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The Fly
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Wild Honey

"Mr. Clayton?"
"Yes, who is this."
"This Is deputie Nolan. I need you to come down to the station as soon as possible."
"Okay. I'm on my way now." What on the bloody he'll is going on? I wake up to some moron calling me at 5 am in the morning. Telling me to go to the police station. I guess I better tell Dee before she kills me and see if she will accompany me.
"Who in the he'll is calling now? Adam."
"It was the police station there need me to come in asap."
"Why? Do you want me to come?"
"I have no idea and yes love I want you to come… you might want to put clothes on first."
"Yea that might be useful. You might want to do the same." With in ten minutes we were at the police station. There was a girl about 5 or 6 years old holding a bear. she looked a bit familiar. Like some one I know I just can't put my finger on it. She's talking to a female detective.
"Your daddy will be here in a bit. He's in a band he's a bassist I think. There one of my favorites. You know the song I was playing earlier? In the car."
"The one with the pretty guitar part and key board? And the singer said it was a beautiful day a lot?"
"Yep that's the one... hey look who's here now. Madeline this is your daddy Adam Clayton. Mr. Clayton can I talk to you for a minute?"
"Yes erm mama." We went to a separate room. So we could talk privately. Dee stay out there with Madeline.
"Mr. Clayton I'm sorry to inform you that Claudia has passed away. away You are madies only family that is qualified to take her. If you don't take her she will be placed in foster care."
" I understand. I'll have to talk to Dee first." I walk out to talk to Dee. She was talking to Madeline.
" oh I'm sure your daddy will take you and if he doesn't I will. I am his fiancè you know. Which means we are going to get married soon."
"So I'll take that as you are on board for the kid."
"Yes and if you didn't take her you would no longer have a fiancè."
"Good thing I said yes now isn't it. Come on we need to get you home soon. But first I must sign some papers." So far we were at the station for an hour. It was now six. when I got a break from being lectured on how-to-raise-a-kid. The first thing I said was.
"Call Bono,Edge and Larry tell them the news. Also to meet us at our house and to bring a babysitter because we are going to need to do a lot of work on the guest bedroom to turn it in to a five-year-old wonderland. When we get home we need to register into school also so find out we're B and Ali are sent John and Eli. There a couple more things like figuring out the tour but it shouldn't be that hard beings your her soon-to-he Mummy. Who I'm almost positive is part super hero."
"Wait?? Dee your a super hero? Does that mean you can fly?"
" no not really. Daddy was just joking. What do you want for breakfast. I'm starving and since today is I gotcha day. It's your choice. Also ask me and daddy any questions you want."
"Can we go home yet I'm tired?"
" I think you can." The detective intervened.
"We have your Aunts and Uncles waiting to you apparently they have a surprise for you."
"Yep. There very exited to meet you. There all from your daddy's band actually."
"Really, do you think they will like me and can we listen to daddy's band?"
"Yes and yes I replied." I think those may be my first words to her.

After a somewhat long drive of listening to vertigo and miracle drug we were there along with everyone else. That includes Paul McGuiness our manager. We are on a break between touring and recording we are about to realis No Line On The horizon. Then starting the tour about two months after. We are just tiring up a few loose threads of the album. Mainly the base lines for things and a few other things my God do we need to finish this or delay it for a month or two. But at the moment my main priority is my fiance and daughter.

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The Fly
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Is there any more??

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The Fly
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Sorry I have given up on writing. (People are cruel and the reasoning behind this.) Also are you knew?? If so welcome.
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