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Old 11-14-2003, 12:34 AM   #106
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Gah it looks like an awesome time was had by everyone!!

I am so definately going to try to go next year

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Hi zoney (Mrs. BAW (finally I meet you woman after close encounters in Lindsay and LA !), Luminous Times, LM PopAngel ... you guys are so damn cool, if only I woulda had *one more minute* to hang out with you guys... guess you'll all just have to head on back again k? And thanks for the props Mr. BAW, lol!

About the pics, I can't post them but you they're up on the U2GTA under 'inTO the HEART' (guess I better hurry up and post another 13 times to be able to post links, lol)...


Okay, as promised...

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"Thurs-daaaay mooorning... 5 days are dawning... I say how long... you say how long... till the next inTO the ... big ideas, OUT OF CONTROL, oh oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh (air cymbal) *tsch tsch tsch*!"

I have sat here the last couple of mornings stealing a few minutes reading your words before my day begins... with a huge dopey grin on my face and then sometimes reaching for the kleenex, just positively marveling at the wonder, passion, enthusiasm and friendship of the U2GTA both local and international. I think I've had super doses of seratonin running through my veins because baby I can only explain this feeling of elation, wonder and awe as akin to 'being in love'... dopey, eh? Oh man, how to begin. Well my fingers will have to do the talking as my heart is still in my throat as I think of the memories swimming through my brain and sharing in each of yours as you captured our special weekend in your own words. We have some pretty powerful wordsmiths here, so what follows are only my simple snapshots. I will try not to beat Sam's 4 parter (Sam you beat my LA Story, lol!), let’s see how it goes...

I have lost my voice. I am hoarse... STILL. But don't feel sorry for me... when people at work are all concerned that I'm sick or something. Nope, uh-uh. I'm 'wearing' this vocal chord damage like a badge of honour yo! Can there be a better sign of a better goddamned party than 5 days later STILL not recuperating your voice?!?! (actually as of Friday today I still don't have it back... woohoo! ) I am proud to have partied and celebrated with such heart with an absolutely amazing group of people such as YOU... Pride (in the Name of U2)!!!

Moments swimming in mind:

There I was, so proud of these girls, just positively beaming at them. From the Rock Hall in Cleveland to the Foxx Club in L.A. and now at our very own El Mocambo – I've seen these 4 artists pour their hearts out through their words, sounds and presence – and baby did they ever connect with the audience! It was a beautiful thing to watch, and gorgeous originals to groove to – did you see all those people boppin' their heads? YEAH! Such talent, an A&R person HAS go to see EXIT, they MUST be signed, the music scene NEEDS their talent to permeate through the airwaves. If you don’t own their demo, wachawaitin' for yo?!?! I love playing my signed disc... shove it baby SHOVE it yeah!!! I woulda worn my autographed EXIT tee but me thinks I had waaaay too much halloween candy to fit into it, but I hafta say that Brady looked awesome wearing his EXIT tee up on stage. Next steps? Get U2 to wear EXIT, ELEVATION and of course... Larry Mullen in a U2GTA tee while drumming!!!


... Sam, introduced them and then one by one they took to the stage, Pam took her place behind the drums, Cap and Affa picked up their guitar and bass and then Nikki leapt on stage wearing a Remembrance Day poppy on her shirt! What a class act, thanks for that (I was thinking of that as we did the minute of silence for our Vets on Nov 11). You could just feel the anticipation in the air. Then Nikki grabs the mike in her signature way, says some words on behalf of EXIT and POINTS right at me in the front row, smiles and shouts "THIS ONES FOR YOU!" I just had this huge grin on my face, how cool of her I thought, wonder if it’ll be "Or Die Trying" or "Shove"... then I hear the notes... THEN I hear what’s coming and I think I finally felt what Kelly felt when ELEVATION played Lady With a Spinning Head back in Cleve II... I f*cking freaked! My eyes bugged out of my head... it was OUT OF CONTROL!!!!!!!!! First-ever song EXIT played on Canadian soil was "my song"! I remember the first time I met Christine (Luminous Times) and Affa on Interference chatting away they led me to their website to listen to some mp3’s of U2 covers they’d done. That’s when I knew they had to kick ass, the way they make Electric Co., Out of Control and so many others their own! But this was the first time I’d heard it LIVE... I will never EVER forget that, THANK YOU!!! I was so infused with Smirnoff Ice, U2 love and wearing Pauli’s platform boots I think I might have become a bit of my alter ego the 'punkass' just going freaky crazy! The tone for the night was set - to be absolutely LEGENDARY! Just thinking about that sends me into a tizzy again... At this moment I will put out an official request for the bootleg of Saturday night’s show... someone’s got to have recorded it! Thanks for the boom, boom BOOM Affa baby! Shoeless Cap – the way you make your geeetar sing, wow! And Pam – thanks for noticing my hair in Buffalo – and of course beating the hell outta those drums (we do need to get more light on you though... good call whoever said that). And Christine, thanks for being our American Liaison and helping to get the great new yet-to-be-discovered band up to our lil’ fest. BTW, the walking tour could have been longer eh... oh yeah and pass the poutine.

