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The Endless Deep Chapter 6 (4/28/09)

FICTION! FICTION! FICTION! (like the Edge---I'm on fire!!!) Fiction For YOU!!

Chapter 6

I was wrapped in an exquisite, Italian bed sheet, like a decadent toga, in bed with Bono. The morning sun lit the room. I smiled as I looked at him, and he looked over his newspaper at me. “I think that’s my favorite dress.” He said to me.

I sat up, gathering the sheet around me and took a sip of coffee.

“You haven’t finished telling me your story.” He said.

“Oh, right.” I sighed. I sort of hoped he’d forgotten.

“What happened after the accident? Were you hurt?” He asked putting the paper down.

I swallowed hard, “I was ejected from the car and thrown about 20 yards away. My pelvis was broke and I had a lot of cuts and bruises. I was so lucky, but I spent a long time in the hospital.” He nodded.

I continued, “When I got out, My Uncle Paul took me in. But it was a huge change. I didn’t know him very well, and suddenly I was thrust into this world of money and privilege. I had to switch schools, which was hard. You know how it is when you’re 15, everything is much more…..Dramatic. Probably more than it needed to be.”

“That seems like an understatement to me, Ans. You had been through a hell of a lot. “Your Uncle Paul seems like an extraordinary man.” Bono said

I nodded, “Oh yes, he stuck by me through everything. He adopted me. It’s just sad that it took such a tragedy to bring the family together.”

“So why the ‘back-packing’ to find yourself?” He asked. “You’re very self possessed, I don’t think you’re spoiled.”

“Well, I guess I was at some point. I came from very little and went to whatever I wanted. I think I used money as a bandage. I sort of realized that, I started to read things. The Bible, some Buddhist teachings, I was…”

“Opening your eyes.” He finished my sentence for me. I got the chills.

“Yes, exactly.” I said breathlessly. I put my hand on his and he pulled it up and kissed it.

“Well, I’m so glad you are here on Earth, and here with me.” He caressed my head, putting his fingers in my hair.

“I have some meetings today Ansleigh, but I’ll be back in the afternoon. Tom will be available if you want to go anywhere.”

I nodded, “Ok, maybe I’ll go out.”

It was strange to leave the villa. It felt like our own private world. From the outside, I looked like any other heiress, being deposited by her driver at the mall. Inside, I kept our secret for now. I wondered how long I was going to be able to do so, or if it would eat me alive. It was too much to think about, and shopping for pretty dresses was not helping. I went back to the villa and changed into my bikini. I fixed myself a tall rum and coke and grabbed a thick stack of fashion magazines. I headed downstairs, to another veranda complete with a plunge pool. Again, the sun and drink pounded me into submission. I must have dozed off, because the next thing I knew Bono was gently nudging my arm.

“Hey.” He said softly. I opened my eyes, the sun blinding me, and then quickly covered then with my arm, even though he was partially blocking it.

“Hey.” I replied, surprised that I had fallen asleep. He sat next to me on the edge of the lounger, putting his hand on my hip.

I yawned and stretched. “What’s up?”

“Well, if I knew this is what you were going to be wearing all day I might have canceled my meetings.” He grinned and played with the hip ties. “But I have something to tell you.” He continued.

“OK?” I questioned, slightly unsure of what he might say. “Go ahead, what?”

“We’re having a guest for dinner this evening.” He said.

“A guest?” I replied bewildered. I thought for a moment it might be Tom.

“Who?” I asked.

“OK, I hope you don’t mind, but Edge is in town and I’d like you to meet him.” He patted my hip.

“Wow.” I said sitting up straighter in the lounger. It shocked me slightly that Bono wanted us to meet.

He smiled, “The chef is on his way over to prepare dinner for us. All you have to do is be yourself.”

“….and get ready.” I continued.

“You can leave that on.” He laughed as I started to get up.

“You’re funny, Bono. I’m going to get a shower.” And I headed to the bath room.

I turn the shower on cold, stepped in and put my forehead on the wall. The water felt good after sitting in the hot sun all day.

