternatives for almost every spot on the set; and mind you, he plays the biggest stadia in the world, he's about the only one out there as big as U2.
for instance, I went to see him 3 times over the tour and had the pleasure of hearing about 50 (fifty) different songs!!!!!!!!
REM and PEARL JAM and RADIOHEAD more or less do the same thing, and they all are very big and play stadia and arenas.
so I went:
so I started scrachting my head, and came up with the above list.

my points were:
1) since the album is so good, U2 HAVE to play at least 8 new numbers each night.
2) what new songs must be done nightly? vertigo/aboy/sometimes/jahweh/love peace/blinding lights. they all are very different, and represent the new record and the various styles of the band so well. yeah, I know MD has APPARENTLY more chances of being done nightly than JAHWEH, but with U2 you never can tell...upon hearing POP, I THOUGHT "if god..." will be done every night, and velvet dress will never be played. wrong on my part.
3) what old songs MUST be done every night? SUNDAY, B.DAY, ONE, STREETS. I won't explain you why, you know.
4) the idea of closing with streets came up to me after seeing the SUPERBOWL 'O2 performance. I think that is the definitive U2 live song, so why not saving it for last? moreover, blinding lights can work in the main set as the new "streets"!!!!!!!!!! and yes, a snippet between ONE and STREETS would be wonderful. I'd love MLK, just like at the SUPERBOWL.
5) I'm particularly proud of some sequences on the BASIC SET LIST (the one out of the parenthesis).
MD-SOMETIMES-ELECTRICAL STORM-JAWEH-GLORIA: jaweh-gloria would work wonderfully, as they are both about GOD; even JAWEH-IN GODS COUNTRY would be killer
LOVE PEACE-PLEASE-CiTY-BEAUTIFUL DAY-FOLLOW: LPOE into please into city is really like bullet into please into streets of Popmart. I can really see bono saying to the audience YOU LOOK SO BEAUTIFUL TONIGHT after city, and then crashing into BEAUTIFUL DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
I even think that a piano set would be a nice trade for the tired and WORN OUT acoustic set.
6) i know some of my selections are a bit unrealistic (WAKE UP DEAD MAN, GROUND BENEATH, STAY, WHEN I LOOK all full band electric) but...we can dream out loud. and never say never with U2: I never thought that they'd play ALL I WANT IS YOU in full again, since they did it cut short or acoustic on ZOO TV and POPMART, and they played it in full on Elevation. I never thought we'd hear 11 0'CLOCK again....
7) i wouldn't rule out the band playing elevation, stuck, walk on. the ALL THAT YOU...record was very popular, especially in the US after 9/11, and U2 know how to please and soothe their audience.


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Streets will be the closing number... in their last concert... even they know that... but this is a tour for a disc.... so it must be a song from that disc

I say City Of Blinding Lights... OH -YOU - LOOK - SO - BEAUTIFUL -TONIGHT!!!
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