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The Fly
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When Love Comes to Town - Chapter Four

Here's another one .... Please give your most honest feedback

Disclaimer - I own the Nikon. The rest is 125% FICTIONAL

When Love Comes to Town – Chapter Four

Elena’s POV:
I rolled over, my body tangled in the crisp cotton sheets. I smiled my heart fluttering as I thought back to last night. I stretched my arms out and stepped out of bed, practically skipping to the bathroom. Last night was perfect. He was perfect. It’s not like we had slept together. The most we had done was make out a little but maybe it was that fact that we hadn’t gone too far that made it so much better.

I stepped into the shower, feeling the hot water warm my cold skin. Larry had told me that he had the day off today so we had agreed to spend it together. Maybe today might bring me some much needed inspiration.

Larry’s POV:

“So you really like her, huh mate?” Bono walked over, a bagel in his hand.

“I do. I mean she’s different. I haven’t known her for long but I feel like I can talk to her about anything. But best of all, she’s nothing like Ann.” I smirked, thinking back to my most recent relationship.

Ann and I had met in our first year at Mount Temple. We were polar opposites. No one understood why the cheerful, outgoing girl would be friends with shy, moody kid who barely uttered 2 words to anyone but his friends. I couldn’t say that I blamed them. The situation seemed so unlikely. Nevertheless, we were best friends, attached at the hip who knew everything about each other. Eventually the friendship we had managed to create blossomed into a relationship. Never had I thought that a relationship that had begun at 14 years old would have lasted a little less than 9 years.

“It’s about time, Larry!” Edge told me, appearing out of nowhere. “It has been a year.”

Things between Ann and I hadn’t exactly ended on good terms. Once U2 became a well-known band, Ann started to distance herself. Continuously staying at friends’ homes, choosing to sleep on the couch whenever I was home. However, Ann had also changed as a person. She became very secretive and high-maintenance. She whined and got upset over petty little things. I knew one thing for sure, we weren’t the same couple we were at 16 years old.

Late one night, I was driving home from the airport. Exhausted and worn out from staying up late almost every night, I wasn’t looking forward to coming home to a girlfriend who needed everything done for her. At first, I was shocked. Not at Ann’s behaviour but at my feelings towards her. They had suddenly become feelings of dread and distaste. I decided right there and then that regardless or my fatigue, I was willing to work things out with Ann and sort out everything between us.
When I pulled into the driveway, I noticed an unfamiliar car parked on the street in front of the house. When I opened the door to our bedroom, I was disgusted to see my long-time girlfriend lying next to a strange man... naked.

Needless to say, I hadn’t dated since that night. The guys had tried to set me up on countless blind dates but I wasn’t ready. Until today, that is.
I ran my hand through my tousled bed-head.

“Yeah, it is.” I smiled, my voice trailing off.

I turned my head towards the clock that hung on the wall of the suite’s living room.

“Shit! Is that the time?!” I scrambled to find a clean shirt in the pile on the floor.

“Why?” Edge asked through a mouthful of toast.

“I’m supposed to meet Elena in 20 minutes at the Starbucks on Sainte-Catherine’s.”

I struggled to put on my shoes, my fingers fumbling with the laces.

“See you guys later!” I rushed out the door almost banging into a half asleep Adam.

Elena’s POV:

“One latte.” I ordered, taking out some change from my back pocket.

“That’ll be 3.75$.” The barrista told me in a bored monotone.

I took my coffee and walked over to a table in the corner, setting my Nikon down.

I suddenly felt someone’s arms wrap around my waist.

“Hey.” Larry whispered in my ear.

“Hi Larry.” I said, turning around and putting my arms around his neck.

“I kind of woke up late this morning.” He said, running a hand through his spiky, blond hair. “Hope you weren’t waiting too long.”

“No, I just got here.” I smiled “Go get your coffee, I’ll wait here.”