The idea of meeting The Edge made me nervous. It meant something that Bono was opening up our insular world. Meeting best friends of boyfriends was always nerve wracking; multiply that, by the Edge. I took a few deep breaths. I hoped he’d like me and I hoped he’d think I was good for his friend.
I put on a pretty dark blue, almost black, silk slip dress and strappy stiletto heels. My hair was long and loose. I went out to the foyer and took a look in the mirror, fussing with my hair, putting on lip gloss. Thanks to my mother’s Spanish blood, I was already starting to get a nice tan. I leaned in closer to put in my earrings. Bono appeared behind me. He had on blue jeans and a royal purple button down shirt, cuffs undone. He looked great in purple. I could see his rosary beads peeking out. My mother would definitely not approve of the wearing of the rosary beads as jewelry. I laughed to myself.

“Wow.” I smiled into the mirror “That’s definitely your color.” I said

He put his chin on my shoulder and looked into my eyes in the mirrors reflection. I loved the feeling of his stubble on my bare skin.

“You look great.” He said quietly, brushing my hair off my shoulder. He slid the strap on my dress to the side and kissed my shoulder. My knees were going weak again. “I might have to send the Edge home.” He breathed in. I looked up and my lips met his. In the background, I could hear the chef in the kitchen, the maid in the dining room setting the table. I heard the music of The Gypsy Kings floating in the air. There was a thrill that ran through me, as we stood there kissing with other people in the house. Our world was slowly opening up.

I turned to face him and smiled, hearing the Latin rhythms. “Do you salsa?” I asked, even though I knew the answer.

He laughed, “Ansleigh, I’m a boy from the North Side of Dublin. What do you think?”

“Well, I think I could give you a quick lesson.” I said as I did a solo two step.

“It’s in my blood. My mother was Puerto Rican.” I explained. This is where I inherited my light olive skin, my dark brown hair and my curves. My eyes were green like my fathers.

I loved to salsa dance with my friends in Chicago. There was nothing better going to a club on a cold winter evening and dancing up a sweat. I grabbed his hands and showed him some basic steps. I had to lead. He wasn’t very good. I giggled.

“Are you making fun of me?” He asked. I straightened my face. I could tell he was trying very hard.

“No.” I said, trying not to laugh again. “I’m surprised that for a musician, and a guy that’s good in bed, you’re not a better dancer.”

“Umm…Thanks, I guess.” He feigned shock.

“I mean,” I continued “I guess it works in the opposite, though. I’ve danced with a guy who was the best dancer, but he was a terrible lov….” I trailed off, shocked by my own admission.

“Oh, sorry.” I stammered.

“Ansleigh, after last night, I didn’t think you lived in a convent.” He said, sliding his hand down to my bottom, giving it a playful squeeze.

“Well,” I said “next time you lead.”

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very sweet - i get the atmoshphere and picture the surroundings very well.
I like the mood you're creating.. looking forward to the next chapter.

(but we still need part 2 of b, missy!!)

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Originally Posted by blm View Post

(but we still need part 2 of b, missy!!)

But yes, I'm loving this story! Your writing has a very easy flow, and the mood and setting is so vivid.
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Originally Posted by blm View Post
(but we still need part 2 of b, missy!!)

I like your bono character a lot , looking forward to next part
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love it!!
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the description -- the locale, the fashion, etc... this is
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Originally Posted by blm View Post

very sweet - i get the atmoshphere and picture the surroundings very well.
I like the mood you're creating.. looking forward to the next chapter.

(but we still need part 2 of b, missy!!)

i agree!!

Love this story! looking forward to seeing how Ansleigh gets on with The Edge!
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Originally Posted by blm View Post
(but we still need part 2 of b, missy!!)
What BLM said.

This just keeps getting better.
Upcoming gigs: U2-Moncton-07/31/11 OMG I had so much fun! So sad it's over though.

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i like it.
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Love it!! Damn makes me wish i was Ansleigh LOL!
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Like blm said, I'm really starting to picture the surroundings as well. And a mighty beautiful villa inside my head that is

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