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they were pretty evasive in new zealand in 2010. a small handful of us hung outside the stadium to listen to them rehearse and were standing next to a chain link fence that overlooked where all of the catering etc was set up.

the band went through this area on golf carts afterwards and most of them were taken by security across the middle of the field so we had no idea when they were actually gone (apart from a security guard watching us who told us who was being taken away). we managed to get a wave from the edge who was taken around the athletics track instead of across the middle of the field.

did i have a point to this? don't think i did actually.

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Okay I was in Cannes on holiday looking very blonde and brown tan. My family and I were having nice but expensive drins me cola don't drink booze but I was wondering if any film stars about
well, The porter brought around put it next to me U2'S band kit, in the rock it cargo what do they call the kit they keep there instruments in? it was huge box on wheels had rock it written on it. Remembering this was what U2 used.
I thought nothing of it at the time and my brother said ''Look sis a rock band in staying here' so we played a game of lets guess who's staying ''Yeah probaly U2 or someone'' ironic. Then we left as a family and bono and one of the boys were in this flash black limmonsine (i didn't know this at the time
then somone brought out the rock it cargo kit again.
When i got home i bough the ATYCLB cd (all that you can't leave behind )
read on it rock it cargo.
apparently according to press articles the band were there so I was a few steps away from my all time favourite band and didn't know about it. damn!
I said to my bro ''wow look at that cool limosine bro''
we looked and walked away not knowing who was in there til we got home. I have to say cannes south of france is like no where on earth you see so many classy buildings and scenes like out hollywood movies!

I think u2 are the sort of band who are pretty socialable but like everyone has there good and bad days. If only had known at that time but still i don't know what i would have said.
But we were so close!

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I was about 3 feet away from Edge, who signing autographs. I said to him, "Edge you're my idol," but he didn't look up.
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When I see videos of the band meeting crowds of fans outside the hotel or venue, it looks so chaotic that of course they are going to pass over some people. I think it's unrealistic to think that if you're standing in a screaming crowd that the band members will notice YOU and talk to YOU. It's not that they're trying to snub anyone, but they would be there for hours if they stopped and talked to every single person. People need to be reasonable when it comes to this and try to see it from the band's perspective.

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