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The Endless Deep Chapter 9 (5/7/09)

THIS IS FICTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 9

Back in Chicago I was surprised by how quickly the weather had changed in the days I was gone. The leaves were quickly changing, and a chill hung in the air. Almost immediately I opened the file on my computer with Bono’s pictures. They were in color, but I changed them to black and white. I printed out the photo of him kissing me and the photo of him looking out over the ocean. I made them small and tucked them into my journal. My crazy secret.

I continued to work at the foundation and volunteered at a South Side elementary school that had no money for art education. The children were so happy when I arrived with the art supplies and did projects together. Working with them made me feel like I was making a difference. Africa made me feel helpless. Bono had told me I’d figure it out. I hadn’t yet.

A few weeks later, Margot and Luke convinced me to go out with them. I got dressed up and we headed to a new martini lounge that had just opened in the city. We sat on low banquettes, in the dim room as ambient music played in the background. A few guys tried to buy me drinks, but of course I was not interested. Bono was an impossible act to follow.

Margot looked up, “Who was that?” she asked “he’s hot.” She continued.

I shrugged, “He’s OK.”

Margot looked at me like I was insane.

“So I have news.” I announced. “I was invited by the Africa Foundation to document some projects in there."

“The Africa Foundation?” Luke asked. I nodded.

“Bono’s foundation?” Margot said.

Luke and Margot exchanged glances.

“That’s it,” Luke said “its obvious to me, the King of Ireland is into you.” Margot was nodding her head.

“Luke!” I protested.

He leaned closer “He was totally into you at the fundraiser.” He observed.

“Nah,” I said shrugging “that’s his thing, right? He makes everyone feel super cool.” Then I looked right at Luke, “You said you felt it too.”

“Ans, I’ve been in politics long enough to know about motives.” He said “and I totally caught him checking you out.”

I rolled my eyes at Luke. Margot continued to nod and sipped her drink, “Did you see the photos in Chicago Magazine?” she said. Luke nodded.

“I’m not anyone. Why would Bono notice me?” I said.

“Well, he asked you to go to Africa again, you got his attention.” Luke gulped his beer.

Margot put her drink down, “He’s too old for her anyway.”

“What?” I questioned

“Well, he’s like what 51? You’re 27.” she said wrinkling her nose. “That’s too old for me, my limits 40.”

“This is just dumb.” I exclaimed.

“So what you do if he asked you out?” Luke pressed on. Margot started at me. I blushed, and thought to myself if they only knew.

“A-Ha!” Luke exclaimed. “You’d go out with him.”

“Why not?” I said. “He seems like a very charming man. And I think he’s very handsome.”

“And rich, very, very, very rich.” Margot added.

“Well---this is stupid, because I’m just going to do a job.” I said.

“Yeah, sure whatever, Ans.” Luke smiled.

I hoped I covered well.

A few days later, I received a thick packet at the office from Bono’s assistant with all of the information for my trip to Africa. I would be going to Burkina Faso to document a project that provided livestock for villages. I was relieved to be visiting this relatively peaceful nation. Still I started to have nightmares. They were almost always the same. I would be trapped in helicopter falling out of the sky. It would fall, and fall, forever until it crashed. Than I would awaken with a start as I hit the ground. I would bolt upright, my heart pounding, skin drenched with sweat. This continued for a few weeks and it started to show on my face. My uncle was concerned. One morning over coffee he peered over his paper.

“Darling,” he said “Are you sleeping well? I could have sworn I heard you cry out last night.”

I sighed, “Well, I’m slightly stressed out. Bono has invited me to go to Africa as his liaison to document a project he’s been involved with.” I said.

My Uncle looked down his glasses at me, “This is good news, right?” he said.
I picked at my croissant, “I’m scared to go back.” I blurted out. “But I couldn’t say no.”

He drew a breath in, “Well I’m sure he wouldn’t take it personally. You’ve only met him once.”

I stared at him. “Uncle Paul, I haven’t been completely honest with you.”

He put the paper down completely now. “When I went to Miami I was going to see Bono. I was with him. We can’t reveal our relationship yet, well, I guess his life is complicated now.” I said.

My Uncle Paul was looked at me like I was slightly crazy. I continued; “But I should be honest with you. I don’t think you’re going to call Perez Hilton.”

“Who?” He questioned.

I shook my head, “Never mind. I didn’t feel right keeping this from you. When I get back we’re not going to hide.” I said.

My Uncle took a thoughtful sip from his cup. He only drank from coffee cups, not mugs.

“Look Ansleigh, I’m not going to pretend that I know the first thing about celebrity. So I cannot comment on that. Bono seems like a very good person. He’s extremely powerful and influential, but aside from that, he has a good heart.” Then he took my hand and gave it a squeeze “You have a good heart, and you are beautiful and intelligent. He’s lucky to have you.”

I smiled at him. “I love you Uncle Paul, I don’t feel like I say that enough, but I do.”

“I love you too, darling.” He snapped his paper up, “Perez Hilton?” he said.

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I liked this a lot. can't wait till the next one

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this is sooooo good.
can't wait for chapt 10
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i like it!!
more more more!!!
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really lovely chapter - keep it coming!!
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really good cant wait for more.
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Haha, I LOVE the crazy Perez shoutout!!!!!!!

And....... yet another lovely chapter!
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PM unedited version, please! Thanks, Kathy
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i like it.
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This story is just great

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