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New Charity Distribution Vehicle - U2 fans can help

Mods -- please post this if appropriate wherever you see fit -- I personally believe that the following information would be of interest to many U2 fans and the causes they support. However, the following borders on "promotion" and I do not want to be percieved as violating the rules of Interference or otherwise getting kicked off -- I like this place (-:

A new webservice, eSwarm, allows registered users to start and participate in "swarms" -- a swarm is similar to an online auction, except that the swarm sets and fixes the price of a given product or service. For example, registered users can start a swarm for an MP3 player at $75. Ultimately, more users that are interested in the hypothetical MP3 swarm join the swarm and can get the MP3 player for $75. Once the swarm ends, suppliers will come in and supply the swarm by honoring the price set by the swarm. If multiple businesses want to compete for the swarm supply, in theory the swarm price could go below the $75 in the example.

The beauty of this? eSwarm allows the swarm to fix a percentage of the transaction to benefit a charity, group or cause -- think African Well Fund. If the total swarm ends up with 1,000 $75 MP3 players, then each user gets the MP3 player and, to continue the analogy, AFW would get 3% of $75,000.

Registration is free at *link removed by Sicy* -- users can swarm around any product or service, and they can benefit any charity, group or cause.

To reiterate, I'm posting this here, and hoping that the mods will make this one post available to many in varioius forums; perhaps even on the home page temporarily -- I beleive that many U2 fans could see this as a good way to purchase products or services with the bulk buying power of swarms and get the beneifit of helping their favorite cause.

Please email at if you would like more information -- my role with eSwarm is simple -- I have provided them feedback on their business model and website and I have considered, but not committed to their next round of financing as a start up company.

Regards to all.
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