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The Fly
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Under a blood red sky chapter 3

So I'm not sure how much violence is allowed. so just to be safe I'm making this a PM chapter. Its mainly focused on hunting and on the girls dark past. (It's vampires there has to be at least some dark details.) Some might find this gross and distributing so if you want it let me now here or through PM! I may also post a edited version of it also. Or if you want the edited version(I'm still trying to make it work so you'll have to be patient.


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The Fly
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Edited for the most part. I mainly got ride of hunting but some blood guts and Gore are coming on Elvis' part of you get the PM chapter.

Also all that you can't leave behind. Edge isn't married and only has three girls. They were bit during pop Mart and are working on ATYCLB. Also (once again.) Larry has his zoo beard mustache thing only because I think he looks hottest with it. oh fiction and I'm writing this chapter half and half. Half in Elvis' perspective(the girl but her real name is Elissa but she hates her name so goes by Elvis. Plus Elvis is her favorite singer. Brown curly hair. Light brown skin owns a Harley. Plays bass, guitar and drums and I think that's about it. Besides the fact she's a cop/ part time photographer.

Such a strange and long day. After days like these I'd normally take a bubble bath and listen U2 but being my neighbors ate u2 I'm going to have to pass and skip straight to the guitar. My house was in a forested area. A Victorian two story five bedroom house. ( http://nudigs.com/uploads/Victorian-house.jpg ) with a miniature pond with koi fish and a miniature garden In the back ( http://www.hickoryhollowlandscapers...._county_nj.jpg )
Rather weird to think about it I've tried to commit suicide. But it just won't work. work I cut myself. I am taking a break from the whole cop thing for about a year to get my crap together. I fucking hate it. I try my best but no matter what it seems to get worst. I try to stop thinking. Stop everything. I go out side to read I read one of my favorite novels. 'The witching hour' it always gets my mind off of things I've always been into the dark horrer vampires and demons wasting your soul type stuff my favorite movie/book is Bram Stokers Dracula. Dark romance is the best. It has all the lovely dovey crap then murder and sodomy. That I love.
Blood I think back to that. The gruesomeness of it how must not me can't handle it. The dark horror out of it. it I hope the neighbors won't mind hmm. I back think to them and the positive and negative of them being here.

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The Fly
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Also this chapter just explains something that may come up in the future. But aren't that important. Anyways well in working on chapter 4 please enjoy some of my other work. I'm planning on making a, at the very least some what long chapter. But if you get bored in the next day or two I do have more fanfics. Posting links in order of the chapters so you aren't trying to find them. As always feed back appreciated.
ATYCLB: so far has four chapters.
All that you can can't leave behind
All that you cant leave behind chapter 2
All that you can't leave behind 2.5
All that you can't leave behind chapter 3
LCT (Love Comes Tumbling) 6 chapters.
Love comes tumbling
Love Comes Tumbling
Love Comes Tumbling chapter 3
Love Comes Tumbling Chapter 4
Love Comes Tumbling chapter 5
Love Comes Tumbling chapter 6

Now off to hiding and making another chapter. Of all three story's going oldest to youngest.
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