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Old 01-23-2009, 03:11 PM   #16
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Every person that disagrees with LastEdgeonEarth and calls him out on it is a troll, guys! You're all trolls!

Don't think this is going to go unpunished. He knows people!

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Please don't ban LastEdgeOnEarth for this. I mean the guy is a Cubs fan. Hasn't he suffered enough?

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Originally Posted by indra View Post
And I though this was going to be a boring day.

*goes warming up the IB thread*
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Old 01-23-2009, 03:40 PM   #20
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Originally Posted by GirlsAloudFan View Post
Please don't ban LastEdgeOnEarth for this. I mean the guy is a Cubs fan. Hasn't he suffered enough?
Are you one of the people he knows? He knows people, you know.
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Old 01-23-2009, 03:52 PM   #21
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I'm sorry but I will not sit here and be threatened and insulted for doing my job. This is a privately owned forum. "Freedom of Speech" does not apply to privately owned forums and websites. We have rules and when you sign up you agree to abide by them. I've linked you to the FAQs too many times, I'm not going to do it again. My last post to you in your last closed thread was me having had enough after contacting you several times about the issues and you completely ignoring anything we asked you to do (or not to do).

After receiving several threatening pm's from you for closing your threads, I decided to put you on a 2 week suspension rather than banning you altogether. Obviously I was being too nice. I let you back and this is the first thing you post? I will NOT tolerate being threatened and harassed. I put in 12 hours a day here to try to keep this place running smoothly. None of the mods get paid for this. We put up with enough shit around here without having to deal with members being rude and threatening to the mod team for doing our jobs. If you don't like the way things are run around here then you are free to go somewhere else.

So please feel free to go take 'serious action'. Your threats are the funniest thing I've ever read here. Are you going to call your attorney?

I was fine with letting you back here after suspension and giving you another chance despite your personal attacks against the mods. Too bad you were not smart enough to just go about your business. But hell if you think I'm going to let you stay here after this.
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Old 01-23-2009, 03:56 PM   #22
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Well, I underestimated you, LastEdge. I gave you two weeks after your return.

It’s called “FREEDOM OF SPEECH”. I will no longer be a silent drone to this oppression and tyrannical censorship.
How much longer should these mods be allowed to force their hand and rule us with an iron fist(mouse). They misunderstand their authority it seems. They are here to mediate. Not dictate. It’s a profound abuse of power.
You seem to be mistaking this site for a democracy. This is a privately run site, and as such, can be run as its owners and administrators see fit. Your only freedom of speech here is the freedom granted by the policies and rules set forth by those who run this site. If you don't like it, no one is forcing you to stay. If you happen to get banned for breaking the (clearly outlined) rules, you have no legal recourse.

Which brings me to my ultimate point. The mod team and those who run this site try our best to be tolerant of the different personalities, posting styles and disagreements that inevitably come up on this site. However, we will absolutely NOT tolerate anyone who threatens this site with what amounts to illegal acts. You may consider yourself to be in some position of power on this issue, but I assure you, you are not.

Oh, and in case you're wondering why this thread is now closed, here's a few selections from the FAQ:

Personally attacking other members of the forum is unacceptable and may result in an individual warning to the members in question, which may ultimately lead to banishment from the forum.
To which I would add threatening anyone on this site with retribution.

Oh, and another one, since I'm quite sure Sicy gave you enough warning when she allowed you back here:

If you have been warned by the administrators on more than one occasion to not personally attack other members of the forum, or for any other reasons, and do not agree to comply, you may be banned. Name calling is absolutely not allowed. Members who do not listen to moderator/admin warnings and continue to carry on after a mod has warned them in the thread(s), may be temporarily suspended from one or all of the forums for a week or longer, depending on what they did and how they cooperate during the suspension.
Nice knowing you.

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