But I remember the precise moment when I lost my voice completely. There I was chatting with (honestly I don’t remember who) because then suddenly ELEVATION are working their way through the crowd as PopMuzik emanated from the speakers next to me. The first thing I see is The White Cowboy and then OMG! they’re all walking by me so quickly and suddenly... I had a total Mick moment (hope you’re hearing returns Mick) shrieking a-la-Beatles fan "I LOVE YOU MICK!" Don’t know where that came from but holy sh*t... after that I was a GONEr!!! Later once I heard that bass line go way DOWNtown I was there, with Affa and Jesse and Kelly... in a fit of bass love I wanted to throw somethin' at the band and asked Kelly to help me untie the knot on my choker (that musta looked interesting when you did it with your teeth Kel ). Anyway it didn't work so what the hell, I ripped off the rose and pelted Mick with it, he was probably wondering in his dead-pan way, "oh behave Michelle", lol. Me? Behave? I don’t think so

ELEVATION. What is there left to say that hasn’t already been captured so eloquently by everyone? Just from my heart (and I’m sorry I don't mean to get all mushy but like Sammy said this is almost like therapy... who else can you really share these feelings with that truly "get it" like you guys here?)... okay, so I've been privileged to accompany you on your musical journey as a friend, as a fan, and I will always do all I can to help in what ever small capacity I can because I BELIEVE IN YOU. Someone said it perfectly, since it’s so hard to explain to the uninitiated... that you four capture the spirit... the MAGIC of U2 in each performance, and this is precisely what I tell anyone who will listen! And you Brady especially, you are the Humble Gentleman... like Jess said, maybe sometimes we're in danger of taking you guys for granted since we're so lucky that we can see you play whenever/wherever we want.

Hey Ryan from Cleveland... I love your idea. Wouldn't it be a true Atlantis to build a city of U2 fans? All these hard-core U2 fans just breaking bread together daily. Oh and just think of the number of Bono and Adam-clones walking around, lol. THAT would be U2-topia fer sure... ahhh just think of the possibilities. All the streets would have no name, ladies with spinning heads, desire in your blue room. Anyway – thanks for the dance at the screening, helping me lug stuff around when I needed an extra pair of hands, and giving Streets another level. You rock kid, get yourself up here more often.

Boom-cha-ing with Arun and I believe Jeff from Interference (?) to Discotheque. Quote of the night for me: Arun smiles wickedly and says, "If I boom-cha-ed any stronger I'd have a paternal suit on my hands"!!! LMAO Arun it was great to see you!

Larry Mullen’s PopAngel – OUTTA CONTROL April! It was so completely surprising when hanging out at Friday night's unofficial 'shhh' party we discovered our mutual frenzy for this classic punk rock song. THEN to create our own little mosh-pit at the back of Club 279 during the DVD screening... yeaaaaaaaaah!!!

Special welcome to John Pollard, Stevie C., Deanna, Tammy! Looks like you’ll just have to get yourselves out to another event soon okay? I would also like to re-iterate what Curby said – WELCOME to all of you guys who have just recently signed up... it’s great to have you in the family. Come out to a gig/event let us know who you are, we don’t bite (unless you’re hot and you ask me too, lol... aww shuddup everybody you could feel that one coming on). Seriously, it’s all about just coming together and having a good time. We’re not always this gushy :P

* Sensory overload * So many times during the weekend I was just hoping I could hold on to some of the moments just a little longer... everything just whipped by! I wanted a minute longer with everyone new that I met, danced with and shared a toast with. Blissed-out, that’s what I was.

It all clicked for me Friday night when EXIT, Christine, Sam, Enzo, Zhan and I walked into the St. James Gate Pub. Holy sh*t!!!! That pub was at CAPACITY... heard the noise, FELT the beat, bee-lined it to the back and I swear to God that it was such a gorgeous sight! Houston - the Festival had LAUNCHED!!! Party people in the house dancing, jumping, hollering, singing, feeling, hugging, and shrieking! Gabe - what a kick-off, thank you for setting the tone of the weekend with your own style. James and Charles, great job! And Gabe I always forget the name of your very attractive drummer (my bad) – but damn, he’s so into it, feeling it... love it!

