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It was nice to have back on the forum.I must tell you that MofoMan is one of my cousins, actually I never knew that untill I read his article above.
Ok so I will straight away hit the money.

The Unforgettable Fire: Its one of those song which I liked on the very first run of the album.Actually I never saw its video untill very recently and it was awesome.Adam looked great, like a thinker."The red wine it punctures the skin face to face in a dry and waterless place" is pretty special to me. I can relate to it in Kinda way that the drinking problem that the youth have in this part of the world its pretty concerning.Bono wrote it after he was frustrated with Irish overzealous drinking habits."And if the mountains should crumble or disappear into the sea not a tear no not I".Woof! man o man.Bono is supposed to be a rock star.These are the most inspiring lines I've ever heard.Isn't he amazing I mean look at all the other greats almost criticizing everything under the sun and this guy is painting his own serene rivers.This is a classic U2 song musically very sonic and chilling, it sings to your spine or rather you hear it in your spine.Amazing! is the word.

Elvis and America: To be honest with you I haven't paid much attention to it untill I read it from you, and how this was your absolute fave.I've to listen more to be judgemental.

Do You Feel Loved: I think this is one of those songs where Bono plays novish hoodlum."Love is bully pushing and shoving in the belly of the woman" I tell you what it can be a very intense Love song.Adam lays one of his trademark smak down.But all in all a weak U2 song.It can be likeable depending on the mood, but will not feature in my best of U2 list.But I think Edge has one of the better guitar works from the album on this track.But somehow I feel I'm overharsh on this one.Anyway I stick with it.

Mofo: A U2 song, yeah only U2 could have nailed this song.It takes guts to write such a personal song.Capsizing your whole life in one song is pretty tough,pretty hardcore.U2 comes out as the real mans on this song.On the first run I liked it musically, I thought it was a bit negative y'kna "mother suckin rock'n'roll" but its one of the most liberating songs.Larry shows his skill,on the live version specially.Hey do you know that Larry hasn't done a lot of drumming on POP, he was injured with some back problem so the guys used loops and drum machine.Anyways.Mofo is a very strong song,now whats that?,Its like your asking questions, which might not even exist,actaully I can relate to it in many ways except the mother angle."Looking for the face I had before the world was made" says more than just being a mofoer.Its more like POP art y'kna where artist uses contemporary tools to make a masterpiece.Brilliant song for fans.Believe me man Edge can build a spaceship with 6 strings.

Lemon:A song which is more serious than what it percieves.This is one of those songs that can put you in a turmoil.Just close your eyes and think "Midnight is where the day begins" It means so much.Its like philosopher going through his things and coming up with those great ideas which people will realise only after 100 years.Brilliant both technically and emotionally.Bono scores high accolades both with his singing and writing abilities."Man makes a picture a moving picture,through light projected he can see himself outside"Its not a lines from a hit U2 number these are testaments of time written by a philosopher who somehow chose a wrong image to live with."He turns his money into light to look for love" All the great philosophers would have been proud to imagine lines like these.A very honest song,a very painful song.A song about a struggle of man who just want to live right way in this shallow world.His honesty and integrity is actually letting him down.There's a aspect bout Bono's mother into it."She wore Lemon", he's just remembering her."She draws a water from a stone" think bout that.This is one of the song due to which I not only like U2 so much but makes me respect them even more.

Zooropa:Again its on contemporary culture.The contradictions this life presents to us Bono relates to them very beautifully."Skip the subway,put your head on the mud baby" is like understanding how you can enjoy this hectic life without giving an inch to people who are ready to take you down.Its a song that like captures the cliched modernism like "fly the friendly sky" is like being traditional cause you're supposed to be then "through appliance of science" is like very ironical,its like how we are so ready to take off what restricts us very liberating y'kna."Dream out loud"Is the bottom line, Yes Bono no matter how much this life is willing to take you down never give an inch and persue for what, what was yours in the very first place.This is one of those songs where you wont realize it untill after 4 or 5 runs and that too when you're going to sleep.Its like a sub conscious anthem going on in your head to never give up.

One:An absolute darling of mine.You know this song is like food for humanity,The most comprehensive love song that I've ever heard.Its so compelling,so moving.The beauty is its very simple and honest,specially the live version."Have you come here to play Jesus,I did" is like being honest,its like a faux pass also.The pain of sticking together be it Gf/Bf or Kinsmen or just citiens, you not only have to respect one anothers high points but also you've to repect their wealness,which you percieve.Living for yourself, piece of cake,but to be with everyone can sometimes be real pain,and to respect and to stick together is the key.Musically this is very strong.I mean even if you listen to the music it can capture the mood for you.Edge's guitar in the bridge section is awesome only he could have done that,Its like a waterfall when a priest is offering his prayer,i.e.Bono's falsetto.Whenever I listen to this song its a special momment for me,I'm like numb for a momment or two just being absorbed by the song.Awesome man,Great and all things relating to these.My real fave.And you know band was about to break before they did this song, and what a song they come up with.

Acrobat:I've told you earlier this is the song that started ruining my life.And I'm very very thankful to it for that.
"Don't Let the Bastards Grind you Down".A bit unlike Bono but a very welcome change of attitude.What I percieve is that you should never let anyone take advantage of you being nice.And just be yourself dont get into the a cobweb of niceness.Fight for it man.

With Or Without You: I can't live with or without them.I think this is a immature understatement.U2 come as one on this song.You asked in one of the other section of the forums that what is stripped down essence.Well this is it.A great piece of music by a great band,just great band nothing else.Its a song, I dont think its a straight forward love song,Its like what I call has a U2 'angle to it'.Just imagine the situation,It must be very painful.Its actually a U2 rarity where the music takes over the lyrics.I mean the intensity of Edge's guitar vs. Bono's vocals and the rythm section of Adam/Larry cheering both of them,Its like a tussel, to bring out the best from one another.Intensity that this song generates is mind blowing.You know what TomTom whenever I listen to this I think I'm in a dark room,and all the beautiful things are outside of that room.The speciality of this room is that its playing some music which doesn't want me to leave this room and seek the beauties of life.Mind you I'm not a withdrawing person.

A Sort Of Homecoming:I think this is Bono's song.He generates so much intensity through his tubes."Your own dream landscape" We are talking patriotism this is an absolute gem."No spoken words just a scream" man where does he get these ideas from.You know what putting a great idea is no big deal, but putting a feasable idea certainly is.I really get charged after listening to this.

All mentioned above and the rest.The special part is not for once you'll tend to go negative.Its a surreal you know,We are going through spiritual(not religious)and emotional journey,interactin with the harsh realities of life these things can be very demoralising. Yet you are listening to all this stuff and yet you don't want to ignore it you want a fight, you want a challenge.A challenge that takes you higher, makes you a better person,a comprehensive person,a mature person,a compassionate person,a person whos a asset and not a liability,all in all an astute person.I think U2 is the perfect blend of idealism and practicality.

So this is my story,rather introspection,which i must thank you for.I'm feeling lighter now.What else?How bout your views.
And best of luck with your admissions.I hope you'll get into a very good college.

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