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The Endless Deep Chapter 7 (5/1/09)

Warning Fiction Alert...THIS IS FICTION!!!!!!

Also Chapter 8 is on its way...but I'll have to PM/E-mail/or Livejournal it...I promise no cliffhangers in on to the show......

Chapter 7

Just than the doorbell rang. Edge must have been surprised by how quickly we answered the door.

“Edge!” Bono exclaimed as they hugged. I smiled standing behind Bono.
“Edge, this is Ansleigh Fisher.” He said introducing us. I stepped forward and extended my hand.

“Nice to meet you, Edge.” I smiled broadly, thinking to myself; ‘I’m meeting the Edge!’

“It’s nice to meet you, Ansleigh. Bono kept talking about you, but I thought he was just going mad. It’s nice to see that he isn’t.” Edge playfully slapped Bono’s back. I was happy to hear that Bono was telling his band mates about me.

Edge was not much taller than Bono, but he seemed long and lithe. He was wearing faded black jeans, his classic converse and an Ed Hardy t-shirt. His eyes and face serene.

We went to the living area. The fire was lit in the modern looking fire place. Bono and Edge took a seat on a long banquette. I sat on an armchair opposite them, legs crossed.

The chef brought out a tray of special cocktails and a small platter of tapas. “We’ll be having dinner shortly.”

“So Ansleigh,” Edge said in a friendly way “Bono’s told me a lot about you.”

I took a sip of my drink, “Well, I hoped the bribe worked.”

He laughed, “Something tells me you don’t have to bribe very much.”

“Ansleigh” He continued “that sounds very close to my wife’s name,” I nodded, I knew her name as he repeated it “Morleigh.”

“My father picked it out.” I said. “He didn’t know if he wanted an Ann or a Leigh, so he combined them.” I explained.

Edge raised his glass, “Well he’s to the ‘Leigh’s’ of the world. I don’t think I’ve met a bad looking one yet!”

I smiled as we toasted. Bono looked at me, his eyes sparkling behind his blue glasses.

“Bono tells me you’re from Chicago. What a great, great town. One of my favorite places to play.” He said putting his glass down.

“Yes.” I answered. “I love it there. And it is a great place to see a show.”

The chef came back to the living room, “OK everyone, I hope you’re ready for a great meal.” He said. We went into the dining area and sat down; Bono pulled out my chair and sat me at the head of the table. They took their seats and the waiter poured the wine.

“Before we start,” Bono said “I’d like to make a toast.” We raised our glasses. “Here’s to friends old and new. New beginnings, and to you Ansleigh, for bringing some of the wonder back.”

I looked at him with admiration and mouthed “Thank You.” “Cheers!” we said in unison, and clinked our glasses.

The dinner was excellent. I mentioned that the food reminded me of my mother, who was an excellent cook. Bono told Edge about how my family was gone. Edge’s eyes went so sad. I was touched by his compassion. “She was wonderful, they all were wonderful.” I sighed. Bono lightened the mood by mentioning his impromptu salsa dancing lesson.

“Oh Christ,” Edge smiled “He’s the worst of us.” He laughed.

“You’re wife has probably given you lessons.” I said. I knew his wife was dancer.

Edge shook his beanie covered head, “Unfortunately I don’t think much has rubbed off.”

“So,” I said, playing with the edge of my napkin, “who is the best dancer in U2?”

Bono and Edge looked at each other and said in unison “Adam!”

I grinned and laughed, “Figures it’s the rhythm section!”

After our dessert we headed out to the patio. Bono asked me to bring my lap top so I could show Edge my photos. I quickly set up a slide show and we sat around the screen. I watched Edge’s eyes as the pictures changed. Every few pictures, Bono would add commentary or I would explain more about the photo. For a moment the slide show went to a series of photos I had taken of Goran. He looked straight out of central casting in his baggy camo pants, white shirt unbuttoned, sliver cross flashing defiantly under the Muslim sun. He wore Ray Ban Aviators and carried an AK-47. With the exception of the gun, it could have been a fashion photo shoot.

“That was my body guard.” I said. They both nodded. After the Africa photos, there were a few portraits of my friends children. They were a welcome relief after some of the more intense images. Edge smiled. “Do you like kids?” he asked.

I nodded, “I do.” I said absently, “I guess they’re on my to-do list.” I looked over at Bono to see if my answer bothered him. If it did, it did not show on his face.

The evening came to an end. We walked with the Edge through the courtyard, out to the drive. He gave Bono a quick hug, than took my hand and gave me a quick kiss on my cheek. “You’re rather lovely Ansleigh.” He smiled. “I hope to see you again soon.”

“Thank You” I replied “you’re rather lovely yourself.” He went to his car.

Bono stood behind me, wrapping one arm over my shoulders and we waved good-bye as Edge drove off. We turn back to head into the house.

“Ansleigh?” Bono said walking slowly beside me.

“Yes?” I replied. We stopped in the courtyard and he turned to face me. All I could hear was the fountain.

“I’m in love with you.” He was looking right into my eyes and I slowly smiled.
“I was in love with you the second you caught me looking at you, at the party!” I said.

Bono being Bono looked like he was going to say more. I put my finger to his lips, than kissed him gently. His hands moved down my waist, and he brought me closer to him. I put my arms around his back, my hands feeling his scruffy hair. We were just breathing each other in and I felt as if I were being dissolved. I could only feel my body when he moved his hands up and down my back, the silk fabric offered little resistance. Again, behind my closed eyes; sparkles. We broke apart, sighing deeply.

“Ansleigh, I have a project for you.” He said.

“Sure, what is it?” I replied.

“I want you to go to Africa for me.” He continued.

“What?” I questioned. I was sure I wasn’t hearing correctly, my mind so scrambled from oxygen deprivation.

He took my hands and tugged me over to the fountain. We sat down on the edge of it. “I want you to go to Africa to document some projects that we’ve been working on and how they have affected the communities they are in.” he explained. He took off his glasses and looked at me closely. I wondered if he sensed my trepidation. Africa was the last place I wanted to go to right now.

“I’ll have everything covered for you, plane, guide, everything.” He said.

Looking deeper into my eyes, he said “What do you think?”

I smiled and nodded “Sure, I’ll go.”

He smiled broadly, which made me feel a little better, because at that moment I realized, it’s almost impossible to say no to Bono. Then he took his hands and cupped my face, tracing my lips with his fingers. I opened them and his mouth was on mine.

Yes. Impossible.

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bring on chapter 8!

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holy motha'!
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She's as easy as we would be... whatever he wants -he gets, true! but that means they won't be seeing each other for awhile... PHOOEY! and will this turn into a love triangle????? More, partygirl43 ---when??
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Part 8 please...........
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Can't wait for part 8.
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Can't wait for the next chapter....
Upcoming gigs: U2-Moncton-07/31/11 OMG I had so much fun! So sad it's over though.

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Looking forward to chapter 8
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part 8 please!! could you PM it to me? Thankyou!
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Chapter 8?!?!?!
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can't wait for Chap 8
PM me or email me at
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Can't wait for chapter 8 either! I love the way you are writing Bono
Please could you PM it to me?
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Thanks everyone.

Chapter 8will be ready tomorrow. Your kind words keep me typing!!!

For now mundane chores await me!!!!
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Looking forward to chapter 8,please PM it to me. Thanks.
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please count me in! you've got my mail.
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Thanks for sending!

I love it!
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Love your Edge so spot on! I very very much love your Bono!
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Ah, on to chapter 8...

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