I watched him leave, biting my lip. We had only had two dates but I felt like I had known him for years. There was no awkwardness, no silent moments but at the same time, I felt like I was fourteen again when he was around me. My knees shook, my palms were sweaty and my heart skipped a beat.
Larry came back, carrying a café au lait.

“You brought your camera?” He nodded at the camera sitting on the table.

“Mhm. You never know, today might be day that I figure out how to not suck anymore.” I laughed.

“Well then let’s go. You can’t get your moment of inspiration sitting around in a coffee house.”

I chuckled, picking up my camera and followed him out the door.

“So I was thinking that we could start off by going to the ‘Parc Jean Drapeau’. It’s on the îles Sainte-Hélène.” I told him, placing the neck strap around my neck.

“How do you know so much about Montreal?” Larry asked, looking me up and down.

“I used to live here.” I mumbled.

“You did? When?”

“Well not here exactly but on the South Shore. I grew up here. When I was thirteen my parents divorced and my sister and I moved to North Carolina with my mom. My dad eventually moved there too along with his new and very pregnant girlfriend.” I avoided looking into his eyes.

“I guess two dates isn’t enough to know a person.” He smirked.

“I guess not. But we do have a whole day ahead of us so who knows?” I grinned.

We walked all the way to the Metro station, talking about our pasts. It was something that I hated to bring up. I didn’t like revisiting that part of my life. It had been really hard for me to go through my parent’s divorce, being away from my best friend and basically starting my life over again.

Meanwhile, Larry told me about his previous relationship with Ann. He explained how hurt he had been when he found Ann in bed with someone else. He told me that I was the first girl he had gone out with since the break-up. I thought it was romantic.

I thought he had a close to perfect life seeing as he was a celebrity and all. It turns out that he got hurt and taken advantage of like everyone else. I was pleasantly surprised. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t happy that he had had to gone through that but I was happy that he turned out to be somewhat normal.

“5.50$.” The ticket seller told us, snapping me out of my thoughts.

I started to reach into my pocket to pay for my half of the fare but Larry took out a ten dollar bill before I had the chance to stop him.

“I can pay for my half.” I told him, trying to push his hand away.

“It’s only 2.75$. I think I can handle it.” He smirked “Besides, I’m the guy. It’s my job.”

“How very gentlemanly of you.” I smiled.

We scanned the tickets and walked over to the platform where the trains came and went.

I leaned back against the wall and spied Larry looking over at me out of the corner of my eye.

“What?” I laughed, turning over to look at him.

“Nothing, I just can’t stop looking at you.” He grinned, pushing a strand of
hair out of my face.

“Why’s that?” I felt a blush slowly spreading across my cheeks.

Larry’s body rapidly approached mine. Our noses were practically touching. His breath was hot on my face and I was suddenly very aware of every move he made; how he rested his hands on my waist, how his magnetic blue eyes didn’t tear away from mine.

“I think you’re really beautiful”

I pressed my body against Larry’s, my mouth moving towards his. I put my arms around his neck and smiled.

“I’m so glad I met you.”
I closed my eyes, my lips meeting with his. Larry’s tongue slid through my mouth, exploring it with tenderness and passion. My fingers ran through his hair. This was amazing. It was romantic, it was passionate.

The train noisily came through the tunnel and screeched to a halt, bursting my bubble and making me remember that throngs of people surrounded us. Was it I being self-centered if I said that I didn’t care? I slowly pulled away and opened my eyes.

“Let’s go.” Larry smiled, taking my hand and pulling me into the metro car.

I took a seat next to him. Leaning my head back onto the wall, I thought about the days we had spent together. I couldn’t believe that I was the one who was dating Larry. How was I so lucky?


“So where are we again?”

“Parc Jean Drapeau.” I told him, walking ahead towards the Fleuve Saint-Laurent.

I rested my hands on the cool metal of the fence keeping us ‘safe’ from the river. The chilly February breeze ran through my hair as I spun around to face Larry.

