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^ me too

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Originally posted by JCOSTER

Okay, I recognize BonosBaby12 and JCOSTER. Who are the others?

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Originally posted by lauramullen
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Thanks, Laura!
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Originally posted by ceallach67

What a great story. Im so glad your son got to meet Bono and wish him a happy and healthy future.

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Hey Laura Mullen - I see your ID photo is from the Liberty Medal ceremony gathering and I was also there. Do you have a larger pic of your ID Photo that you could post on this thread? I think that MIGHT be me on the very left side in that photo, but i can't tell because your ID photo is so small. that would be SWEET!!!! THANKS if you can!!!!!

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Originally posted by ceallach67
Thank you everyone again, so very much for your incredible and loving comments and understanding regarding my son and his wish. If it is okay, I’m just going to address the comments/questions made in this thread with one post as a whole.

Yes, I did know the two girls who came from London. They are people from Zootopia who I have known for a couple years now but for the first time was able to talk to face to face. I had looked forward to this event for a long time because I knew I would finally be meeting up with these two wonderful ladies. I also got to meet the incredible and lovely Lisa, who, even though we live so close to each other, we had never successfully made plans to meet before this. She is the sweetest, most generous and incredible woman who was so wonderful with my son. I saw two women who I had already met up with in Boston on a planned trip and our little group all met up early at their hotel in Philly, and we went to lunch at the Hard Rock Café. On Friday, I went back in to Philly and we all took in the sites together. Honestly, that part of trip to Philly is my favorite memory. Meeting up with these incredible ladies that I became close with just in the form of speaking to each other online previously.

It was a joy to see the little groups of people doing the same in line. I loved that group of ladies in the (RED) t-shirts that were standing in the front of the line. You all looked so happy.

The mood was a great one, happy and excitement, everyone talking and getting along. A special thank you to those people around us who were so kind and loving to my little boy. I had serious reservations about putting him through this day. It was an emotional roller coaster kind of day. My son is just 5 and I debated even up until the day before whether or not I was going to come to Philly. If it wasn’t for him and the promise of his wish being granted by the folks at the National Constitution Center, I wouldn’t have come. Still it was a gamble, nothing concrete could be promised, as we were told, that while they would do everything in their power to make Brandon’s hope and wish a reality, they could not guarantee the availability of Bono in regards to his schedule. I wasn’t quite sure I wanted to put my son through that gamble or deal with him being let down should it be that he his wish couldn’t be granted. It is for that reason that I didn’t even mention any of it to him until that day. Rather than put him through that, I would have been just as happy watching it with him snuggling on the couch in my living room and would have met up with my friends the next day to do the site seeing thing. The day before the event I even mentioned this to my son but he cried and insisted that he wanted to go to see Bono get his medal and begged me that I take him trying to assure me that he would be fine waiting, that he would bring his cards, his game boy, juice boxes and snacks and he would be fine. Of course, as his mother, I still had fear, but also as his mother I just couldn’t deny my son this.

Just to say, I was made aware of what a certain person had said about my son and his meeting Bono. At first I was very hurt, not for myself, but for him. And then I was angry. And then finally, I considered the source and realized it doesn’t matter. The truth is the truth. No matter how you try to offer your version of it, no matter what you want to believe, it doesn’t erase what is. No words can erase the truth. It will always shine through and be revealed. I hold that truth every night when I tuck him in and silently pray to God for his healing and in thanks that we were one of the blessed to have gotten through this ordeal. Not everyone is as fortunate. I have seen the sad side of this illness with my own two eyes and felt the loss deeply of every child, cried for every mother who lost their child to this. My son is all the truth I need and all that matters to me. So eventually that hurt and anger turned into a feeling of pity for a person who could be jealous and make despicable comments about a 5- year old boy with Cancer who was granted his wish. There is a sadness in that. A sadness in the fact that a person could harbor such feelings like that toward an innocent child because that child may have happened to be in a place they wanted to be. I pray for anyone who is that ill of mind and heart. I will not validate those disgusting comments by offering any sort of explanation but I will say this much; My son had a wish, a wish that was expressed to the staff of Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and Voorhees and Make a Wish Foundation. Let me just offer this piece of sense up for consideration: Don’t you think these organizations ask these children what their wishes are? Why do you think that is? They do that so that they can be sure that it is indeed the child’s true wish. And one more point for consideration: Do you not think Bono’s people asked Brandon that day what his wish was?

Lastly: meeting Bono is not that important to everyone. It certainly isn’t to me. I would much rather have spent that day watching from the comfort of my own home. A day like that one is tiring and hard on a five year old. Meeting Bono is a memory my son will now always have, but it does not and it will not ever be able to make up for what he had to go through for three and half years of fighting cancer and will have to face for the rest of his life. It was wonderful and a blessing as his mother to watch him have his wish come true, to watch this man who my son adores take such care with him and spend a few moments reaching out to my child with love in the way he did. But, as beautiful as that experience that one night was for me as a mother to see, it will not and will never make up for the many nights of fear, worry and the pain of watching my son fight cancer. Furthermore, if it were possible and the choice could be offered that, that moment in Philly could be “given back” in exchange for my son be granted a normal life free of ever having cancer, it’s a trade I would gladly and eagerly make in a heartbeat.

This is the last I will say on this matter. I offer my apologies for subjecting everyone in this thread to this type of drama. I’m saddened and sorry that it even had to take place. I am ever moved and touched by the out-pouring of love that has been shown here and offered to myself and my son.

May God bless you all.

Oh my God this is beautiful! Your son is my hero and his presence makes the universe a better place.


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^ Angel of LA!!!

I agree, what an uplifting story and what a lucky young man your son is. Sounds like he has been very brave and very strong. Bless his sweet soul!

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