To the U2GTA, Interferencers , Zootopians and U2 fans around the world: This was about you, FOR you, by fellow fans. A more hard-core group of people I couldn’t think of wanting to spend so much time with... guess that’s why I do!

To our friends from the States: A big shout out to each and everyone of you for coming to our 'lil festival, we were delighted to have you in our town... and only regret the time was too short to spend more time hanging out with you guys, showing you around and getting to know you better. Guess you’ll just have to come back again soon eh! To those who couldn't make it, you were missed - hope you can make it next year! It was such a delight to welcome each of you to our town, you each brought your own flavour to the event and it wouldn't have been the same without you. Thank you for travelling from far and wide! UK, Belgium and Ireland in the house! Arizona and California in the house! Michigan, New York, Massachusetts and Ohio in the house! Help me out with all the other states that represented...

International U2 fans stopping traffic on Bloor Street with a television crew... getting EXIT some Canadian press... Maritza defying "orders"... EXIT singing accapella (sp?)... and of course LOVING Adam on the big screen... did you SEE those arms???

To my Sistahs, including the official UK chapter: Pauli, Kim (AliEnvy), Maritza and Tanya (from across the pond)... we’re WILDHONEY full of DESIRE, we’re ONE but we’re not the same... we’re the SISTAHS. <<<muah>>>

To my ITH team mates: from concept to the operation of the events - I am honoured to have worked with such a dedicated group. Each of you brought your talents, your energy and your commitment to putting out a top-notch, high-quality event. No it wasn't easy, yes, it was challenging at times but our combined passion and ultimate goal to put forth the most kick-ass, inclusionary, and heart-felt celebration of The Greatest Band in the World with help from far and wide... I cannot think of another group I'd rather 'beg and steal' with... does "grassroots" rock or what?

Things I would have liked to catch but don't actually regret since I was "otherwise occupied" (ahem):

* Micaela with a red guitar on fire! Damn! I saw the pic - woman you rawk!
* Tequila shots (I could have drunk any of you under the table yo!)
* The apres-apres-pool party (no worries Gabe - checked the security log the next day and no problems!)

To Sam: Sammy Baby... look what you started. Your vision, humility and dedication to our group say it all - you are truly our Chairman of the Board. You can count on me anytime... like I always said when it got stressful "anything for U2!" Little did we know that long and cold October night outside MSG eh?

And finally to the boys who inspired us to go beyond our wildest dreams and inTO the HEART - U2: Bono, Edge, Larry and Adam (even if I send this telepathically, lol) – THANK YOU – you have been, are and always will be powerful, healing and sweet inspiration to this Canadian chick. If it weren't for you and your music I may not have ever met so many of the wonderful people or built some of the friendships here. You are the CONNECTION that led us inTO the HEART. I WILL FOLLOW!!!!!!!!!

God Bless Y'all... GOODNIGHT!!!

"I can smile... I can go there... inTO the " - Boy, U2
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[QUOTE]Originally posted by Mrs. Edge

The view from the Harbour Castle Window


Cool pic Jess! I love how you can kind of see your reflection at the same time!

This is the same view I got when I stayed at the Harbour Castle a few years ago... funny that's where you guys stayed, nice place! I loved Toronto - I went there a few years ago when the Red Sox were up there. Very memorable time up there. It's not every weekend you get to hang out (aka get sloshed) with your favorite baseball player!

Seems like you all had a blast up there! I cant wait for the next tour so I can hopefully see all my U2 friends again.
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What a great write-up, Michelle!

I already can't wait for my next trip out there.
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hi michelle dont know if you remember me but i used to go into u2 chat a looong time ago!! (lilsparky, nellie, icelle, ring a bell? lol)

it looks like you guys had fun! love the pics!
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Thanks LM PopAngel! Guess who I saw last night?

... you'll never believe what I said to The Man... well, actually you CAN probably guess


Icelle!!!!!!!! Of course I remember you dude! Yep, this is "punkass" the one and only, lol Been a long time, hope you're well. I don't get to go into chat that often anymore, but once in a while it's like a group reunion with all the ol' gang.

You better get yerself up here next time, k?

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Damn! I only just got to look at this today on my wan connection here at work.

:sniffle: *wishes she went to Toronto to hang with cute guys and pretty girls*
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y'all look fantastic and beautiful. it looks like y'all had a great time. maybe in the near future I will be able to hang out with y'all!!!
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Originally posted by Lemon Meringue

Hey, Zoney, I like your new glasses.

I agree!

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