I burst out laughing at the sight of him. His arms were wrapped around his torso as an effort to keep warm. His cheeks and nose were bright red from the cold Montreal winters he obviously wasn’t used to.

“Are you okay?” I laughed, running over to where he was standing.

“Fuck, it’s cold! How do you survive?”

“Well for one thing, I wear more than a light jacket.” I grinned, pulling my camera out of its case.

“Oh no, you’re not taking a picture of me!” Larry stuck out his hand in front of his face to stop me from taking the shot of him.

“Oh come on! It’s not too bad.” I pressed down on the button before he could react.

“Give me the camera!” He held out his hand, pretending to be annoyed.
I slipped my Nikon into its bag, zipping it shut.

“No way!” I grinned. “Besides, it’ll be perfect for blackmail.” I teased, breaking out into a run.

I didn’t turn my head to see if he was following me, I just kept running. This wasn’t exactly easy when 2 feet of snow covered the ground. I suddenly heard the sound of footsteps behind me. I tried to keep my pace but I felt 2 arms wrap around me and hurl me to the ground.

“Get off me!” I squealed

“Just promise you won’t develop the photo and I will.”

I managed to squeeze out from under him and roll onto my back. Snow covered my neck, my shoes were soaked and my hands were turning purple from the cold but I didn’t care.

I leaned over and lightly kissed his lips.

“What’s our next destination, Miss.tour guide?” Larry reached over pushed my wet hair out of my face.

“Well, I know a great little bistro not too far from here. We could go have lunch there.” I bit down on my lip.

“Sounds good.”


“You tend to do that a lot.” Larry opened up his menu.

“Do what?” I cocked my head to the side, confusion entering my mind.

I picked up my own menu and gave it a quick glance.

“You bite down on your lip.” He gave me a small smile.

“Oh...” I felt my cheeks turning red. “Nervous habit I guess.”

“Hey...” Larry lifted my chin up. “Don’t be embarrassed! It’s cute.” He laughed.

A middle-aged man walked over to our table and poured water into the empty glasses that sat in front of us.

“Bonjour, mon nom est Martin. Je vais être votre serveur ce midi.” He said,
looking directly at Larry.

Larry just stared blankly at Martin. I caught his eye and tried to stifle a giggle.

“I didn’t understand anything he just said!” Larry whispered urgently.

I just rolled my eyes and looked up at the waiter.

“Oui, je vais commencer avec un Sprite et mon ami va prendre un Pepsi.”
I waited until the waiter left to let out a laugh.

“I can’t believe you don’t know how to speak French!” I exclaimed, lifting the glass of water to my lips and taking a sip.

“In Ireland, we’re taught Gaelic, not French.” He scoffed. “Besides, not all of us are blessed enough to have French parents.”

I crossed my legs and put my arms on the table. These past few days had been amazing but they couldn’t keep one tiny issue from bothering me. Where did I stand? Was I simply dating Larry or was I more than that?

“Larry?” I looked up, twiddling with my thumbs. “What am I?”

“You know I think you may be a human being but then again, I could always be wrong.” He chuckled.

“No,” I laughed nervously. “Like, what are we?”

I watched him nervously wipe his palms on his jeans. I swear a whole minute passed before Larry answered.

“I’m not sure”

Okay, not exactly the answer I was looking for.

“We’re having fun, right?” Larry paused, waiting for me to indicate agreement. When I didn’t, he continued anyways.

“Why should we put a label on it? Let’s just see where it goes, okay?” He mumbled, avoiding my eyes.


“That was delicious.” Larry wiped his mouth with his napkin.

“Isn’t this place nice?” I smiled, looking around at the cozy interior.

The walls were a deep red color and lined with white moldings. Plush armchairs were placed in a small sitting area and dark coloured Indian rugs were scattered around the bistro. It gave off a very warm and cozy feel that was better than any expensive restaurant I had ever been to. I felt more at home in a place like this.

