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What a lucky night for Katrin in Dalkey !

I propose to follow the story of an enthusiastic German fan, Katrin, who met Bono in Dublin on last April 20, and who kindly allowed to publish his story translated into Italian on U2place.com. I tried to translate in english, this may sometimes be inaccurate. So you can look the original article here :

Metti una sera al pub: il racconto di una fan che ha incontrato Bono - U2place, le notizie in italiano sugli U2

It was the second day that Sandra, Anne and I would spend in Dublin. It was' a sunny day, it looked promising! We had an appointment with Bonnie. Bonnie is a friend of Florida. On April 20, arrived in Dublin. During the holiday in Dublin would have stayed at a beautiful Bed & Breakfast in Killiney. As already mentioned, we met with Bonnie between 11.00 and 12.00 to Clarence. The joy to meet again in the course was great. Bonnie was dead tired and had to contend with jet lag. However, we spent several hours between Temple Bar, the studies of our heroes ... in a couple of pubs for a drink and something to eat. In the end we decided to go together in Killiney. Bonnie was in desperate need of his bed. Now I think it is superfluous to tell you who lives in Killiney ... At some point, it was about 16:15 / 16:30, we arrived in Killiney. Once again we were before the holy door that leads to the kingdom of heaven: our hero Bono! We were there to talk about possible encounters and dreams ... Suddenly, two young women come from Dalkey. They were very excited. They told us to have met Bono. Yes .... our hero. They met Bono in the country side ... Dalkey! The girls were very friendly and told us we needed to be to Dalkey to meet Bono! We had to seize this opportunity. Amazing how the two girls were polite. Bonnie looked damn tired. He said: ".. you have to seize this opportunity - go to Dalkey, I need to sleep or I will fall to the ground ..."! One of them called out: "If you meet our hero, give him a big hug from me!" Sandra, Anne and I then we flew towards Dalkey in search of fortune. An incredibly big dream was finally about to come true! We walked a few meters. Then I have to mock up your thumb to stop a car. He must be a joke ... It took less than a minute, and a car with two older has stopped. The lady asked us where we wanted to go. We told them we were going to Dalkey. The elderly couple - incredibly - has led us to Dalkey. We had a good chat with the two gentlemen! One thing you must always tell the Irish: they are incredibly helpful, very friendly and very personable! It was just before 17.00 ... We were in Dalkey. We were outside the pub. One minute, and subsequent ones would be changed. We were outside the pub trying to figure out how we would react if Bono had been in that pub. We would definitely remain calm and relaxed ... Well ... the reality is that all hypotheses would be finished "at sea" if the dream had been realized. The pub has 2 input. We opted for the rear entrance. "Take the horse from behind" as they say ...! So we went on the back of the pub. We seemed very sure of ourselves. Anne led the way by going first, followed by Sandra and then by me! <br /> We walked past a wall of glass. Behind him sat a couple of people, but you could tell. We walked over. I turned and saw him, Bono! I whispered to Sandra but she did not turn around because they did not believe me! Anne believed me instead. For a moment we were speechless. He was sitting there ... Our hero, Bono. That's right! As a private with a glass of Guinness in front of him. In my pocket I had a book with my drawings and my personal history uduica. I wanted to give my book to Bono. No matter how long I should wait .... I always carried in your pocket! You never know! Now, maybe this time was to get? Unbelievable! It took seconds. For me - and certainly for Anna and Sandra spent time in slow motion. My knees were like butter ... Oh God! Anyway, I beckoned him to Bono that I wanted to show him something. Bono has made us a sign to go to him. At his table. He was sitting with some friends. Anne, Sandra and I were damn shy ... We dared not make even one step to reach Bono. But then Bono got up. We then went up to him. He asked our names and where they came from. An incredibly nice guy and cursed. Ah, that Bono! And then came the most important moment for me: I could give my book to Bono. She looked at me and said: "This is really for me?" I forget what I said, stammering. I just know that I said in English: "I have knees!" actually I meant that I yielded my knees! Bono's friends must have laughed. Anna and Sandra were standing next to me ... and I'm sure that like me ... handing over the knees. I asked Bono to pose for a picture with the 3 of us! He said: "Here, it is not possible because of the rules of the pub ..."! I said that we would have respected us then. But Bono has looked back in my ... now his book and then said: "Ok .... let's go outside". We were speechless. Anne and I were friends of Bono apologized for having brought "disorder". But everyone has responded so well, so incredibly friendly. I think anyone who becomes a friend of Bono or work with him, should be friendly! So how is he! So we went out to take a picture with our hero. Bono - the perfect gentleman - he held the door open. Soon after came a friend of Bono. It took my camera and said: "... I do the photo"! Incredibly Easy! So we stayed there - Sandra, Anne and I - with our hero, Bono! An incredible moment. So perfect ... so beautiful! Before returning Bono asked me personally if I had actually made the drawings. I said: "Bono, you are my inspiration for my drawings and my photos!" Thanks to Anne know that Bono then took my hand and led her on her face for a caress. Many thanks to Anne for reminding me. Do not really remember. Bono greeted us and is back in the pub. We stayed there for a while '. We had to understand what had just happened. Indescribable. In the end we decided to drink a beer in the pub. We had a desperate need! We again used the back entrance as not to seem pushy. And we also took place near the door. We sat there and still could not believe our luck! Sandra was sitting to my left, in front of me with a view of the pub Anne. I was sitting with his back to the pub. Eventually, Anne said: "Oh God, is coming"! We could not believe, with the two hands grabbed my shoulders. They were the hands of Bono! He said something like, "you're still here," and laughing ... went to the bathroom! When he returned, Bono has made his famous "peace sign". As he returned to his table told us (3 women) to take care of us. Bono is so beautiful seen from behind ... god! This is our great little story yet ... truly lived by Sandra, Anne and Kate ... Oh ... about: we were not able to register the scent Bono. Everyone wants to know, myself, but in a time like this ... I think that the brain are traveling alone. I'm sure that Bono smells damn good! If you have a dream, sognalo. And believe in your dreams! In the end, the most amazing things happen when you least expect to! Just at that moment! - Katrin -

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Amazing ^_^

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Wow! someday! thanks for your story of YOUR dream!! I Will have my dream someday! Soon I hope!
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