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Old 03-11-2006, 03:05 PM   #1
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Seperate "emotions" and "logistics" threads?

I know it's a tough and busy time for the mods, and I know there are already a couple of threads this can be done in, but is there any way to have very clearly and explicitly seperate threads (perhaps in the same forum) to discuss different aspects of this postponement? One set up to discuss emotions/sympathy, etc., and one set up to discuss the nitty gritty of tickets, hotels, transportation, etc.?

That way the people who do have legitimate concerns, questions and comments about how the postponement impacts them won't have to be attacked by people who don't think such discussion is seemly. Likewise, those who don't think the nitty gritty discussions are seemly won't have to read them, but can go directly to the emotions/sympathy thread.

I do realise there is already a Good Vibes/Prayers thread in ETYKIW and I think it's great, but it doesn't seem to get the attention in that forum as the tour postponement thread does in the current tour forum. Maybe if one thread is moved so both threads are in the same forum, and then just reword the tour postponement thread (perhaps add "logistics issues etc" or something similar) that would work.

I also realise it won't stop all spats (or make everyone happy) but I don't think it's right that people with valid concerns and questions about more concrete issues regarding the postponement should be hesitant to post lest they be considered heartless and unfeeling.

** Just wanted to reiterate that I think the mods are doing a wonderful job in a very trying time, and that this suggestion is in no way intended to put them down. Honestly, I just think it could help calm some tensions and make their jobs a bit easier.

Thanks for the consideration.

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I think you should be a mod Indra.

That sounds like a really good idea.

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Old 03-11-2006, 05:43 PM   #3
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I thought it was an excellent suggestion when you first made it. However, not sure how that would transfer from theory to execution.

My concern as a mod would be that if someone makes an "emotional" or "too personal" post in the logistics thread the people there will jump on them, etc. etc. The lines are unfortunately too thin right now.

If someone cares to start the threads with an explanation of their purpose, they will not be closed. I personally have been staying away from reading the tour forums too much. I will of course look after reported posts and the like, but am not in the mood to babysit these types of threads or direct traffic to the appropriate ones.
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I agree and I nominate Indra to moderate it!

I wasn't going to any of the remaining shows, but the tour and the band are still very important to me and I have several friends who had plans to go. And I don't mean to sound like I'm glad this is happening, but if shows are rescheduled for the fall, I have a honeymoon to plan. It's difficult to weed out any real information among the gazillions of posts of sympathy and then the subsequent dozen posts of a quote and "amen" *hugs*.
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