“Before we move on to our next destination, would you mind stopping by the hotel? I forgot something in the room.” He gave me a small smile.

“Sure, I don’t mind.”

It turns out that the hotel was only a few blocks away from the bistro. The sun had come out making walking outside much more enjoyable.

Ever since Larry had basically told me he wasn’t looking for something serious, I kept my distance. When he had leaned in for a kiss, I had given him a light one on the cheek instead. My hands were deep inside my pockets so we couldn’t hold hands. I wasn’t in the mood anymore. Something had changed.

Edge’s POV.

“Edge, open the door!” I woke up to the sound of pounding on the door. I tried to block it out. Whatever Larry wanted, seemed to be important however, being able to nap after brutal weeks of endless recording sessions that lasted over 18 hours was important as well.

“Edge, I know you’re in there!”

I pulled my disgruntled self out of bed, pissed at Larry for forgetting his room key. Larry always forgot something. He had a knack for forgetting the more important items. Passports, plane tickets, hotel room keys... which was why all of this was left in the hands of someone more responsible.

“What?!” I threw open the door, annoyed he didn’t care that that I was exhausted and needed to rest.

Larry didn’t even respond. He simply barged in, not even bothering to say ‘hello’. It wasn’t until Larry was on the other side of the suite that I noticed Elena leaning against the wall on the opposite side of the hallway, a troubled expression on her face.

“Is everything alright?” I asked in a low whisper, careful to not be overheard by Larry. Something told me her mood involved him.

“Could I talk to you about something, Edge?” She asked, shifting from one foot to another.

I closed the door and walked over to her.

“What happened with Larry?”

A surprised look spread across her face, probably wondering how I knew.

“Larry told me that we were having fun and made it clear that he’s not looking for anything serious.”

“Listen Elena,” I inched closer to her. “Larry is basically a man’s man. He doesn’t wear his heart on his sleeve and definitely doesn’t like to show his true emotions. Larry may tell you that all he wants out of this is fun but I’m positive that deep down, he wants the total opposite. It’s just that with everything that happened with Ann, he’s a lot more cautious with his heart. Don’t press the issue. Just be patient and everything will work out, trust me.”

I carefully put an arm around her. Elena seemed like a sweet girl but if I told her that Larry would welcome a new relationship with open arms, I’d be lying. Bono, Adam and I had urged him, for a long time, to jump back into the dating world. However I knew he wasn’t ready for that. Someday though, he would be. I was pretty sure that day was coming soon.

So what'd you think?

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That was a really good chapter. I can`t wait to see where their realtionship goes..........

Hope you`ve got plenty of spare time on the bank holiday to write the next chapter

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...why am I so curious as to why Edge's POV is in this? ...heh. I love this chapter! it told us so much about the characters and their pasts! Lovely! Well done!
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Originally Posted by Pamelakellett View Post

That was a really good chapter. I can`t wait to see where their realtionship goes..........

Hope you`ve got plenty of spare time on the bank holiday to write the next chapter
Thank you ! I'm actually starting a new FF ... something completely different and I'll be writing both at the same time
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Originally Posted by LoveandLogic View Post
...why am I so curious as to why Edge's POV is in this? ...heh. I love this chapter! it told us so much about the characters and their pasts! Lovely! Well done!
I thought that part might be more interesting if it was told from Edge's POV But that's just my opinion
Thank you so much !
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Originally Posted by One_Acrobat View Post
I thought that part might be more interesting if it was told from Edge's POV But that's just my opinion
Thank you so much !


Yet another amazing chapter!! I hope there's more soon!

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verrrry nice!

and you leave us wondering what he forgot and where they're going?? Of course we want more!!!
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This story is so cute and great written! Please go on.

and yeah, what did Larry forget? .. We'll discover later on.
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Originally Posted by One_Acrobat View Post
I thought that part might be more interesting if it was told from Edge's POV But that's just my opinion
Thank you so much !
...Oh. Hehe. I can be such an Edge girl sometimes!

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